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The Prophetic Monolith

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Somewhere in the Pacific ocean is an island, surrounded by a swamp filled with the carcasses of fish and other, less recognizable things poking out of the mud. The mire extends as far as you can see.
Every so often, the mud will dry enough under that you can walk on it; about a days travel from shore is a large mound, at the top of which is an immense canyon, the bottom of which cannot be seen, although if the moon is large enough you will be able to see the slope of the canyon, and eventually the bottom, which is covered by a strange body of water. Rising from the water is a monolith, which is covered in bas-reliefs.

Those who have seen in related that everything carved onto the surface of the great monolith was a depiction of every major event that happened from the beginning of time: From the destruction of the dinosaurs to the black plague, all the way up to 9/11 and the Iraqi war. Even stranger, people have stated many seeing depictions of events that had not yet happened. When questioned further, the majority would merely shake their head, refusing to elaborate.


However, the others who dared speak would all say something [mostly] similar to, “Just let it happen. It can’t be stopped, anyhow.”

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30 thoughts on “The Prophetic Monolith”

  1. Fuck off, something like Iraqi war and 9/11 is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. It was pretty cheesy and that part absolutely killed it for me.

  2. “Bad things will happen and you can’t stop them.” Oh my God, I’m terrified.
    Essentially telling the reader to be scared and not actually giving them anything to be afraid of. It doesn’t work like that.

  3. The biggest problem with this is that, if the monolith depicted *every* major event from the beginning of time to the present day, most of it would be boring records of stellar formation.

  4. Yup. This is pretty much Dagon, although I found a similar monolith that predicted how good each Olympic Opening Ceremony would be. London got some low scores, obviously.

  5. Lol, 9/11 considered equally catastrophic to the black plague and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Sure is American arrogance in there.

  6. i have dagon on my computer, and its EXACTLY like that, pretty much not variation on the landscape or the placement of the monolith. You just left out dagon and the guy going completely insane at the sight of it >_<

  7. I’ve seen a similar creepypasta on /x/ putting the monolith at latitude and longitude 0 degrees, in the Atlantic ocean slightly west of Africa.

  8. Then a man dressed from head to toe in heavy armour will run towards you and yell “Stop right there criminal scum! Nobody breaks the law on my watch. I’ll be confiscating your stolen goods. Now pay your fine or its off to jail.”

    If you choose to pay the fine be sure to pay with gold coins only. He will not accept any form of currency. You will be hauled off to the nearest prison, where you will find yourself relieved of any items you may have stolen.

    If you go to jail you will find yourself suddenly inside of a miserable dungeon, with the rags of beggars on your back. If you choose to sleep in the disease ridden bed, you will quickly lose any skills you have in a matter os hours. You have one chance to escape, but the warden will not take kindly to this.

    Whatever you do, do not resist arrest. The guard will chase you across the earth, and his friends will be more than willing hunt you down as well.

  9. It contains bas-reliefs containing important events from all of time, and yet it contains things so minute that they happened not only within the lifespan of the human race, but within the last couple of years? Wow, either the universe before humans took over Earth was very boring, or that is one huge monolith…

  10. H.P.Lovecraft: Dagon. a succinct summary, save for the ending and variations on the second paragraph.

    Dagon has a… *thing* that crawls to the monolith, and the bas-carvings are of strange fish-men and other less objective things.

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