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The Devil’s Circle

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There exists a spot in all forests, called “The Devil’s Circle” which is ubiquitous and yet nowhere at the same time. You may find it one day, for it to be gone the next. The spot is nothing more than a circle of evenly spaced stones, however, nothing lives inside of these stones-it is just barren dirt. During the day, it’s OK to touch it, and even stand within the circle. If you plant something in it, the next day it will be dead.

The real secret to the circle is if you put someone’s hair within it. Then the next day, they will die. Perhaps they die mysteriously in their sleep, or maybe even a car accident. However, in doing so, you give up your soul to the devil.


You ask yourself now “Is this true?”, but the more important question you must ask is, “Is it worth it?”

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64 thoughts on “The Devil’s Circle”

  1. Gary "Wokkie" MacChristen

    These areas are natural salt licks. Deer and animals often visit these sites at night. That is why if you leave anything in the circle it will be diatribes by morning.

  2. This is really creepy, because I’ve encountered it as well. I live next to woods, and one day my friend and I went exploring. We found a circle of rocks at least 5 inches apart. We stood on the rocks, and just thought it was just the people who owned the land, used it as a bond fire, but the rocks were in a big circle. Bigger than an natural bonfire area. Plus, why would you have a bonfire in the middle of woods? After a few months after that day, we went to the same spot, but it wasn’t there. All there is, is a bunch of rocks clustered together, at least 5, and we’ve never encountered it again.

  3. Well, to tell the true, I guess I found the evil’s circle in my life. I come from a small town in Mexico, I was a farmer, and one they while I was finishing my work in the middle of the fields between my town and another town. I took a break, and I found a rock with a radios of at least 5 ft. the rock had was perfectly round and plane on top, as if was used as a table. Around the rock were rocks surrounding it. The odd thing is that after a few weeks I came back to the same spot, but I didn’t find anything.

  4. …. what if you plant a dead stick with a note, asking for a deadly poisonous plant? would that mess with the devil just enough that he grants your request? :/

    … could you ask the devil to kill a plant? like, "I want my annoying neighbor’s garden to shrivel up and die" so you steal one of their plants, and leave it there…?

  5. I saw one once in the woods by my neighbor hood. My friend put her dog collar in the middle, we thought it was a fairy circle, the next day her dog got hit my a car.

  6. When you give or sell your soul to the devil he sends his hellhounds to get you when you die or to kill you if you somehow manage to escape death

  7. Hmm… Go all around the world with a portable vacuum cleaner and suck up as much hair as possible. Bring all that hair to one of those circles

    Sure, you may be damned to hell so hard that you would end up several feet under the ground there, but imagine how pissed God would be at Satan, not to mention all of the confusion and chaos…

  8. The second I saw “There exists a spot in all forests, called “The Devil’s Circle” which is ubiquitous and yet nowhere at the same time.” my mind immediately went to Nightmare Before Christmas and I began to giggle crazily. When I saw “The spot is nothing more than a circle of evenly spaced stones” I facepalmed at myself for being such a fangirl.


  9. …i dont know anyone that i want to die thats worth giving my soul to the devil for – if i had to do something to SAVE someones life in exchange for my soul, and it was someone i loved, then that would be a different story…..

  10. canyaMakeaDevilsCircle

    can you make one cus i mite just go make one right now and cast a spell to send it off somewhere but I will never ever put someone else’s hair into it.

  11. 1.) LOL @ brometheus: I.O.U.s….i laughed up a lung

    2.) @ Alice: Fairy circles are not stone, nor do they have simple barren, life stealing dirt in them. They are rings of mushrooms, nothing more.

  12. So what happens when I put in hair from a bunch of different people? Does the devil get my soul, plus a batch of I.O.U.s?

  13. Eternity in hell for killing one person?

    Well, maybe. If I did it and then went and did some of these other creepypastas with “fates worse than hell itself” I might be safe!


  14. It’s impossible to give your soul to the devil. Your soul is merely a loan given to you by god, he asks for it back when you die. You can’t sell something that doesnt belong to you. This story (under bible pretences) = false.

    1. Nothing in the bible says that. You just quoted from the end of the movie Bedazzled starring Brendon Frazer and Elizabeth Hurley.

  15. I actually found one of those circles in a local forest. I remember looking at it and wondering what a weird fire place this ought to be, making that much space without lighting a fire in it.
    There was no ash or burnt earth in the circle.

    1. They will probably have to die so the Devil can collect your full soul. Or he’ll say “fuck it” and take whatever you got.

  16. This is actually a real place. Obviously you can’t kill someone by putting their hair in it, but I remember reading about it somewhere. It’s down near the coast in North Carolina, and it’s called ‘The Devil’s Tramping Ground’.

  17. What happens if you give up your soul to the devil? Because if it’s nothing to bad, I can think of many people who deserve to die. And does it matter how many times you do it?

  18. ..Now, what if you leave some of your own hair in the circle.. Either on accident or on purpose..? Hmm. It irks me..

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