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The Simplicity of It All

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You are taking a shower.

It’s not the type of shower you take before a job interview, maybe aiming for your cleanliness to impress somebody or someone supposedly worthy of impressing, nor is it the type of shower you take after a long workout at the gym or after a jog, or after whatever it is that applies to you. No, you’re in your bathroom right now, standing under the soothing beam of hot water with wisps of steam spiraling off of your back, because you’ve got nothing better to do tonight, and you like that squeaky-clean feeling before hitting the hay, and, although this isn’t your first shower today, at least you can sleep easy knowing you’re cleansed of the day’s many stresses.



It’s all there, but you don’t so much as touch it.

For now you’re just letting the water’s steam filter through your pores, and enjoying the simplicity of it all.

The lights go out.

Startled, your feet squeal on the floor of the shower and you pause to make sure the sound was from your own.

The sound of water hitting the floor in the dark.


You feel as if you’re not alone in the room. Which is impossible, because you’re the only one in the house.

The sound of the switch had been unmistakable.

You stay under it, under the water, your one and only landmark. Feeling around, your hands meet the slippery shower tiles, and you feel like a mime trapped in a blank box as you fumble for the adjacent wall, then grab the curtain, finally something real, something you can touch that’s now in front of you and will stay static as you reclaim your bearings.

Outside of the shower, something starts choking.


You abruptly stop breathing. Strain to hear. It’s a gut-wrenching cough that wheezes in and out, and your hand freezes before recoiling back to your torso in shock. And in the middle of the bathwater rain noisily splashing by your feet, you hear its footsteps inching closer as it struggles to breathe. The thump of pads on the floor stepping closer. You can do nothing but press your back against the wet wall behind you in paralysis, to the point where the sounds are less than a foot away from where you remember the curtain to be, at your own eye level.

That’s when the lights come on and the choking stops. You shut off the water. All is quiet and you look to either side just in case, remembering all the horror movies you’ve seen in your entire life at this moment. Not a sound except the gurgling of the drain at your toes, sucking down the last of the water calmly like it had all been in your head and none of it had happened.

You’re standing there, dripping wet and naked, when you realize you’ve got to step out and meet whatever’s there, waiting on the other side of the curtain.

Credit To: Andrew LaBelle

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34 thoughts on “The Simplicity of It All”

  1. Why do they run?

    Nightmare/Paranoia Fuel! You sir get my first 10/10! You will receive your chicken dinner and or cookie though the mail. lol

  2. I was about to take a shower. I was looking through the stories and I came to this one so I clicked on it. I read the last sentence because I do that sometimes, ruining the story but yeah. It seemed like it was a story including a shower in it. So I read the first sentence and I was right. I was like NOPE! And I took a shower leaving a small area open when I slid the curtains lol

  3. Loved it! The mundane “monster outside the shower” story was refurbished with the vivid, realistic details. What makes a horror story great is making the real feel what the character feels rather than just explaining it. You really gave the character vitality. The only thing that bothered me was the ending; leaving things to one’s imagination can be a very effective fear inducer, but here it almost seemed like the author gave up on the story. But other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you for writing it!

  4. Even if it was nothing I couldn’t have expected, my heart dropped when reading the last line.
    Well done, I liked this a lot.

  5. how can you put up a story on creeepypasta? I keep trying & now I cant ffor some reason. some Tomino"s Hell I guess. (You know… I did read it aloud…) o_0

  6. Hey everyone this is actually the first pasta I’ve written on here, surprised to see it got so many views. yeah it’s got its flaws but I’m looking to you guys to drop some pointers; that way I can hopefully put out some more pastas in the very near future and make ’em worthwhile. Your comments really help the whole process, so the more the merrier. Thanks for reading!

  7. Ok so I just want to tell you all that yesterday after I read this I decided I needed a shower and of course I couldn’t stop thinking about this story. Anyways, I was showering and a draft caught my curtain and blew it back and I screamed and beat the shower curtain with my shampoo bottle.

  8. please tell me im the one on the other side of the curtain and the one person inside the shower is my girlfreind and im about to get head

  9. even if you had a glass door, depends on what style it is, most are frosted, so the image would be burry and in pitch dark it wouldn’t really matter.

    And author…you may have just cured my long shower addiction. I fucking hate you now.

  10. /MFW when i have a transpaerent shower curtain
    /MFW when the bathroom has emergency lights that get on the occasion of the lights turned off
    /MFW when i light candles when i bathe

  11. Damn it… I’m going to destroy my boyfriend next time he flips off the light when I’m showering :'(

    Brief, suspenseful, and sticky in the brain. Good spelling and good grammar are always nice to see, and keep the reader from hitting that infinitely hated "skip".

    9/10 because I would love to see it stretch out even though it’s pretty awesome already.

  12. Some delicious pasta right there. I hate to say i have a love hate relationship with cliff hanger endings like that, but that was beautifully composed in a nice short format. 10/10

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