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The Bambi Project

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Vanna-Isabella Osborne was only two years old when the tests began. Every day, she’d be awoken at dawn by her crazed parents, before being stripped bare and strapped onto a cool metal table. No matter how much she screamed and cried, it wouldn’t stop her parents from stabbing her eyes, gums, tongue, hands, feet and legs with needles, full of unknown liquids of many colors.

By the time she was eleven years old, her eyes were successfully dyed a bright orange color. Though, one of the side-effects was that she was unable to see through her right eye. Vanna never really understood why her parents were doing this to her, but by this age, she had finally gotten used to the torture of being stabbed in the same areas over and over.

On most mornings, Vanna refused to open her mouth when her parents asked her to, resulting in her father grabbing a scalpel and cutting open her cheeks, before stabbing her tongue with the black liquid-filled needle. The next month or so later, Vanna was found in an awful state by a young boy, who was a good few years older than her, and was taken away with him, leaving her slumbering parents behind.


“Brother! Look what I can do!” The now thirteen-year-old Vanna grinned a large, toothy grin as she managed to climb halfway up the wall.

“Heh, guess that stuff really did work on you,” said the boy who had saved her, who went by Arsenal, or as she liked to call him, Big Brother. Vanna shuttered slightly, but still stuck out her now long, black tongue at him. “Hey, let me see how your teeth are.”

Vanna jumped down and opened her mouth. Arsenal bent down to her level and examined her teeth. He ran his finger on them, pricking it in the process.

“Well, they’re getting sharper by the day. You could tear the flesh of someone’s body in no time.” He grinned, a murderous look in his eyes.

“Good, because then I can get food by myself.” The young girl smiled excitedly, the stitches on her face stretching out slightly. For about two years, Vanna had become a cannibal, on top of her long-term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

“Vanna?” Arsenal said, making her trail her bright orange eye to meet his. “I got you a little present.”


Her eyes sparkled in excitement when he said this. Holding out her arms, she patiently watched her brother place a folded piece of clothing him them. She smiled her usual wide smile while unfolding the item that was placed in her arms. She held it up and raised her eyebrow in confusion.

“It looks pretty big for me,” she stated, looking at him again.

“Well, that’s because it’s meant to be worn on your sixteenth.” He shrugged and smiled in response.

“And that’s because..?” she asked in a confused tone.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out,” he replied simply. “Anyways, I got it for you because I know it has something to do with your favorite movie.”

“Yeah, I see that. Thank you.” She smiled simply in response, before placing down the Bambi onesie and continuing to practice climbing walls.

“Brother!” Vanna called out in a strained and tired voice. When she heard no reply, she wandered around the upstairs area until she reached Arsenal’s door. “Hey, bro, you in here?”

No reply.

She sighed and opened the door, only to be greeted with darkness. She felt around the wall for a light switch. She finally found it and switched it on.

“Where could he be?” she mumbled to herself when she saw his room was empty. Vanna’s eye scanned the room, and saw a mess of papers scattered all over his desk, before grabbing a page and reading it.

The Bambi Project, it read:

“Day one: The birth was a success. Born at one minute past twelve this morning. Weighing at seven and a half pounds. Female. Named Vanna Isabella Osborne…”

She read to herself, her eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

“Day two: Father has called me about the project. He’s in. He has informed me that the tests shall begin when she’s two years old. I promised to supply the chemicals. I shall receive them from an old friend.”

Vanna continued to flick through all the pages, overwhelmed with confusion and mostly… Fear. Once she had finished reading the first few pages, she spotted another bundle of paper and another. Searching through them quickly, she found the most recent one.

“Day 4,745 (Year 13): Her teeth have gotten sharper. Her tongue has successfully turned black and is now much longer than what it once was before. She’s beginning to climb walls. She can now jump a lot higher. She can fight skillfully. Everything is happening according to plan. I just need three more years, then she’ll reach her full potential, then I can finally take her to him…”

She continued to read. She dropped the papers, causing them to scatter across the floor around her, before taking small steps back. She was scared. No. Terrified.

