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These Used To Be Red

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“Those used to be green!” the man said aloud, staring at the plants on the sill.

“I swear! They were green just yesterday!” he shouted to his wife, who was reading a book across the room.

He looked around. His eyes were unable to focus clearly for a moment, so he rubbed them. Looking around, he shouted again, “The walls! They used to be blue! We painted them blue just last month! Why aren’t they blue?” He was unable to control himself anymore. His wife looked over at him, surprised to see him in such a fervent uproar.

“Honey! Relax! You’ve just had a long day!” she affirmed. He wouldn’t have any of it though. “Don’t tell me what I’ve had or haven’t had!” he commanded as he stormed out of the room.


Figuring her husband had possibly been drinking, the woman tried to continue reading her book. But her concentration was continually broken by the yells of her husband.

“This used to be orange!” she could hear him yell in the other room. “These used to be brown!” he yelled again. Several minutes passed, but finally he was silent. Content that her husband had calmed down, the woman continued reading.


However, moments later a loud crash could be heard in the kitchen. The woman sprang from her chair in surprise, and darted over to the kitchen to see what was the matter. As she entered the room, she let out an incredible scream. There lay her husband on the floor, drenched in blood, with his abdomen slit wide open. Holding his own bowels in his hands, he uttered one last breath, “…these used to be red!…”

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95 thoughts on “These Used To Be Red”

  1. Try extending it and adding more of a plot… Why did he go delusional? Did you go color blind, or is he going insane?

    Also, the wife brushes it off too nonchalantly for it to be normal. If my boyfriend was freaking out like this, I’d have him at the hospital before he could protest.

    It just doesn’t make enough sense to be enjoyable. I find it rather boring, in fact.

  2. Interesting I thought there was going to be a good twist maybe a meaning of why he couldn’t see the colors but you messed it up at the end shame could have been a great pasta

  3. He’s a little bit overreacting, i guess… That pasta is odd, and as a matter of fact not really how a pasta should be. Too predictable to make the end important.

  4. Some Call Me Weird

    I don’t see why nobody gets it – it’s pretty obvious that they guy went insane and killed himself because he thought everything was a different color than what it was – but it wasn’t really too ‘creepy’. Nice story, don’t get me wrong, but there was really no feel of mystery or spookiness to it. 6/10.

  5. Very surreal. That being said, it wasn’t particularly creepy, just weird. Style and grammar were A+, though. 5/5.

  6. i remember a short story written by s. King(i think) about a couple meeting in a restaurant to set thing to the divorce and the guy that serve food goes crazy…if you were S. King many of the bad comment would go away.

  7. It scared me, perhaps all of you posting here don\’t really grasp how frightening it would be to lose your perspective of how everything was.

    Sure, okay yeah he got his colors screwed up, big deal. That\’s not what is at issue here, what is at issue here is he was losing his mind. Also, what if it all was a plan by someone who wanted the husband dead?

    There was a movie with Bette Davis called Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte. Where there were people trying to convince Charlotte, that she was going insane, by having someone pretending to be her late husband play the piano downstairs at night. So what if this was the situation, that they painted the house different colors, knowing this would disturb the husband and the wife was in on it? Maybe the wife wanted her husband dead, and only was horrified when she realized the extent he went to, to prove that his sight was alright by taking his guts out.

    Now, that makes for an interesting pasta doesn\’t it?

  8. Thinking about it, I quite like the concept. I’m assuming the man was delusional, or halucinating, thinking everything had changed colour and in the end he had to check his blood. It had always been red but HE didn’t know that. It’s a bit creepy, but mostly just sad :(

  9. Colourblind guy: RAWR PLANTS!
    Wife: Sigh stupid boozing husband
    Colourblind guy: RAWR WALLS!
    Wife: You had a long day honey
    *Colourblind guy leaves*
    Colourblind guy (to self): RAWR CURTAINS! RAWR CUPBOARD
    Loud crash scares Wife, who investigates, only to find her husband on the floor, clutching his innards.
    Colourblind guy: rawr gizzards… *Dies*

    There, that wasn’t that hard, was it?

