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The Darkness

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Call me outdated, but Counter-Strike is still at the top of my all-time favorite video games.

Late night at the dorm alone, playing up until 3 am, with full volume on. Yeah, that’s my style. Today was supposed to be no different.

I turned on my MacBook Pro. The glossy screen made a clear reflection of my long, narrow room. The dorm’s rooms were all made just for one person, so I was always alone. My laptop was propped up on my desk at the end of the room, opposite the door.

It was almost too routine. After a long, boring day of classes, I’d get back to my room at 10 pm. I’d go Facebook, Twitter, 9gag, up until I’ve surfed every nook and cranny of the net. Then, bored as fuck, I’d open Counter-Strike, and go firing deep into the night.

But tonight, while surfing, a friend suddenly messaged me on Facebook.

“Hey dude! Check out this sick CS Map! (Download link)”, Kevin messaged me.

As he was a CS addict just like me, I opened the link. The map was called ‘de_darkness’. With my 10 mb per second internet, the map downloaded in a flash. Excited, I immediately opened Counter-Strike to try out the map. I set it up to play a good old fashioned, 5 v 5 affair.

The map, living up to its name, had many dark areas. Set late at night, only the pale blue shade of the night sky and a few lamp posts gave light to the area. Stone walls lined each corridor, filled with long, green vines. Dark hallways and tunnels snaked at the center of the map.

Around it was an elevated area, perfect for sniping unwary players on the bottom, through ceiling holes in the tunnels. Bridges also kept the map interesting, hovering across the width and length of the vicinity.

‘Darkness’ seemed to have nothing special to it. There were two ways of getting kills in the map. The first one, which I like to call the ‘pussy’ way, was camping and sniping in the elevated areas of the map. It was almost too easy, as the darkness gave you instant camouflage. You could rack up tons of kills immediately.

The next one was the more interesting part of the map, which was running the maze of tunnels at the center. It was perfect for sneak attacks or point-blank kills.

As usual, I racked up more than half of my team’s kills in the first few rounds, even while switching between the 2 ways to play.

It was after the first 5 rounds that I started to notice things.

One time, while roaming the map, I started to hear creaking noises; they were nothing like the usual sound effects I hear in CS maps. Some players’ footsteps also started to sound different. Instead of the usual thud of military grade shoes, a metallic clink and clank would be heard, even when no player seemed to be in the immediate area.


And then, I started to notice an extra character in the map.

While staying in the elevated area, a shady figure appeared in the outskirt forests of the map. It was impossible to get up there. Curiously, I zoomed in my crosshairs on the human-like figure, but he disappeared.

Next round, the figure appeared again. This time, he was only a few paces away, so I was able to get a better look at him. He wore a brown overcoat, extending to the knees, fully buttoned up. A matching pair of brown slacks completed his outdated fashion statement.

The only thing more puzzling than the man’s clothing was the face that rose above it. He had dark, round eyes, with an empty stare straight at me. A sinister smile accompanied it, but the man didn’t seem to have any lips. A grey, faded complexion covered the rest of the mystery man’s face.

Just like any other opposing character I see, I fired at the guy. Bullet after bullet, aimed straight at his thin, 6 foot body, all seemed to have no effect. Before I could try other ways to kill him, another player killed me.

Wow. This map has something special after all. An extra character, almost impossible to kill? A sense of excitement hit me like never before, like it was just the first time I got my hands on this game.

I spent pretty much all of the remaining rounds trying to find and kill this character, even if it meant lowering my kill-death ratio. I noticed that the man only appeared in dark spaces, randomly across the map.


Many times, the man would toy with me. When I try to run at him, he would stand still, but no distance would be made up. Other times, while firing at him, the man would contort and shake rapidly, like thousands of bullets showered his body all at once. But one thing remained: I was never able to kill him.

It must have been an hour or two already, as I was starting to get sleepy. Trying to kill the mystery man was now a boring, futile effort. It was great fun while it lasted, so I closed the application. Shutting down in 3…2…1…and my Macbook’s screen shut off.

But something remained on the screen. The same shady figure wearing brown was still on the right hand corner. Is my Macbook glitching now?