“What did I tell you about coming into my room, sister?” the oh-so-familiar voice spoke from behind her.

Abruptly, Vanna turned around and looked up at her older brother, her hands shaking and tears brimming the corner of her one good eye.

“W-Who are you…?” she whispered in a shaky voice.

“Vanna, I am your brother, Anarchy.” And with that, his fist collided with her head, knocking her out cold.

“Gah!” Vanna gasped as she shot up from where she lay, grasping her forehead which was dripping with sweat and blood. She looked around in total confusion. She was in her room, sitting up in her bed.

Dizzily, she stood out of her bed and hesitantly made her way towards the mirror that hung beside her door. Her eye widened in complete horror. Slowly, her shaky hand made its way up into her damp hair, staining it with the green, pink and red substances that dyed her brown hair.

“Wh-What the heck?!” she exclaimed in shock. Turning to her door, she tugged it open and rushed towards Arsen- no, Anarchy’s door.

Gritting her teeth, she banged on the door with force. The door was pulled open by the person she thought was her brother and best friend.

“Why are you doing this to me?!” Vanna screamed, tears threatening to spill as she looked up at his cold stare. “Why me?! Why?!”

Tears blurred her vision, making it seem like she was completely blind. She sunk to her knees, not being able to control the loud sobs that escaped her throat. Anarchy’s eyes softened as he saw his little sister break down in front of him.

“W-Why? A-All those years I-I’ve suffered… B-Being called a u-useless test subject, a-and that I-I w-w-was worthless,” she managed to say between sobs. “It was a-all yo-your idea?”

“Yeah,” he sighed, before sitting on the floor next to her, watching her bawl her eyes out.

“Why? J-Just tell me why?!” she yelled in a hurt tone that made his breath hitch as he continued to stare at her with guilt and despair.

“I can’t tell you. Just, not yet anyway,” he replied. “Please stop crying, sis. I-I’m sorry.”

She just looked at him, tears streaming down her pale face, not saying anything.

Two and a half years had passed by. Vanna ended up giving in to Anarchy’s plans for her. So here she was, standing in his lab, staring straight at the object he placed in front of her.

“A… chainsaw?” she asked, raising her brow in a confused manner. “What would I need to use this for?”

“Wow, you really are stupid,” Anarchy mumbled to himself.

“I can hear you, asshole,” Vanna hissed, before rolling her eye. “And I know what I am supposed to use it for, I just want to know why I would need it?”

“I have told you countless times that using your teeth alone is not good enough. You’ll need something else, your teeth are just a backup option,” he explained, shoving the heavy object onto her lap. “Now, you need to practice climbing walls and shit while carrying it.”

Vanna groaned as she stood up with the chainsaw in hand. She grabbed the strap her brother attached to it and flung it across her back. Gritting her teeth, she spat on her hands, before placing one onto the wall as high as she could reach and began to hoist herself up as if she weighed absolutely nothing.

“Shit…” she hissed at the newly added weight began to pull out of her. As she continued to proceed up the wall, her foot slipped and she fell.

“Useless…” Anarchy mumbled and helped her up. She glared at him, before slamming her hand back onto the wall and hoisting herself up with more force.

Her nails dug into the plaster as the chainsaw pulled off her. Reaching the roof, she grinned slightly and reached her hand out onto it. Again, she lost her footing and fell.

“Fuck! This is useless!” Vanna yelled in frustration.

“You’re obviously not going to get it on the first few tries, idiot. Practice,” Anarchy sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Fine, whatever,” she responded and tried again and again.

“Do it again!”

“I’ve been at it all fucking day!”

Vanna huffed and plopped down onto her chair. “Give me a break.”

“You need to get it perfect, you almost got the full way across the roof that time with no struggling. Just one more try,” her oldest brother explained, smiling down at her small frame.

“Once more,” she caved and sighed. Once again, she stuck her hand on the wall and began to clamber up in seconds. She gazed at the roof, before taking a deep breath and grabbing onto it.

“That’s it!” Anarchy grinned proudly as he watched his little sister crawl across it and jump down from it. “Perfect!”

