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The Grove

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In the heart of the Rockies, lies a grove of trees growing in a perfect circle. A grove that, aside from this geometric oddity, appears perfectly innocuous from the outside. If one should step foot into this grove however, the inside with be as dark as any moonless night in those mountain woods, even on the brightest summer’s day. Those who have mistakenly wandered into the grove are rarely in any condition to say what happens inside, many simply never come out. However, if you are very brave, or very foolish, you can attempt to camp within the grove. Go in with your eyes shut tight, lie down in your sleeping bag, and no matter what you hear, no matter what you feel, do not open them again. If you somehow manage to find your way to sleep before the grove takes your sanity or your life, you will awaken in the middle of the day to the light of the sun on your face in a the middle of a grove; a grove that, aside from growing in a perfect circle, and containing your heart’s one greatest desire, is perfectly innocuous. If one should step foot outside this grove however, they will find the outside to be dark as any moonless night in those mountain woods.

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27 thoughts on “The Grove”

  1. I see this being a great movie plot for someone who lost his wife or child. it has a pet cemetery thing going on.

  2. It took me a while to get it, but it seems that day inside the grove is night outside, and vice-versa.
    Maybe the source of this oddity is the reason for none to have returned.

  3. I actually love this story. Think about it: the world you see when you leave whatever you see in the grove will pale in comparison, so it seems like such a dark and ugly place. I thought that was pretty deep and definitely unique. Not very creepy, but it’s a neat story. Makes you think. :D

  4. So this is where Grove Street got its name. Once you’re in Grove St, you can’t get out, the darkness is all the black people like me…

  5. Seems Legit…
    One question that was posted up there by lots of people…
    Does it remain eternally dark for you?
    Or in the area…

    explain more O_O

  6. -*grabs his tape measure and spends a good fifteen minutes with this so called grove..*-


    It is one centimeter wider north to south than it is east to west! Perfecrt circle my ass..

  7. Ambien anyone? You could just take like six, then stumble in and pass out before the demons or whatever could do anything to your still-awake body.

    But I don’t get the end. Do you then endure all those same horrors outside the circle, now? Is it always dark for you out there, or do you have to fall asleep again after wandering out in order for it to return to normal?

    If it’s always dark, but there are no horrors so you can just go on with living your life, it it also dark for all the people within a certain proximity of you, or does it just always look dark to you?

    The last one would be good if you were a vampire, I guess, but too much is left open to question.

  8. …crap
    the story and the payoff
    not that it’s well written just…blah

    what if i just poked my head into the grove eh? if it was totally dark i’d b all…’o, ok then, ima leave.’ then i’d turn around n promptly make an exit

    the end

  9. An interesting prospect.

    To feel all the fear I will ever feel all at once, in exchange for never feeling fear ever again.

    At face value, I would take it, but only if the fear I will never feel again doesn’t include fears associated with other people and fear that isn’t associated with physical danger(fear that a loved one might get hurt, fear that you might lose your job, etc.)

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