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The Smiling Man In Black

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When I was younger, I lived with my father and his mother. I was the only child, a girl at that, and my father was very protective of me. My grandmother, on the other hand, hated me. At first, she would just yell at me and shove me around when dad was at work. It escalated, quickly after he started working longer house to make ends meet. I rarely saw my father at that point. For 4 years, she did things I can’t even bring myself to really think about, not enough to write it. For those 4 years, I prayed and prayed for release. I prayed and wished for her to die. To God, to whoever would listen. My dad probably would have believed me if I’d had a chance to talk to him, but she’d made me feel as though I were an abomination over the years that, I couldn’t bear it anymore. After she killed my kitten and made me bury it, at the age of 13, I attempted suicide by hanging myself inside my closet.

Apparently, I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing and the bar in the closet that I tied myself to fell on my head and knocked me the fuck out. I pulled myself up and headed to sneak into the bathroom without the monster cunt to catch me and give me another beating. As I left my bedroom, I caught a whiff of something very fucking rancid, like vomit, burning flesh, and blood, mixed together, warm. I knew all of these smells fairly well, considering what my grandmother did to me, and I thought for a moment it might have been my imagination, or her making something disgusting for me to eat to torture me more. While I recognized the seperate smells in a way, I’d never smelled something like this.

As I got closer and closer to the stairs overlooking the living room, which was right across from the bathroom, I started to hear something. Faintly, I remember hearing it a few feet back, but suddenly it seemed so much louder. My head was pounding, my heart was pounding, and all I could hear was gurgle, smack smack, squish squish, RIIIIIIIIIP. The mere idea of peeking over the stairs and into the living room was suddenly so profoundly frightening that I almost just went back into my bedroom, but strangely enough, it was amazingly easy to just do it anyway.

What I saw in the living room will never leave me for as long as I live, in more than one sense.

My grandmother was lying on the ground. There was someone wearing black kneeling over her. They were both covered in blood. The person’s head was moving rhythmically over its hands, which held what I the relized was some organ in her body. The person didn’t look up, and I was scared silent.

There was so much blood. So, so much blood.


The sound of gnawing, the smacking mouth, the snapping of her organs at they were ripped from my grandmother’s body (what was left of it), the brutally grotesque sight of her chest cavity having been torn open, of her body being consumed little by little filled me with terror I had never known before. I didn’t know what to do. It ate her body, slowly, seeming to enjoy every bite it took, its body swaying and moving so unnaturally that I couldn’t even think it was human.

I couldn’t stop watching, I couldn’t run away, the sheer terror of it choked the scream I would have let out. It stopped, I stopped. It looked up at me after what seemed an eternity, releasing the contents of its mouth. Gorey pieces and blood, some brown at that point, covered most of its face. What I could see of the face, it seemed to be male, very pale in patches. Where eyes were supposed to be were black pits, pits that seemed to dilate, expand and retract. He had no lips, but his mouth twitched, like some kind of hologram going in and out, slowly smiling, the smile expanding beyond normal human ability. I vomited and fainted.


I woke up, my father was home and worrying over me. My grandmother’s body was gone along with all of the blood. “Where’s grandma? Where is she?” I kept asking him, until I had to stop, from the look in his eyes. He told me her heart was bad, and she was “in heaven now”. I couldn’t believe it. That was impossible, right? Did I imagine that whole thing?

At her funeral, on the way to her burial site, I saw the man again. He looked more human, but I knew it was him. I remembered that smile. That day, I smiled back.

I still have dreams about that man, sometimes I think I see him in public. Even when I don’t see him, I can feel him there. He’s always there, watching me.

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182 thoughts on “The Smiling Man In Black”

  1. All that swearing really kills the mood. And it’s funny that all the swear words are concentrated about the second paragraph or so. It’s like the author went to the bathroom and in the meantime Samuel L Jackson took their seat and kept writing. Also, why does everybody think that the excess of gore is scary? Past a certain point it gets ridiculous.
    I liked the description of the smiling man, though, the uncanny, ‘glitchy’ smile, that was unsettling.
    It has potential, if the author works a bit on it and removes all that 2edgy4you stuff.

  2. When her father said “in heaven” she should have been like “Nooooo, no, nuh-uh. No.” Why was the grandma always mean? Like burning flesh mean? Is she a witch? She’s totally a witch. Upvote if you think she (was) a witch.

