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The Lottery Number

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The lottery gives you a three digit number and a four digit number each day, right? What else has seven digits split into three, then four? That’s right, it’s a phone number. The lottery is a telephone oracle. Whoever is on the end of the line when you call that number knows something that you need to know, though sometimes getting the prophecy out of them can be difficult. It helps if you have a winning ticket, I believe.

CREDIT: Anonymous

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20 thoughts on “The Lottery Number”

  1. Laughing man, awesome comment! OoO *deku shrub oooh* Just, wow!

    Anyways, that wasn’t a very CreepyPasta, more like a random message asking you to call random people….AND LET THEM KNOW YOU’RE A STALKER. XD

    I haven’t tried it myself, but I couldn’t even be bothered to try. Maybe if something happened to someone when they didn’t use the lotto number would be good….like Smiledog. XP

  2. I’ve bought tickets using double digit numbers… why don’t you do like 17-34-67-3-79-99 or something? (That was a made-up number, I wouldn’t recommend calling it)

  3. Im (you wouldnt guess) british lol, if you get a winning ticket i dont think ur first priority would be "OMG i just won £2mil quick use the lottery ticket as a calling number" would it? Pasta is dry and obviously fake D: "WAITER THIS PASTA IS PLASTIC!!"

  4. Child of Shadow

    @Bwahaha lmaoooo you ftw
    @Emma Im british too :) and if its a moblie number its
    +44 them 10 didgets

  5. You forgot the ending. If you get a local resident, you must ask the question “Wat r u doin wit my daughter?”. If you hear someone say “my dad is ded.” in the background, you must scream “THEN WHO WAS PHONE????????” If you fail to do this, you’re doomed to a life of browsing at 1 AM, and being too creeped out to go to bed.

  6. Oh god…stop me…I’m going to do it…


    I’m sorry. It had to be said. Interesting story, though.

  7. yeh, you’d need at least an area code. also, some locations use varying number structures for telephone entries, so, this creepypasta FTL

  8. I’ve called. I’ve gotten replies. Problem is, that seven-digit number really needs a few more numbers to locate the right region of the world. As it is, I’ve mostly gotten irritated locals, wondering why I called, of the couple that picked up.

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