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That woman over there, in the corner of the room, is really a terrific tease. I don’t even think she means to be, but I’ve simply never encountered anyone like her. She’s got this breezy, powder-blue sundress on, and stylish ankle-strap sandals on her pedicured feet. A girl as pretty as she is would never be interested in a guy like me.

She’s wearing these great panties today, too. I caught a glimpse of the lacy fabric clinging to the inside of her thighs while we were getting her prepared. Her legs had slid apart almost imperceptibly, and I had subtly craned my neck to see as much as I could. Still, I don’t think anyone’s noticed my unprofessional behavior, or even how obsessed with her I’ve become.

In a different lifetime, maybe this woman and I could even be friends. I’m friendly and very pleasant once people get to know me, and she looks like the kind of girl who values a nice guy with a good attitude. I certainly think I could earn her attention. Oh well. She’ll be gone within the next hour or two – out of my life forever – and so there’s nothing to do except try and forget about her. It’d be easier, though, if she just didn’t look so damn beautiful.

Just outside the door, I can hear her family beginning to arrive. They’re asking why she’s not already out there and ready for things to begin; they really seem to want everything to go perfectly today. “It looks like we’re running late,” I remark. It’s the first thing I’ve had the courage to say aloud in her presence. There’s no response, but the soft smile on her lips fills me with pleasure. Muttering a shy “Goodbye,” I disable the breaks on her casket’s bier and wheel her from the embalming lab into the reception area.

Credit: David Feuling (AmazonTwitterFacebookRedditPatreon)

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33 thoughts on “Unrequited”

  1. huh…i thought she was going to be a manniquin or something, but then when they mentioned her family I knew it was a corpse. It’s not bad, just a wee bit undercooked, I guess.

  2. Check it out, it might have only messed me up at the end, but I’m pretty sure you meant “brakes”, not “breaks”. You had me thinking the casket had to work a straight eight hour shift with no lunch, you know?

  3. Pretty good. I think it would have been better if the ending were more of a surprise. “… we were getting her prepared” in the 2nd paragraph immediately gave it away. I understand that this was probably deliberate, that a shock reveal wasn’t the intention, but I think that would have made it more memorable.

  4. Wow. Very smart little micro-fiction. An unique point of view into the mind of the disturbed. Very creepy, very well done. Nice job.

  5. Until the very end, I was having issues on how it would be creepy in any way. That was a great twist at the end, good work.

    1. I didn’t get the vibe that he was molesting her, I think it’s more sad than creepy. I can see many people working at funeral homes getting desensitized by death to the point that they don’t see the dead as we do anymore, they still see them as people, not as empty shells.

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