  3. KiraTheGameShinigami

    I feel like the whole thing was her Guardian Angel couldn’t bear to see her in pain for much longer, so it hired a demonic thing to come into play and get rid of the Grandma.

    That would be really fucking metal but cool at the same time.

  4. Fenn:
    Guess someone was listening to her prayers after all.

    I guess he was like a guardian angel… Er… Guardian demon for the girl?

  5. O.k. I am probably a little older than most of the posters on this site and may be somewhat unfair. But, here goes. Firstly, this story has the feel of a 13 or 14 year old kid in Jr. Hi. (Middle school)and could be the work of a really good budding writer. But like a singer with a good voice, needs some training. Secondly, there was no point to the foul language, I felt like the author just HAD

  6. This is kinda weird. “Oh look, the creepy smiling thing that FUCKING ATE MY GRANDMOTHER IN FRONT OF ME. Oh I know, let’s SMILE at it.”

    1. gotosleepjeff123

      i mean it was a horrific, in a good way, story…but it left me thinking of what might be killing her bitch of a grandmother…if i knew i would love the damn murderer XD

  7. This pasta was terrible. Sure it was a cool story. But the details, imagery, and overall writing we just giant chunks of shit!

    I hate it when people nitpick, like when a story makes grammatical errors and they pull out all the little mistakes that no one else noticed, but I’m not talking about grammatical mistakes. This was just bad writing.

  8. Hmm… the smiling man didn’t enjoy that much detail, but it sounded like some sort of human-eating offspring of the Slenderman and Jeff the Killer. It was an interesting story though.

  9. @valfar it says that the narrator was familiar with the smells separately, but not smelling all of them together at once, hence never having smelled something like that. For instance, almost everyone knows the smell of peppermint, and a lot of people know the smell of dragon’s blood, but mixing the two together creates a smell that’s very unique.

    Good pasta, will probably be back for seconds, and I loved the guardian creature. Makes me feel like win even at 5:30 in the morning. Thank you, author. As mentioned above, lots of fuck all of a sudden, but still a good story. 8/10

  10. Mr. Welldone I too share this dream. It is so nice to meet another soul who share’s my ideals. You have yourself a wonderful day now.

  11. I really enjoyed this.

    While I don’t normally have issues with language, here it feels really weird – there’s a ton of swearing in the second paragraph, and absolutely nowhere else. It’s just a little jarring to see a change in writing style like that so abruptly (and then it goes away never to be mentioned again).

    If a story is going to have swearing, at least try to spread it throughout, otherwise it simply seems awkward.

  12. Ya, know i ain’t to sure if the ending is good for her or bad for her but it seemed like she was happy that he killed the old woman but scared (maybe) that she might see him in public?
    But amazing story!

  13. @ person above me. The main character was a girl, and it never said her heart is bad. Her dad sayed so but we never know. He said that cuz he probably he didn’t want her to know so she would not be creeped out forever or summin.

  14. I really enjoyed this story but who lets their grandma push them around? lol I mean surely a 13 year old boy could take a frail old woman who has a bad heart.

  15. Awh, I really like this. A beautiful mix of terrifying and heartwarming :) The guardian is both chillig and lovely :)

  16. “I knew all of these smells fairly well, considering what my grandmother did to me”

    “I’d never smelled something like this”

  17. I love this story. I don’t come here very often – once every two months – and when I do, I generally skim read. So I’ll happily admit that I didn’t “get” the ending until Fenn’s comment.

    Then I went back and really read it.

    Very nice little shiver up the spine there… Very thought-provoking…

    Om nom nom.

  18. Oh just reread. I see the “bad heart” explanation (clever pun). Nevermind. I think it’s open ended enough. I’m inclined to go with my second explanation above.

  19. Thank god blood lust mentioned it. I was beginning to think that I was the only one confused. Are we to believe that her grandma wasn’t actually devoured. I mean her dad said she moved on, but it’s unclear what the “official” death. We can come up with a variety of possibilities for this but I think it’s just way too vague or makes this story less good than it could be.

