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The Bread Box

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Down around fourteenth and ninth, there’s an alley between a parkade and a small office building. Unlike many downtown alleys, this one is clear of parking and transients. In fact, there never seems to be anyone in it at all. There’s never a car cutting through to avoid traffic, never any teenagers looking for somewhere quiet. Despite the presence of loading docks and parking spaces, it’s as desolate as downtown can be.

If you walk down this alley in the winter, you’ll smell rotting meat coming from a dumpster and hear sounds emenating from it that sound like rats. But if you look inside the dumpster, you’ll find that it’s empty other than a plain tin bread box. The bread box will, despite being of a kind not manufactured for decades, be in mint condition.


If you open the box, which you should never do under any circumstances, you will discover that it contains your own severed head. Your head will tell you two secrets and a lie, and then expire.

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95 thoughts on “The Bread Box”

  1. This pasta should be renamed to “Warheads” or “Sour Lemon Heads” or something. That ending bit was just too bizarre.

  2. If it tells you 2 secret’s and 1 lie then you only have to worry about 1 thing being a lie. I can live with that but then again i would have to think is this the lie and then i wouldn’t make up my mind on what is true or false and that itself would make the information hard to trust.

  3. “Your head will tell you two secrets and a lie, […]”

    When told in this order, I’m OK with that.

  4. So let me get this straight…When you open the bread box a facsimile of your head presumably made by some form of dark magic is inside and will tell you three seemingly random things one of which is a lie?Are the secrets useful to you?Are they vital to your survival?If you don’t figure out the which ones the lie will you get decapitated?This doesn’t scare me it makes me curious…

  5. This was one good pasta. Tho the part where I see my own head.. So someone actually did that? I dont get it. why would you even want to investigate a dumpster in the first place? are you that bored? -.-

  6. Maybe your head tells you things, not with your voice, but in a mental way. If you open the box, you will be looking out at your headless body.

  7. heres the thing…think about it, if you are not suppose to open the box in the first place, then as mentioned, whats the point of knowing it? also, who opened the box and saw it was their own severed head in order to tell the story?

    wait…if that guy, whoever he is, opened it and found it was his own severed head, is the head going to be anyone\’s head? unless it transforms to whoever\’s head when it\’s opened to OR theres 6 billions of bread boxes for everyone on earth but only 1 appears at a ime in the dumpster.. O_O

  8. So it has the hand that you are using to hold the box…
    And then your head, which is attached to your body, will tell you two secrets and lie and then you die? Or your head dies and you walk around as a headless body with three hands?

    Wait…. What…?

  9. As I do have a 14th and ‘Ninth’ in my town, I am off to investigate as soon as the frost sets in for the season. It’s going to be a few months, but we shall see and questions shall be answered.

  10. im lost……my heads gonna say wat now?………THIS IS OBVIOSLY BULLSHIT!
    im a heron…i eat mums and shit in breadboxes….i like kitkat…and the smell of fish…send this message along with ur name address and telephone to 12 people so u can get raped!…also..ima fly into ur kitchen and scare ur dad…..with my dangerously sharp tail….thanks….ya’ll take care now :D

  11. Eh. Since your head tells you these things and expires, your own head may then “expire” along with it, which would almost make sense in some odd way.

  12. Chinchillazilla

    What the hell, how do people not understand this? It’s not REALLY your head, it’s an IMAGE of your head made by some sinister force, and if you open the box bad shit happens.

  13. Pat Kirch's Wife

    But your head is cut off. .
    so how could you hear what your head said?
    it would be talking to itself. .

  14. I like this one. But if it’s my head, then do I still have the one right now? If so, is it a head from the FUTURE? If it is, I refuse to go anywhere near sharp objects in the future so I don’t get decapitated.

  15. didn’t anyone ever read that webcomic with the 100 comic being an argument about wether there’s such a thing as a breadbox?



  16. That was crap. It’s just telling me secrets i already know and a lie i already know so why bother?
    But as for head in a bread box, i say LOL.

  17. Better than most, but it could have been creepier. I mean, despite what Darkest says, it doesn’t give any real consequences to opening the box. What’s the point of knowing it’s there if I can’t open it?

    It also would have been better if you were told what the head would say, like “your death is soon”, “you have cancer”, “and there’s a dead body in your trunk so get out of town”.

    You wouldn’t want any of those to be true! Or, you know, something better. I obviously don’t write creepypasta.

  18. The Person Formerly known as 'Noneya'

    WHO WAS – Wait, what?

    Its another one of those intentionally dense pastas that are fed to the masses in order to sate our hunger for the random and weird. It doesnt make logical sense on purpose.


  19. You lose your head later.
    Depending on your aging process, and knowledge of it, you can guess how old you’re going to be. If the hair’s gray, or balding, you’re good to go. If it looks just like you, that’s some bad luck. The closer to decapitation you are, the better you’ll be at guessing the secrets and lie though.

  20. Is that it? It tells you three things, then you get to just go on your merry way, fine as can be?

    It could’ve used a bit more creepy in the last paragraph. Not bad, but not great.

  21. OMFG people are so fucking retarded.
    How are you reading more serious books if you do not understand such a simple creepypasta?
    Go back to Harry Potter and Twilight.

  22. it was okay, but not that creepy. i mean, whoooo, there’s a smelly decapitated head in a breadbox. someone probably got inspired by a loaf of smelly old moldy bread or something.

  23. Uhm… it felt like something was missing at the end.. kinda like if something was going to happen but the writer just refrained from writing it?

  24. You *probably* still have your head.

    It’s gonna be telling you stuff from the future, or things you couldn’t know. Stuff like this always does.

  25. This is the first time I’ve seen a ritual story here in ages. All we need now is the comments from regulars trying to get it taken down…

  26. Not creepy but very interesting and intrigueing. And yes I know I spelt that wrong and I know some grammar nazi shall come and correct me.

    I wonder if the lie it tells is that you’ll live after seeing your own head in a box. :-p

  27. But if it’s you…how can it tell you a secret? You would already know, because it’s you.
    And you would know which is a lie, too.
    Unless it’s telling you things from the future.

  28. hmmm i wonder can it be your severed hands doing sign language?

    and if you do all this and find the box how are you doing it if your head is already severed and in the box?

    and all my questions will remain unanswered im going back to sleep now

    1. im guessing if you were deaf then you just cant hear it, maybe just lip read. and seeing your own head is probably why it isnt a good idea to open it.

  29. And before anyone says “well why is it so bad to open the box”, think about it. It’s your own goddamn severed head.

    1. Username or no username, there is no nameuser

      They never said you would LOSE your head, maybe there will be a hundred dollars next to it?

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