Then the figure came closer, and closer, and closer. Now, his grey face, empty eye sockets, and sinister smile occupied most of my screen. Then I realized.

I was staring at my laptop’s reflection.

Credit To – Brian Tan

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81 thoughts on “The Darkness”

  1. Actually it felt a bit open and had loopholes. I had ruled out that the monster would be a reflection as he was able to zoom in on the image. Also size of a reflection and the sizes of the game characters would be really different. So imo the window reflection may not work that effectively here.

  2. I just assumed this was a supernatural thing…it was a ghostly figure in the game and since he gave it enough attention, it decided to transfer itself to his home…and perhaps murder him.

  3. ScaryNoodles:
    Hahaha lol, I reakon it’s a pretty tasty paster wait I’m gona make my friend have a taste he always stays up late playing video games this might teach him a lesson.

    DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

  4. Cool idea. I liked it apart from the ending, which i felt was a bit cliche. But i like the shadow man, perhaps make this into something longer and use a more unique spin?


  5. Wow … Its een a while since i read a creepypasta . But this . this one was So Insanly awesome . The end just actually shocked me more then anything would . Thank the lord i am a image thinker/reader/listener. So Wauw * applauds*

  6. Really great creepypasta since I just started reading them this is already a good one, kept me on the edge of my seat.

  7. I feel clever, not sure if I am or not though. I saw the reflection twist coming the moment it mentioned how the Macbook Pro reflects the entire hallway behind him.

  8. Looks like Alucard got some new clothes and has started to have some fun. Just be glad he has not shot you yet or sucked your blood.

  9. I was quite impressed by this I must say,the story in general did not seem to contain anything creepy than the figure itself,although the twist in the end gave me goosebumps and managed to get me to look behind me,good work 10/10

  10. Nice Gamepasta,
    I was not expecting this to be scary due to the fact that counter strike has never really been regarded as a particularly scary game.
    I also liked the way you focused on minor details which may or may not be of any relevance, but not detouring as much as to bore the reader.
    The ending really surprised me, it gave me chills, imagining myself all alone in my room and seeing that sort of thing on my screen.
    Anyway, keep up the good work man ;D. I can’t wait to read your next one!

  11. Much like many of the minecraft pastas, this has also caught my attention. Excellent job and keep up the good work.


    P.S.- Try playing “Dead Snow” (I think PewDiePie did a video on it, then again; most of his videos are now for “creepy” games… so yeah)

  12. I don’t get how the body sometimes responded to the bullets when it was a reflection. Otherwise, it was a good pasta. 8/10

  13. I thought the story was very well written. I expected the same lame, generic supernatural element that seems to permeate all “gamepastas”, the kind that only players of the game can connect and reminisce over. You took the high road, and for that, I applaud you.

  14. KarlaRei:
    By the time I got to “the ‘pussy’ way”, I already hated the speaker for being a complete douche bag and stopped reading.Now, I don’t know if that was the intention but I just couldn’t stand any more of the guy.

    Also, a “message” is what you get from a masseuse.Other than that the writing style was alright.

    Yo, I think you meant massage, not message.

  15. I really enjoyed this. It wasn’t too long and it wasn’t too short. I loved that twist at the end; I didn’t see it coming. The only thing I’d critique is that it seemed a little bit like an advertisement for the MacBook Pro. Only a tiny bit though, with the “glossy screen” and fast download speeds. But anyway, awesome job! 9/10

    1. Fast download speeds would be from the broadband provider rather than the computer itself. 10mbps isn’t even that quick.

  16. By the time I got to “the ‘pussy’ way”, I already hated the speaker for being a complete douche bag and stopped reading. Now, I don’t know if that was the intention but I just couldn’t stand any more of the guy.

    Also, a “message” is what you get from a masseuse. Other than that the writing style was alright.

    1. No, a “Massage” is something you get from a Masseuse.
      Maybe check to be sure you’re correct yourself before you correct someone.

