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The Orchard Cemetary

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Outside of my city, there is an apple orchard, with a small cemetery at the end of it with only about 5 or 10 graves in it. If you visit the cemetery, it is customary to leave a small offering by the largest headstone, even an apple from the orchard will do. If you do not, every night you go to sleep that week, you will see an old man in your dreams.

On the first night, he will appear to be a normal balding old man. He will tip his hat to you and walk away.

On the second night, he will have a knife in his right hand. He will tip his hat to you, and walk off once more.

The third night, he will lick the knife, and laugh, before disappearing.

On the fourth night, he will appear closer to you than before, and lick his knife once more.


On the fifth, he will be practically on top of you.


On the sixth, he will appear as a skeleton dressed in rotted rags, still holding the knife, still making the licking motion.

No one knows how long this continues or how it ends, the victims have all either gone back by then and made an offering, or they have died of heart attacks in their sleep.

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50 thoughts on “The Orchard Cemetary”

  1. So, on day 6, if you give him an offering, then leave the cemetery, does the cycle restart, meaning you have to give two offerings?

  2. That’s…. Just… O-o I’m new to creepy pasta and I haven’t read very many but this is scariest by far

  3. Pretty good pasta, however if i wrote this i would have ended it kinda like this; “No one knows what happens in night 8, everyone goes to the cemetery with a offering after night 7.”

  4. I dont get the creepypastas that tell you to do something, and if you do it wrong you die, or something bad happens, but if you do it right….well, nothing. You get nothing. my question is what is the point of doing this life, or even soul, risking action, if you get no benefit.
    { Example: There is a door in west virginia. If you knock on it, immediately say \"i am the walrus, let me have a peanut\", and nothing will happen. If you don\’t say that line, the door will open and you will be sucked into the dark abyss, to be tortured forever by demons. }
    why would i knock on that door, i get nothing! stupid creepypasta

  5. He will make you lick HIS knife on the last night.
    Then his knife will be shoved full into your mouth, its tender tip hitting the back of your throat.

  6. lol, old man who licks knives, kinky – except for when he comes back as a skeleton….no wait, thats even hotter… ??

  7. Ooh, knife licking. It’s my favorite past time.

    Perhaps, this geezer and I should get together sometime.. And you know.. Lick knives.

  8. omg i like licking knives too! we have sooo much in common! i’m going to bring that man a nice cup of tea and a brand new knife :)

  9. i just wanted to say that knife-licking is strictly reserved for female/effeminate-male characters in anime.

    this story blew, mostly because of that

  10. That was strangely sexy. I’m imagining like some old-fashioned guy with a monocle, and a top hat, licking his knife and twisting his wax mustache.

  11. And why would we even WANT to go to the cemetery? No rewards? I’d sooner waste my time playing RuneScape >:(

    …okay maybe not RuneScape :P

  12. shortys roc my sox

    @ ME,

    the people that died have friend sand could have told them about the dreams then on the last day in there week, died

    why did they put a fence around the cemetary?

    cause people were always dieing to get in ;)

  13. …a skeleton with a tongue that can lick?
    i would’ve made an offering and gladly gone on my way.
    by the way, would this be every time you pass the cemetery?…or just the first time?

  14. Hmmmm it is not that puzzling when you think about it. To me it sounds like a figure of your mind you know when it reflects your days activities in your dreams.

  15. how would you know they were having the dreams if they died of a heart attack? think about it they cant exactly tell you that thats why they died just sayin’

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