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The Growths

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I’d had them ever since I was a kid.

I can remember being incredibly self-conscious about them, hiding them in my pockets under books and bags. The kids at school never said anything to my face, but I knew they were laughing behind my back.

I remember asking my parents to take me to the doctor, to get them checked out. The growths on my hands seemed to be the elephant in the room back then, since they’d just say I was fine and change the subject. But I knew better.

I had tried to remove them as a child, but without avail. Scissors, knives, potato peelers; trying to cut or scrape them off was always a lost cause because I couldn’t continue once the pain kicked in.

But today was different. It’s amazing how numb you can get with a couple of tourniquettes and a bottle of Jack Daniels. I was originally planning to use a sharp knife, but figured that trying to slice through the tough flesh of the growths would be too arduous in my drunken state. I opted for the slightly more technological plan B.


I had to hurry though. I was already pretty light-headed and was starting to feel dizzy. My hands and forearms, nearly blue from the lack of circulation, couldn’t wait much longer either. The whirring of the blender helped to put me in a sort of trance–ready to do what I had wanted to do since I first looked down at my strange deformities.


I shoved my left hand in first. The immediate sensation of sharp blades slicing through flesh was jarring, but I was surprised at how well the alcohol was working–I expected it to hurt more. I could hear the sharp metal churning and cutting, working perfectly as planned. I pressed my hand down harder. All those bad memories, all of the embarrasment–all of those horrible things were now nothing more than a thick red pulp.

Breaking from the feelings of ectsasy, I pulled out before the blades hit knuckle. I smiled, taking a good look at my new hand. As for the growths–well, five down, and five to go.

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157 thoughts on “The Growths”

  1. This is just plain disturbing. Seriously, this is the first Creepypasta story I have read so far to really, really freak me out.

    Yeah, you like how your hand looks now, but wait until you realize you needed those hideous “growths”!

  2. I may be mistaken, but I think this is called Alien Limb Syndrome.
    When certain parts of your body feel unnatural and like they shouldn’t be there.
    But I’ve also heard the name used for when one limb controls itself without the owners consent of it doing so, so I’m not sure if both conditions share the name, or I’ve just been wrongly informed of one of them.

    1. I mentally did the same, at least after following one of those Wikipedia links. This is the last that I will say on the matter.

  3. I don’t know if its been brought up but this is indicative of a real mental condition where people don’t consider their own body parts to be apart of who they are. They’re physical mentality sees themselves as without those extremities, and they will do absolutely everything in their power to remove these ‘growths’. This is an incredible piece of ‘fiction’ that is INDEED based in fact. I applaud you,author, for relaying the intense thought of ‘not right’ those people experience daily; until their growths are removed, that is ;)

  4. This resembles an actual disorder in which people feel they would be better off without certain body parts, known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

  5. I was wondering how growths would end up being frightening. I imagined them like, exploding and releasing monsters or spirits or something. But the end was a fantastic shock. Wonderful. Even scarier is that shit like this happens in real life. Great story. More please!

  6. There’s actually a medical condition which makes people want to do that to perfectly normal limbs, I forget what it’s called but some people will reject a limb like a leg or arm so much they find a way to cut it off (Even if doctors refuse).

  7. That’s like a story from the Twilight Zone or something… Loved it :3 maybe he lives in a world where people don’t have fingers or something. And theyre considered deformities , or “growths”.
    It’s like the episode of the Twilight Zone where they unwrap the bandages from this woman’s face and you expect it to be horribly disfigured, but she’s actually beautiful and everyone else’s faces are revealed to be deformed. But that was the norm in her world. She was the disfigured one to everyone else.
    Cool. :3

  8. Narrator-Lol.
    It took me a while…but then I got it. It reminds me a litttttle bit of JTHM, just \’cause Johnny would do something like this. :3

  9. One of the best pastas I’ve read in awhile (reading back through archives), Didn’t twig on until the end. Then I just sat there doing a fantastic impression of a fish out of water…

  10. Despite the inconsistency of the story’s mind-fuckey (why would having fingers lead to embarrassment?), I liked how it played on the reader’s imagination. I’m picturing these hideous pustules or something. Ending totally shocked me and the description of him putting his hand in the blender made me cringe.

    Guess I won’t be making smoothies any time soon….

  11. Y’see this is much more effective than “ZOMG U GOT RAPED BY PHONE IN UR DARK BASEMENT”, this shit makes you think, that’s why it’s all the more creepy.

    Properly mentally ill this. I like.