    Unless I missed something but I don’t think I did. Perhaps it was in her imagination. Perhaps the devouring was the hellish punishment and perhaps the narrator’s attempted suicide placed her in an temporary realm between this world and the next. Or maybe her grandma was a bloody mess and the dad covered it up…somehow…for some reason (thinking of a movie but it doesn’t work as well here since the grandma was eaten). Regardless I think it’s too open-ended

  20. oh and @Yeah.. it’s “foul language”. “fowl” is a bird. Do not criticize someone’s work like a jerk, when you OBVIOUSLY can not write yourself.

  21. @Yeah…. why would you talk about the story being so horribly written when you stated “I was write…” it’s right, you moron… kthnx.
    I personally thought this was unique and GREAT PASTA!!!

  22. i once read about a child who was possessed by demons 2 write abominations on d net….lolz…so ds might b it… Mr. Welldone…ur looooong comment was insightful….

    btw d story s a good one… if u r more interested, search up Narasimha…4 a similiar story…. n He\’s an incarnation of Lord Vishnu…4m hindu mythology….who protects his followers…. nt sum demon….

  23. Strangely sweet. :)
    I guess that\’s what happens when you pray to \"whoever would listen\".

    The swear words…I just interpreted that as the narrator slipping back into the heat of her memories. Maybe such language could have been more carefully placed, maybe not. One\’s train of thought could conceivably happen that way.
    Heh, I still remember hearing about my coworker getting in a fight over swear words with one of the trauma victims whose group therapy she was supposed to be running. That didn\’t go over very well. :/

  24. Mr. Yourallabunchoffreakd

    Mr Welldone, you are about the biggest freak imagineable, leave your house for once, get a hobby and some friends, seriously you should be in an insane asylum .

  25. The second paragraph seemed to be written by a different person, honestly. Over all, though, this has been one of the better creepy-pastas I’ve read. :3

  26. Interesting concept, but to be brutally honest, the execution was horrific. And I don’t mean the grandmother’s death, which was mediocre. The foul language was a turn off. I don’t mind swearing, but when it’ used pointlessly, it’ horrible to read. I do like the whole concept. Keep working on it, you have the potential.

    Hurr, see what I did there? Compliment sammich. Good, bad, good. C:

  27. Don\’t get me wrong, I say fuck all the time, but three fucks and a cunt in one paragraph and no usage of profanity elsewhere?
    There’s some imbalance here.

  28. It almost seems to me like the smiling man did her a favor by killing her frankly evil grandmother, then proceeded to watch over and protect her.

  29. Scarily enough, the mystery man in this story me reminds very much of one of my two imaginary friends from when I was small, only my guy had a hat & black umbrella

    Very good story, I love how the girl ended up as a kind of ‘friend’ to the man, nice & original

  30. I would have liked this story much more if they didn’t feel the need to add in the ‘he’s watching me part’. Otherwise, I liked the concept of the story.

  31. FaerieInCombatBoots

    This was fantastic, I knew the Man In Black would get Grandma somehow…that’s what you get for killing kittens and abusing children.

  32. I actually liked this A LOT. I read the comments and there’s a lot of stuff about how she was suffering? No, I enterperated it as he was watching her because he was happy for her. She was happy her grandma was dead.

    Also, I like the language in the beginning. It made me feel like I was being talked to by a real human…

  33. Curious….very curious.
    It saddens me that i do not have a guardian like that :/ oh, the times ive prayed :/

  34. Wow. Holy dick. That was awesome. I love it! I love it, I love it, I love it!!! You’re my new hero!


  35. That sounds so…awesome. Like some demon was protecting her or something. maybe I’m thinking about this too much. Anyway that was some good pasta.

  36. kid should be happy. frikin’ man helped her.

    mr.welldone’s educated and elegantly delivered rage scares me.

  37. Anonymous Punk

    Methinks someone ordered a gaurdian angel from the wrong place. Pretty good story, but you swear-spammed in some areas, and the pacing could have a lot better with some extra time.

  38. This story was fantastic. Granted there were some typos, but if that’s going to ruin a story for you, go fuck yourself.

    And I think the vulgarity was perfectly fine where it is. The bluntness of it fit the story. You don’t need to have the most expansive vocabulary to write an amazing story.

  39. Miss Sloppilydone

    This story is gory, (Ha, that rhymed!) but didn’t really send shivers down my spine like some other Creepypasta. Especially the end. The end almost gives you -er, me…- a sense of comfort and protection. But it was still a great story. I like the description of his face.