  10. i think its the whole idea that our colors are different to each others, my green is your blue, your orange is my red.

    and this man experienced someone else’s “colors”

  11. Should have been intestines or something instead of bowels. The word bowels makes me think of anal. Now it just looks like he cut his asshole out and that makes me laugh at the whole pasta.

  12. @29
    I rewrote this for you, it might be a bit better.

    I opened my front door and set down my purse on the side table. Taking a quick look around, and peering back at the driveway confirmed that my husband, Jacob, wasn’t home yet. I sighed and plopped down in front of my computer to check my e-mail. He better not be late for dinner, I had defrosted Roast Beef earlier.
    Roast Beef’s his favorite, and today was the day he was asking for a promotion. Unfortunately, his rival, Ely, was jeering for the same position. Either the roast beef would be congratulatory or reassuring. I checked the time, he’s 46 minutes late.
    What could be taking him so long? I got up to go stir the cookpot. It’s been stewing all day. I went and sat down at the computer again and sent a few e-mails to some girlfriends of mine.
    That’s when I felt something drip on on my head. I reached up and felt it, it felt warm and sticky. Figuring we’d sprung a leak or something, I went to the kitchen cabinet and pulled out a bowl.
    I went back to the computer desk and noticed a damp spot on the brown carpet. I put the bowl down and went back to tend to the beef. I finished up and set it to a slow boil before sitting down to watch some TV.
    I looked at the clock on the VCR. 2 hours late. Oh, well, I don’t have dinner ready anyways. He must have gone to a bar with some work buddies to celebrate his new job.
    I smiled for him. Remembering the bowl in the office, I went back in to dump and replace it, so it didn’t overflow.
    We don’t want mildew in the house. As I neared the small bowl on the floor I noticed something. The water in the bowl was red.
    Realizing that it wasn’t a leak, I looked around for the source. I looked up. It was my husband, Jacob, nailed to the ceiling. And the bowl was full of blood. His blood. Jacob’s blood.

  13. The wife is almost as silly as the husband. If I was her I would have rugby tackled him and hollered into his ear “SHUT THE HECK UP YOU OLD FART AND LET ME READ MY BOOK!”
    Anyway, the title kind of gave it away. I had a vauge idea of what was going to happen by reading the first few sentences.

  14. shortys roc my sox

    guys this is some thing i wrote if you like it poste it if you don’t do what ever

    as i sat in the chair waiting for 30 minutes furiously for jacob to show up some thing dripped on my head. it felt sticky i thought we sprung a leak so i stuck a cup were it dripped on me and went to watch tv. a few hours passed he still wasn’t home i just thought he was out with a friend. as i walked in to the kitchen some thing caught my eye. i turned to look at the cup it was filled but not with water with somethin red i looked up were it was dripping and there hanging by the fan string was my husband the cup was filled with blood… his blood

  15. Lol, persons version sounds…I wouldn’t really say “funny” but, geez! What does he plan to grow with those? People?

  16. Maybe his bowels turned white or something from loss of blood. . .

    also I laughed hard at the ending. “These used to be red!” hahahahaha what a loser.

  17. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but laugh at this. The ending was prolly added in to make it sound scary, but just imagining this guy running around like a (colorblind) chicken made me guffaw.

  18. Maybe this isn’t meant to be scary? I laughed when I read this. I could imagine the guy screaming at everything, like in those over-the-top TV comedies.

  19. Heheh.. It made me all giggly. xD Yes, “Person”‘s version seems better. Gardening in his own abdominals, eh?

  20. Martin van Buren

    I think severed intestine is a pretty cool guy. eh cut open his stomach and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  21. Some guy becomes delusional and kills himself, that is the plot. It’s really not that hard to ‘get’.

  22. I read a different version of this. The dude is gardening and wonders why the roots are red. Turns out he’s holding his intestines.

  23. I think the man went insane because oldness made him color blind or something and now he’s freaking out. The he must have had an accident and when he saw his blood, it was a diffrent color…..not spooky, but it is understandable!

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