  12. I thought “Hehe, it’s probably just his/her fingers, and he/she is insane” when I was a bout halfway through :D

  13. I squicked. Pure and simple. The fact that this kind of mental illness is a very real thing made it all the more ‘Oh fuck.’

    Damn you, Damn you to hell

  14. It’s actually kind of creepy when you realize that they are his fingers, lol.

    It’s funny as well, as I was expecting some kind of boils or cysts.

  15. I the whole thing

    Its called Body Disphoria, or BDD. The crappy thing is they are completely fine after the limb/toe/finger/eye/whatever is removed, but it is impossible for them to do it legally. No doctor will remove a healthy limb/organ/whatnot for “no reason” so they end up doing shit like this in real life.

  16. There’s actually a mental disease that causes people to do this. They see a body part, something completely normal, as a weird, abnoraml thing, or something they just don’t like, and will go to any lenght to remove them.

    Good story though. Had you thinking there actually was something wrong.

  17. I like this one alot. I read it to one fo my friends and she didn’t get it. I had to explain it to her. But I laughed my ass off when I read the last sentence.

  18. Snazzy cheedaface


  19. i had a feelin’ half way through that it would be his/her fingers but I wasn’t sure, still was kinda creepy at the end when i realized (s)he just stuck his/her hand down the blender.. -shivers at the thought-

  20. This is my favorite story on here of all times. I like all the stories in this section though… Maybe because I’m crazy too, muhahahahaha.
    This story reminds me of the song “Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed, haha.

  21. umm,what tha fuc kis up with that broa,it aint cool,i mean,OOH LOOK AT ME,ME FINGERS ARE EVIl,IS BLENDER TIEM,WHIRRRR!!!!!!

  22. i remember reading this one its probably my favorite creepypasta XD if not then the one i wont forget. beautiful just beautiful.

  23. i remember reading this img this is probably my favorite creepypasta XD if not then the one i wont forget. beautiful just beautiful.

  24. guys he’s crazy! why wud he notice or care that other ppl had fingers!
    i wish his parents took him to a looney bin or sumthing…he shudnt b allowed to wander the streets getting drunk and such…
    btw i love that ep of twilight zone ‘eye of the beholder’
    thats just what i was thinking of

  25. no wait, six more to go, the growth between my legs. Which I have to say is quite smaller than the other growths.

  26. God, i cant believe he had to guts to stuck his hands into a blending.
    Wow. This dude is really messsed up

  27. I wasn’t shocked or anything because I didn’t really care for that loser. “ohhhhh these growths putting them in blender ohhhhh being harassed at school ohhhh look at me i’m emo ohhhh.”

  28. Did anyone else think “I wish i were insane as that person.” or am I just retarded?

    You know I never thought of it that way I think it would have been even better that way…DOUBLE SHOCKER XD

  29. i fucking love this one. Lol,Sigma.

    Anyway, all you fuckers who are like “LOL WOULDN’T HE NOTICE?”are stupid

    Insanity, anyone? you don’t think logically if you’re insane.

  30. I can almost imagine him the next day, plasters on his stumps.
    “HAHA! NOW I’m normal! Lets see you mock me now!”
    *holds up other guys hand to let the guy compare it with his own*
    “So now what do you… wait. SHIT”

  31. @Dru – Well, fuck. Explained by science again!

    Ah, well. Imagining this guy looking at his hand-stump with a maniacal grin will forever make me guffaw like a baboon.

  32. Someone else said that this reminded them of a Stephen King short story…it made me think of ‘Survivor Type’ from Skeleton Crew. The only difference is, this guy didn’t eat his fingers…

  33. lostmyselfalongtheway

    i bet he lived in an alternate reality where only he had fingers…
    kind of like the episode “eye of the beholder” from the twilight zone

  34. their is such a mental illness where you feel as if you must chop off a limb or two of your body
    it was on dateline or some shit

  35. it was quite funny.
    in the end i finally knew what was the “growths” he was talking about, it was his fingers… great. :p
    nothing shocking…

  36. I agree with Ricky. How the hell do you get fingers mixed up with “growths”? And why didn’t the doctors explain to him/she that it was normal?

  37. Just go that the growths were fingers, took me a good 20 seconds of thinking. That kid is an hero and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  38. =D Wow. What madness this is.. Quite wonderful though. What people will go through to make themselves “perfect” in their minds.

  39. I hope the OP knows this is here and checks the comments. I’d really like to encourage him to keep writing. This story reminded me VERY much of some of Stephen King’s early short stories.

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