  40. Oh dear, I feel another bad meme refrence.
    “I think the smiling man in black is a pretty cool guy. eh eats grandmothers and doesn’t afraid of anything”
    I deserve a slap…

  41. That was…. actually not very good at all. The point of the story was decent, but it was poorly executed. And no, there’s nothing bad with foul language as long as it sounds appropriate in the story’s context. The uses in this pasta made it seem childish.
    There wasn’t even an explanation betwixt the daemon’s entrance and the funeral. Was she truly devoured? Or was it simply a scene only apparent to the child to let her know her grandmother was dying and that it’d be a painful and just death? That would have been emphasized by letting us know whether or not it was an open or closed casket funeral procession.

    But that’s just my input. Feel free to ignore me…

  42. 2 things.1. I can’t even read mrwelldones post, I was pissing myself laughing after reading just a bit of it. 2. At 16: that’s an arby n the chief reffrence :)

  43. gurgle with mouth full of cum, smack that ass smack that ass, squish that monster cunt squish that monster cunt, RIIIIIIIIIP that cunt open with yo huge dick

  44. note,the “then i would have at the end” was not part of the rewrite,it was supposed to be lower,to show the transfer.

  45. okay,id like to just say,i wouldnt stay silent,id be all more like this.

    What i saw was a display of gore worse than hell itself.I screamed,as naturally as any of you would have if you were in my position. The,demon,monster,smiling man turned to face me,his jagged macabre smile still wet and dripping with the blood of my grandmother. then i would have at the end.

    the image of that man hovering over my gored grandmother has haunted me,and i tried to end my life. i quit my job,canceled my bank cards,everything,i virtually dissappeared.then i heard crying from the building next to me. my disturbed mind thought,and thought,shall i save her,yes.
    i went in and found her grandmother yelling up the stairs at her.i had no weapon so i simply bit out her corroted artery.”whats the worst part?” you ask,the worst part is,it tasted good.i kept eating and eating.i cleaned up the mes good,sewed her skin bakc up,and positioned her so she looked like she died in her sleep. i then left, home to clean up. maybe ill pay my respects by going to her funeral.

    1. This does not make enough sense. So she virtually disappears but she somehow still lives near her family? Furthermore, you completely stole the second sentence of your second paragraph from the plot of “Into The Wild”.

  46. Wow,Mr.Welldone!Call me some time.I’m about as bored as you are.

    Nice pasta.I would love to have a man in black for myself.To slay my enemies of course.

  47. Boo at Welldone. Cheers for the pasta! Really, like someone said, more awesome than creepy. She has her own fucking evil guardian angel. What else could you want? Put me on the waiting list, please!

  48. I have to say, when he’s not insulting of an insight that has had the misfortune of coming to one that lacks eloquence in passing it on, Mr. Welldone’s perspective is a most entertaining follow-up to these reads.

  49. as said in comment #38, “people often forget in reading the bible that Lcifer (sic) himself was once an angel”… who the hell forgets that? everyone knows he was angel.

    1. Fun fact: “Lucifer” (which means “light giver/bearer”) does not refer to Satan in the Bible; it refers (mockingly) to a king of Babylon. Most literally, it would refer to the sun. But overlooking this oversight, you are both right.

  50. FINALLY! A creepypasta that answeres the question that has haunted all of us for ages!

    Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the man(or creature) WHO WAS PHONE.

  51. 1. bitch got what she deserved

    2. i like mr. welldone’s witty banter [but only sometimes]

    3. the idea of a prayer being answered by something ungodly frightens and fascinates me…or it could be something godly…who said angels have to wear white and have wings?…this person in black was smiling was he not?…a sumwhat angelic vigilante of some sort perhaps.

    4. the fact that he was at the funeral is also frightening…to believe that these creatures live among us…-shudders-

    that is all

    1. Well, just because angels are pure good does not mean that they have to be “nice”. I mean, look at the Bible: sometimes, angels just served the purpose of kicking our insolent asses.

  52. Oh, dude, I think I went to high school with that guy. Made strange noises at me and followed me in the Dollar Store.

    But no, seriously, even though it’s one of my favorites, this story creeps me the fuck out. If I ever witnessed something like that, abusive relative or not, I would be traumatized for life.

