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The Dolls

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As a child, I was always quiet, and my conversations with others would always end up awkward. Because of that, I always preferred to be alone growing up. Which probably explains my strange obsession with toys, being as old as I am. They never talk. They just stare. I have to say though, being alone in an apartment full of figurines can be creepy sometimes.

However, being with my girl for almost two years, she understands my obsession well, but with this much, she would probably be shocked when she first sees them.

That night, she was more than excited to see my house. as we approached the door, she could barely contain her excitement, so without further delay, I swing the front door open. “Make yourself at home.” I say to her, “it’s kind of messy, but its more comfortable than it l-” her face was in shock, then absolute terror as she started to scream.

I tried to calm her, but it just got worse. I was puzzled. is she afraid of my toys? “I understand its a bit strange, but is it that horrifying? I take a quick look in my house but theres nothing horrific. I had to calm her down, as the neighbors were starting to come out. With a quick impulse, I quickly drag her in my house as I try to ease her mind. Her screaming just got louder and louder. At this point, I had no choice but to put my hand over her mouth. She watched me in terror with tears rolling down her face. I turn around and they were all staring at me as well.



I’m alone again. I placed her doll on the top shelf above all the others I have dated. Her look made me feel depressed, so I made it face the wall until I was able to get over it.

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83 thoughts on “The Dolls”

  1. doing a narration on my channel: Sirrmo B Readings. i don’t see the authors name so if you read this please contact me so i can give you the recognition you deserve for this awesome story

  2. Saw something a lot like this on The Twilight Zone, of a little girl turning baby sitters into dolls. Except it was a hell of a lot creepier than this.

  3. My mind was kind of odd here, first I thought they were people he was killing, then it said they were staring and I thought that was the end, a good twist I thought, then you said he placed her above the rest going back to what I originally thought. Just my opinion but it was better if you ended it with them staring.

  4. I’m also shocked that I didn’t see it coming until the kid starts screaming. A pretty good one, even though I’ve seen a number of others with similar concepts. Always interesting to read a pasta written from the perspective of the maniac, rather than the victim.

  5. Weird i thought i commented on this. I love doll pastas <3 i like dolls :D that poor guy i hope he meets somone nicer….

  6. “As a child, I was always quiet, and my conversations with others would always end up awkward. Because of that, I always preferred to be alone growing up.”

    lol iz dat sum aspie?

  7. reading this again..gosh i hate this…not the pasta itself, just the idea of dolls…-shudders-
    still love this pasta

  8. Remove the words “I have dated” from the last paragraph and it’s nearly perfect. The word “others” shows us she’s like them; we don’t need those three words to tell us.

  9. LOL WUT
    wat a weirdo perv he makes dolls of people just to sex them, when he could have sexed them when they were alive; what a necrophiliac

  10. Contrary Miss Mary

    @Ma Cherie: my thoughts EXACTLY.

    @VitriolicV: Also, my thoughts EXACTLY.

    @Jonathan: Another thing I thought, EXACTLY.

    so it leads one to wonder how I thought of all three of these things at once while reading it.

    Still, a good pasta nonetheless.

  11. Snazzy Cheez luvs scares

    o dear.
    i am thick
    it is so damn obvious. i didnt notice about the fact that the dolls mite not be dolls until da end but i new he was a creep- i meen how mani men du u no hu keep dolls????


  12. i hate dolls, like i really really hate dolls.
    i kinda figured out the twist though, he was always lonely and his ‘dolls’ kept him company? i was like, ‘mhmm, creep!’
    this was a real serial killer i saw it on forensic files or something…really scared the shit out of me

    @ 12…i know what fcf stands for, but i’m not sure if it’s up to me to say, she might tell you.

  13. Being a doll collector myself, this one was interesting.

    But…I remember an episode of Twilight Zone, or snother show of its ilk, just like this.

  14. Kind of reminds me of the movie “May.” That was a good movie. Could probably be summarized into its own creepypasta. A long one, though.

  15. I really enjoyed this one! The end was very creepy. I agree – it also reminded me a lot of Dead Silence, one of my absolute favorite horror movies.

  16. I liked this one =D

    It reminds me of that Godchild chapter where this little girl and her maid kill the people that visit them, then use parts of the victims’ bodies to make doll versions of them.

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