  17. I saw that ending really early on. That was unfortunate, because I didn’t even mean to look ahead, I just got distracted, lost my place and one quick glimpse later, I ruined the ending for myself. Sure, brain, don’t absorb information insanely quick unless it’s to screw me over in some way… bastard.

    Anywho, my first thought as I was reading it was, “oh Cod, another stupid game pasta.” However, I really liked this one, and probably wouldn’t have seen the twist coming, had I not accidentally skipped ahead.

    1. … Your brain is a separate entity from your mind. It makes you do evil things you can’t control.

      Like read ahead on creepypasta.

  18. It was pretty cool, but maybe without the MacBook Pro details. Kind of makes me feel like it was an ad.

  19. Diego Parada-Lopez

    I feel this was great, not too bad but just not much of a factor to play with, and second I think gaming pastas need just a little more criticism so that it actually compels us to read it.

  20. A good gaming pasta, overall. The writer took into consideration people who don’t play first person shooter games so as to make the pasta easier to understand. Nice twist at the end. However, I do feel that the pasta’s story is reminiscent of Footprints in the Snow.


    1. Jester the Joker 0U0

      DUDE. WHERE DID YOU READ THIS AND WHAT WAS THE STORY ABOUT O-O ( footprints in the snow) (the title reminds me of a story my friend wrote, that’s why I am asking 0U0)

  21. I don’t mean to be a downer, but the video game pastas are just not my thing. This one was okay, but horror and violence inside of a video game isn’t really scary. That’s just my opinion. I’d like to see you try a different type of pasta. I’d wager you’d do well. Good luck and I hope to see more of your work.

  22. Hahaha lol, I reakon it’s a pretty tasty paster wait I’m gona make my friend have a taste he always stays up late playing video games this might teach him a lesson.

  23. I did not see that last twist coming, holy crap
    I usually don’t like gaming pastas as there are so many it is hard for them to surprise me, but I really enjoyed this one. Well done!

  24. Hey!

    I don’t think we’ve had a gamepasta for several months now, and it’s fairly gratifying to see one bypass the limitations of that category like this one.

    I think most gamepastas fall because they become overly focused on the minutiae of the game itself, and thus neglect the actual scares. Ultimately, I felt this pasta’s use of a game format was towards an end: setting up the twist. This manages to make the details matter, telling enough details to make the monster’s appearance disconcerting in-game, but also using the format to bring the monster into the real world in a way that matters. In this, the game actually functions to describe the monster in a uniquely creepy way.

    I also liked how the game justifies the protagonist’s brazen actions. Normally the last thing you’d do with a teleporting, terminally smiling man is to shoot him, but that’s all you can do here.

    That said, I thought the hints were a bit obvious (him describing the dorm room through reflections being a dead giveaway), and while the setup was great, the punchline of the pasta was dragged a bit. As I felt the punchline was what bridged the pasta’s relevance, it reduced the creepy somewhat.

    All in all, a well-formed gamepasta that manages to subvert expectations. 7.8/10

    1. One of the reasons I read creepypastas is because of your criticisms (being a writhing writer myself).

      Thanks for your awesome mind that belches out awesome comments for the writers in this site. Keep it up ^_^ ..

    2. I agree totally with your criticism.I also really liked how the monster in this story was described I wouldn’t want to meet the guy in any game. Or in real life for that matter, but I dont see whats outdated about brown slacks and half of your body overcoats….they are worn by psychopathic murderers everywhere, and kidnappers also stalkers.

    1. This comment feels like spam to me, though I don’t know if it’s worthy of being reported or not. Those are just pay-per-click links redirecting back to Creepypasta, and they have no actual bearing on the pasta itself.

      While most comments don’t appear to be report-worthy, this one just feels like cheap spam.

      1. Er, it’s just our automated twitter account. The site automatically pulls any tweets that link us and displays them as comments on the relevant posts, and our twitter account automatically tweets new posts – so, yeah, that’s us. Please don’t report the site’s automated functions, haha.

        Not PPC, either – is just Twitter’s url shortening domain.

        1. Lol. I realized that about 2 minutes after I posted the comment. I even requested deletion. Haha. I’ll make sure to avoid reporting stuff like that from now on.

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