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The Scarecrow

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As Jake trudged through the cornfield, he recalled the argument he’d had that morning with his Pa. “But they’ve only been up a month– they don’t need changin’!”, he had yelled.
“Yes, they do, Jake, everyone! And I want that first scarecrow replaced by sundown!”

He shifted the heavy bag slung over his shoulder and cursed at himself for not thinking of something more clever to say. He clutched the stepladder in his other arm like a lance, and fantasized about different endings to the fight. “I do all the work,” he thought to himself, “and just once I’d like some say-so as to how and when things get done.”

Striding up to the stoic figure, he put the bag down and planted the ladder. “Damn things last almost two months with proper care,” he fumed as he stepped up. He pulled off the garish hood and was met with a chorus of buzzing horseflies. Jake had just enough time to see the boy’s glazed eyes, and the dried blood in his nostrils, before the head slumped forward.

“Huh…” he mused, “Pa was right.”


Credit: RavenFlesh


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85 thoughts on “The Scarecrow”

  1. KilljoyMakesArt

    Move your body when the sunlight dies. Everybody hide your body from the scarecrooww. Everybody hide. XDD

  2. Very interesting using dead bodies as scarecrows, but what happened to the boy that was dead? Anyway, it was short and sweet. We need more of those

  3. This reminds me of this movie I saw on some horror movie channel. These people wreck in the middle of nowhere and they decide to go into the cornfields where there are crazy paranormal psycho killer scarecrows.

  4. I don’t mean to be negative, but I don’t understand why people like this so much. This is a pasta whose ending you can pretty much guess after the title and the word ‘cornfield’…

  5. Nothing scares ravens more than a person flailing about and crying out, and that’s what the majority of people do when you use them as scarecrows.

    Fear the Darkness


  6. Ah, there always something particularly scary about stuff like this. Note using-people-as-scarecrows-until-they-die, but a group of people who, as a norm, do what most people would consider, in the most technical of terms, “fucked up”. One homicidal killer ranges in slightly creepy to creepy, but an entire community goes right to paranoia-inducing. Perhaps it’s part of humanity’s inbred xenophobia.

    Oh, and speaking of paranoia-inducing, I just had a thought: what if your friends and family weren’t who they seemed to be. They needed something that can only be found in humans. They obviously aren’t going to kill each other – they’re all part of the same group after all – but they could raise “livestock”. And why not raise the “livestock” in ignorance? Makes them easier to coral at least.

  7. Nice pasta.
    Victim should’ve been a girl – better for describing a really gore-ish image into the readers’ minds.

  8. this one is great, and it’s made even better by the clueless masses screaming “I DONT GET IT SOMEONE SPOONFEED ME PLEASE”

  9. cayla is in your house

    it reminds kind of texas chainsaw massace i loooove short pastas like these with sybstance, and they make you scared to turn around in a dark hallway. A PLUS BUDDY!

  10. Damn cheap scarecrows always dieing on the job…

    Other then that i love the shortness of this and how the boy was not shocked about his cheap scarecrow dieing poor bobby ….AW hell he was weak anyway

  11. I approe.

    I especially liked the kids lack of reaction. It shows apathy for the deed that had formerly been done. If the character had freaked, or started laughing or something it would have been–to me–vastly overdone.

    I find that the dismissive “ was right” gives it the appropriate element.

    Great pasta. :’P

  12. Wait Wait, wouldn’t using dead bodies defeat the purpose of scarecrows? You’re suppose to be scaring away the crows, not giving them a meal.

  13. @Ravenflesh

    Without feeding them or anything they wouldn’t last more than a week so how could that one have died suddenly if he’d been up for a month

  14. @Ravenflesh

    Maybe you could put a short bit in about feeding them or something? ‘Cause when I first read it, I thought they were dead at first too. Very good, though.

  15. the Person Formerly known as 'Noneya'

    its kind of neat seeing the ‘other side’ of creepy pasta. You know, instead of the poor saps going into the large, bloody mess we get to see the aftermath of the people who set it up.

  16. I like it :]
    It’s great the way it is, but it could also be a good idea to go into it more, and develop a longer story with it.

  17. Thank you ravenflesh. That actually increases the creepy factor. i just wish that had been more clear in the story. ^^

  18. Since ravens/crows are omnivores, wouldn’t they be more attracted to the smell of the meat?
    I did get a chill when I read this, though. :]

  19. Listen, they use live children as scarecrows, bound up underneath the costume, to keep the crows away, and replace them when they die, and this one died sooner than usual.

  20. @5

    The point is that it is a common occurance for them to use dead people as scarecrows. It wasn’t meant to be a surprise for the boy, it was meant to be a surprise for us that they use corpses like that.

  21. What creeped me more in this pasta was something left open in there: was the scarecrow alive one mon th before? Otherwise, a good dose of formaldehyde solves the problem…

    Nice pasta. Short and swift. I was missing those…

  22. Ah….this is a pasta I can really sink my teeth into. Short-lived, simple and sweet to the taste, just like all of you.

    I look forward to my next meal…

  23. Now, this could have been better with a little change at the end. If we had gotten more of a reaction either way from the son it would have been much more unsetteling. I’m taking it as this is normal on their farm? I could be wrong. But if that is changed, this will make a very good pasta.

    1. Captain Killjoy

      OR, the entire family could just be demented, kidnapping children and using them as scarecrows. which could lead to the possibility that the son also kidnaps children. and i think alot of people agree that children killers are much scarier than adults. the innocense of a child corrupted to the point where he can take down the body of a child only to replace it with a new one? eerie

  24. Methinks Pa read the instruction manual wrong. Really wrong. I also suspect that nobody goes to the farm, else they would’ve had their mistakes pointed out to them by a police officer.

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