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The Real Monsters

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When I was a little boy, I was afraid of monsters. They always lurked in the dark places where the light didn’t reach. It didn’t matter how many times my father shone a flashlight into the dark corners of my closet: I knew, the moment that the light was gone, the monsters would come back.

And they always did.

When I grew up, I learned why: the real monsters don’t hide in dark corners and closets. The real monsters are the ones that live behind your eyes, in the darkness of your mind, and it takes more than a flashlight to send them away.


You’ll find what you’re looking for in my basement. She’s still alive, but the others are long dead. (I’ve kept their teeth in ziploc bags in my file cabinet. Maybe you can identify them from dental records.) She hasn’t eaten in days, and she’s lost a lot of blood, but she might still live if you hurry.


All I ask is that you leave the light on when you go. This prison cell is very dark, and I’m afraid that the monsters will come out when you leave.

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104 thoughts on “The Real Monsters”

  1. This reminded me of something I read once children are scared of the monsters in the dark because they are too young to recognize the real monsters… us we are the true monsters that’s why adults no longer fear the dark because we understand this

  2. Wouldn’t the killer’s basement be the first place they looked for bodies? Even if he were just being held as a suspect, they would have had a warrant for his place.

    Other than that, excellent. But that one minor detail kinda ruined it for me.

    1. What if he wasn’t a suspect so to say, maybe this is a cut out of something he sent to police or even a family member of the victim? You are jumping to a pretty major assumption.

  3. These dumbass 2nd person “you are next” kinda pastas are just a dime a dozen and overall really shitty. I suggest people try to come up with original stories instead of copying the “you are in bed at night” kinda stuff.

  4. I imagine that he is talking about the “real monsters” that are hidden in our minds…not the ones in the darkness, physically. He was crazy, he was constantly tortured by monsters in his mind. Those that pushed him to make those horrible things.

    Interesting pasta.

    Forgive my english, it’s not my mother tongue

  5. At first I thought this would be one of these stupid, “We’re the real monsters!” thing, like from Left 4 Dead

  6. So if real monsters are behind your eyes,
    in your head
    and in your brain
    would that make him
    real monster too?
    keeping teeth
    in ziplock bags,
    and people in cells,
    sounds like a lovely little bowl of pasta to me.

  7. So if real monsters are behind your eyes,
    in your head
    and in your brain
    would that make him
    real monster too?
    keeping teeth
    in ziplock bags,
    and people in cells,
    sounds like a lovely little bowl of pasta to me.

  8. I went “Um… D-disturbed Hannibal complex? OOOOOH I LIKE IT :D”

    5/10, though. It’s a bit too short for my liking but well-written.

  9. Uhh… No comprende. Also, Snazzy Cheese, generally when someone says something to insult themselves like ‘I like dick’ etc, it’s usually an imposter. Geez.

  10. Reading comments is really fun, I actually forget what I come here for.

    The Mr. Welldone series was very entertaining, haha it’s like reading vandalism in the public toilet or something!

    Thanks Dani for the enlightenment. (about the story)

  11. Right, the guy’s a serial killer in prison. He’s telling ‘you’, most likely a police officer, that his last victim is still alive in his basement.

    I think the whole thing about monsters meant that the guy was insane, and killed people because he thought THEY were the monsters.

    The only thing is, surely the police would search a murderer’s house upon his arrest??

  12. lol im Mr. Welldone

    Hello. I am some jerk who doesn’t like this website, so I am taking the name of a well known person on this site and saying stupid things to make him look bad.

  13. EXCUSE ME FUND I WANT TO BE HIS HUNNI NOW FUND OFF! Mr.Welldone i love you, your impersonaters wish i love them. i liked this one.

  14. Guy With Teh Face

    I’d hate to be the police officer, get to the house, and when I got into the basement…

    “We’re no strangers to love, you know the rules, and so do I…”

  15. I took this story as. When the boy was younger, he believed in monsters but as he got older, he started killing people and he has realized that he is the monster.

    He wants tostop the monster but doesnt want to be caught.

    And the comment about leave the light on, to me, means that when the lights are out is when he becomes the monster

  16. @37

    Personificators isn’t a word, but even if it was, it wouldn’t have the meaning you’re trying to use it for. It would mean something more along the lines of beings that embody human characteristics of inanimate objects.

    Sorry :x

  17. When I read the title the first thing I thought of was serial killers but I expected it to be like that older one where all the Hollywood monsters were based off real creatures we saw in our dreams (or something like that.)

    I really think this one works well because, like other posters said, you go into it expecting it to be typical pasta, but in the end it turns out he IS a creepy serial killer. It’s alsways so much more creepy when the circumstances COULD actually happen.