    However, I will say that the grandmother had it coming (good thing that both of my grandmothers are awesome). And as Zombie mentioned, I’m starting to wonder if the guardian “angel” was the father.

    Either way, no sleep tonight o_____o

  53. This story is fucking amazing.

    My friend said it reminds him of me for some reason.
    It seems like something I’d write. Not exact, but the style anyway.

    Good job.

  54. Miss Betterdone.Immaturity will get you nowhere. We’ve come to the site to read and explore the different, the strange, and the twisted. Not to complain and bitch about the other people here (Heh, hypocritical, ne?) That said, I agree. The story itself is oddly pleasant, if not in a strange manner. It has a fairy-tale quality to it, though more grotesque–remnicent of a Brothers Grimm version. Who knows–people often forget in reading the bible that Lcifer himself was once an angel, and his heart, though maybe his intentions, haven’t changed. Maybe the demon was a helper, or even better– a guardian. People have guardian angels–and every side has both a yin and a yang. Who knows? Maybe that was her guardian demon. …..Or maybe it was Mister Welldone, just going out for his evening snack. <3

  55. Honestly, people. Discuss the pasta. Whine at each other later. There’s nothing wrong with being someone on the ‘net.

    Welldone, if you ever wrote a book, I would read it. Comment 34 is definitely one of your better ones, even if it was made in anger.

    That said, cut the internet drama. What are you, thirteen?

  56. Hello, Miss Betterdone,

    What is your intent with such a bilious accusation?

    TO have me throw up my arms and shout, “Yes, yes! This is all a ruse! I am but a bored man with too much time on his hands!”

    The latter I shall admit to.

    I am frustratingly bored.

    Bored with a world without thirst for knowledge.

    Bored with a world which consumes onlt the filth it excretes.

    Bord with a world where blood has no meaning and secrets are but petty gossip.

    Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.

    So, I submit my insights to you.

    Is all that I claim a lie?


    Is there untold wisdom hidden in my words?


    Am I a man simply weary of the world and seeking diversion?


    What fun is it to have seen everything if there is not a soul to share in my Joy?

    To simply outright tell all of all I have experienced and observed would defeat my purpose, for in unveiling a secret in plain words, I am robbed of witnessing the sweetest of epiphanies. And that would be destroying the one thing I desire.

    I love to watch the birth of an elevated mind.

    I cherish the experience.

    Like a delicacy.

    At times, the brightening of one’s mind is found in the rending agony of unexplained death in the most impossible of circumstances.

    At other times it is buried within the most deeply rooted insanities.

    Others still, it is found in the face of inevitable, inescapable horror.

    The final situation is the most satisfying, as it presents the best chances of the most optimal moment of prescience without overly damaging the psyche of the one seeking knowledge.

    It is in that circumstance that one can emerge from the Enlightenment.

    It is in that circumstancethat one can see new and fascinating universe neatly contained in the suddenly alien reality he or she already inhabited.

    And how I love to watch that person blossom and grow in that new world.

    To watch him reach for the very heavens.

    Not with a gesture of servitude or obeisance, but with a hand poised to take what is due.

    To rend the heavens and let the universe rain down upon him.

    To bask in the eternal glory even as his fleshly body and the world around him are stripped away in the most catastrophically violent of fashions.

    To watch the End come crashing down over all of humanity, to see them scream as that which they have spent their lives denying rips their flesh from their bones, splits their skin with searing heat, and feasts on their innards even as they lie gasping and screaming for relief that never comes.

    How I dream of watching it.


    I will not stop.

    I cannot be stopped.

    You cannot stop me.

    I only want to share.

  57. Miss Betterdone

    Okay Mr. Welldone, you’ve gone past the point of irritatingly pretentious.

    Now you’re just plain annoying.

  58. This is one good creepypasta. I want to know what happens afterwards, though. Does he stalk her, waiting for a chance to kill her himself? Or does he act as her guardian sentinel for the rest of her life?

  59. The thing here is, the poster of this story is a regular on /x/, and treats this story as if it were fact. They’ve referenced it several times in their posts, and although almost everyone is skeptical, they’ve stuck to their guns.

    Maybe, just maybe, the creepypasta we read on here have some basis in fact sometimes.

  60. I was about to say I felt sorry for grandma when I re-read it and realized she was a evil bitch.
    Where can I purchase on off these people-eating guardians?