  18. @ 31

    Its alright if the posers want to impersonate Mr. Welldone. Sad, but okay, since it is fairly simple to figure out which comments are from the REAL ‘Mr. Welldone’. Let them keep pretending, I don’t care – I never confuse them with the real deal.

    As for pasta, will have to re-read later when I am not on the verge of passing out asleep. Sooo damn tired. Just gotta last two more hours at work, and then I can sleep….

    With lights on of course. No serial killer monsters for me, thanks.

  19. MR welldone
    u r quite disgusting to b onest
    i am 15 and i really think ur language is horrid
    i dnt wnt 2 if u like balls in ur mouth.
    please dnt let me have 2 read that again fanx

  20. @16 Thank you for clearing that up, not for just my benefit, but for the others. If I read another ‘lolwut’ once more, I would personally rip them all to pieces. Eery pasta. Bravo indeed.

  21. Good lord, all of these people pretending to be Mr. Welldone.

    Anyway, this one was very interesting. Took me a little while to understand because I’m rather slow, but I like the concept.

  22. hes a killer. the monsters are in his mind, or rather ARE his mind. hes telling a cop where he kept his last victim. in the end, it turns out the greatest monster of all…was man. duh.

  23. Hmm…seems to me that Mr. Welldone’s becoming the V of this corner of the internet. What was initially a singular, rather interesting commentor’s become a mask for every Tom, Dick and Anon to wear.

    As for the story itself…it’s somewhat ambiguous makes it one of the better psychological creepypasta out there, though I still prefer a few others over this.

  24. # Mr. Welldone

    November 8th, 2008 at 4:33 am


    I seem to have a love for cryptic, irrelevant messages and a shallow pedantic rambling.

    I think I like to feel smrt.

  25. Interesting.

    I seem to have a love for cryptic, irrelevant messages and a shallow pedantic rambling.

    I think I like to feel smrt.

  26. The guy who understands the story

    I think it means, when the lights are turned off, this guy goes schizophrenic, because the narrator IS the monster.

    Basically hes saying to get the person in his basement help, but not to turn off the lights or he’ll kill her.

  27. Okay, for all the dumbasses, he’s talking to a cop or something. so read it in the context that your a cop looking for a missing girl.

    it’s creepy when you get to the third paragraph and realise this is the case.


    I would never have understood this if you hadn’t explained.

    And just because I want to: WHO WAS BASEMENT?

  29. wow.

    this one had a very nice twist to it, I thought it was going to end up like some sort of story that as the father goes away the monster comes and is like whew that was close

    or something like that lol

    but I

  30. shortys roc my sox

    i think those of you that don’t get this have not experienced the true fear of dark… even if your scaredof the dark, because you’ve never actully seen what you think could be there

  31. He means that, when the lights go out, the monsters within him come out.

    I really liked this one. Not necessarily creepy, but really cool, all the same.

  32. For those who didn’t understand — the narrator of the pasta is in a prison cell. He’s a serial killer who has been caught, and he’s telling the person interrogating him that his last victim (a woman who “hasn’t eaten in days” and has “lost a lot of blood”) is trapped in his basement. He kept the dead victims’ teeth as trophies. The stuff about the monsters is just his craziness, about the monsters in “the darkness of [his] mind”.

  33. I didn’t understand it at first but this is actually kind of creepy.

    Although I’m not sure I understand why he was some sort of serial killer….did the monsters have something to do with it?

  34. I quite enjoyed this pasta, really gives you chills when you think about what really lurks in the dark. But I have a feeling what the man in this pasta has is called schitzophrenia(sp?)

    Please make more like this :]

  35. Wait…so he’s the ‘real monster’ (a psycho serial killer) and then there are also real monsters (when you turn off the lights)…what?

  36. Sine this is my first comment, here’s the obligatory WHO WAS TEETH?

    I like this one a lot. That is all. :)

  37. Hello.

    Ah, this is indeed what happens to those whose minds cannot comprehend the potential of the Dark.

    Even if such individuals never see, the results are quite fascinating.

    Terribly fascinating, indeed.

  38. Anonymousity x 2

    and just for the sake of it:


    I don’t understand the “you might still live if you hurry.”

    Is the man in a mental institution cell?

    1. The man telling the story is mentally unbalanced and has taken a number of victims to his basement where he has starved and severally injured them, he is the monster.

      He is not in a mental institution but will wind up in one or in prison soon as he is most likely telling this story to the police.

      there was a typo that has since been corrected she might still live because if she is taken to a hospital they might save her

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