  61. pretty good. nice story, quite subtle though.
    it’s actually good that it ended up that way rather than having a cliche twist ending.

  62. Very good story! Another twist could be that the man in black turns out to be the father. Last two lines could have been omitted, still great entertainment!

  63. amazing story. i’ve read it three or four times on different occasions and each time it’s creeped me out to the point where i’ve had to turn around and look behind me, even if it’s daylight in a well lit room.
    awesome job.

  64. First creepypasta that sent shiver’s down my spine. Also, who cares if there’s offensive language in there, the girl had a messed up life. What do you expect from her? Speaking proper English?

  65. This seems like the classic fairy tale to me. Young girl is abused by an older female relative. Something bad happens to older female relative. Girl has happier life. The End. This flow gives the reader closure, and the girl smiling back makes for a very good twist on a “happy ending.”

  66. I’d hang out with the man in black. He sounds like he’s a pretty cool guy, eh mutilates an evil grandma and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  67. I love how the girl smiled back at the end. No matter which way you read this story, it always seems to come out to the same conclusion – something came to her defense in the most gruesome way possible.

  68. This was a great story, with a great plot.

    A demon who kills an abusive grandmother in a horrific display of blood and gore… turns out to be simply answering the prayers of a girl who can’t stand her life in a household where she is mentally and physically abused.

    A guardian angel, demon, or otherwise, it seems that this entity had sympathy for this young girl, or maybe he just has a taste for darkened shriveled, souls. Either way, the grandmother deserved it, the girl needed it to happen, and the entity liked the taste. It’s a win-win.

    1. KiraTheGameShinigami

      That’s exactly what my comment had, but I worded it differently. What I thought happened was that the little girl had a Guardian Angel. After seeing her attempt suicide, poor thing couldn’t bear to see the pain any longer. So it probably hired a Demon to manifest into a physical form and “dispose” of the grandma. Probably felt guilty about doing it, but it knew that it had to be done.

  69. Long Creepypasta = awesome. I wish there were more CPs that had the balls to draw you in like that. Reminded me of the “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” style of storytelling. Well done.

  70. Good one, it would have been better if it had the twist that the kid WAS the demon, possessed by the spirits as a result of his attempted suicide and desperation. That could be a movie plot…

  71. That was interesting. Now if only we could have someone like that in real life to help the people who really need it.

  72. What the fuck is up with all these people complaining about foul language in these stories? Did someone leak this site to a bunch of christian private schools or something? Fucking Crhist on a stick.

    1. It’s not that it’s offensive, but it comes off as childish. It seems like the writer – and you – are trying to sound cool and edgy by using “fuck” a lot. It’s sad, and in no way compensates for actual writing skills. I enjoyed the story, it was decent, but no one past 7th grade is impressed by swearing.

      It’s not that swearing can’t give a story some depth, but this was not the case. If for example a character is walking by an alley at night and sees the smiling whatever in this story standing there, shouting “oh fuck!” before starting to run makes absolute sense.

  73. Person above me, get over yourself and learn to spell. Fowl = Foul. Write = Right. You = 13 year old boy. Just STFU and GTFO unless you’re actually going to contribute fucking something.

  74. I’m having trouble even reading this. It’s horribly (I stress horribly) written to the point where I can’t take it seriously, there is FAR too much fowl language, and it just sounds terrible. I’m going to finish it, and after this paragraph what I post will be written AFTER I read it, but so far it’s just… bad.

    I was write to feel that way. The second half is written better, but jesus clean up that first section, it’s appalling. Not a bad story, but jeeze…

    1. I do agree about the foul language in the second paragraph but other than that I think its a really good story, I give it 9 out of 10.

    2. Jonathan Withee

      There was like 4 instances of words considered foul. If you are offended by those words then you shouldn’t be on this website. The story was written well, if you have such a harsh opinion of this story then ignore it and move on, or even better, get off the god damn website. This is a horror story website, meant for people over the age of 18 or someone who has their parent’s permission and can handle this stuff. If you don’t like the fact that someone said an adult word then just get off the internet now.

      1. Please accept my hasty apology

        Wait, I’m supposed to be 18 or have permission? OMG, I’m sorry! I didn’t know. Otherwise, I concur wholeheartedly with your comment.

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