“Why, thank you.” She grinned, baring her large, sharp teeth at him in excitement. She took the chainsaw from her back and placed it carefully on the table. “Now, I’m both hungry and tired. Can we get take out?”

“Uh, sure thing, Shorty.” He smiled at her, ruffling her short hair.

“Don’t call me that!” she hissed, before running upstairs.


“Not long now…” the voice echoed in his head. Anarchy just nodded in response. “Be careful around her, I think she’s getting a bit too dangerous.”

“I’ll be fine. She’ll be all yours soon, boss,” he said in a cold tone before walking upstairs after Vanna.

Vanna sat up in her room, looking out the window in deep thought. Everything was going along fine. Her brother was training her and the deadline was coming up. She just needed to do one last thing. She smiled, an evil and murderous smile. She was so close. She couldn’t wait to drown herself in blood. Their blood. She had a thirst for revenge and she was prepared for it.

Just the thought of finally getting to sink her teeth into their flesh was enough to make her mouth water in excitement. She opened her window, letting in the cool draft from the outside world. She inhaled the fresh air as it brushed through her short, dyed multi-colored hair.

She picked at her stitches that spread across her cheeks, memories crashing through her mind like a wave. She exhaled sharply as she closed her eyes and listened to her mind reply her screams and cries from her past. Hugging her knees into her chest, she let a few warm tears slip from her good eye.

“Mommy, daddy, why are you doing this to me?!” her ten-year-old self screamed out in pain, tears slipping from her eyes and dripping onto the cold, metal table on which she lay.

“It’s for your own good, Vanna,” her father said sternly as he prepared the next injection.

Vanna looked up at her mother with pleading eyes. She just sighed quietly and pulled away from her daughter’s gaze, preparing herself for another round of agonizing screams and cries.

“Hold still,” Her father ordered as he aimed the needle which contained the familiar orange liquid at her left eye as her mother aimed the other at her right.

“No! P-Plea- AHH!” Vanna screamed loudly as a mix of tears and blood ran down her face.

Snapping her eyes open, Vanna scanned the room in fear. Her breath hitched as loud sobs crawled out of her throat. She hugged her knees tighter and buried her face into them, before crying painfully.

She sniffed and pulled her face out of her knees. Tears stained her leggings and her hair stuck to her face. She couldn’t control the waterfall of tears that poured from her eye.

“I-I’ll kill them a-all,” she whispered to herself in a strained voice. “T-They deserve t-t-to suffer like I-I did.”

The next morning Vanna sat at the small dining table, listening to her brother rambling on about the big plan she wished she was never apart of. She found out there were more people involved, and Anarchy wouldn’t even tell her their names.

She was exhausted. She couldn’t fall asleep after her breakdown, which she never told Anarchy about. She hated him. Even just looking at him made her blood boil.

“So that’s why I’m going to have to dose you up again on the special stuff,” he concluded. Vanna dropped her fork and snapped her head up to look at him dead in the eye.

“No,” she said coldly. “Not again.”

“You agreed to this plan,” he replied, obviously not happy with the response he got. “If we don’t start you up again, your abilities will fade over time, and we can’t afford that to happen.”

“Anarchy, I swear to god, you can’t do this to m-” Whack. She was knocked out cold.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered before following the figure which had his unconscious sister.

“S-Stop! It h-h-hurts!” Vanna screamed in utter pain and horror as a mix of blood and tears ran down her red hot, sore cheeks.

Her eyes ached and her mouth was swollen. Her inflamed cheeks were burst open due to the larger injections and the swelling of her inner mouth.

She watched Anarchy as he grabbed the next needle and stabbed it into her hand, making Vanna cry out. She was used to having many needles being pushed into her pale flesh, but after the long period of time, she had forgotten how painful it actually was.

“This hurts me as much as it hurts you,” Anarchy mumbled, before emptying the dark purple liquid into her hand. He didn’t look at her once throughout the process, but every single cry she had let out broke his heart. He didn’t want to see her like this, but he knew it had to be done.

“I-I hate you, s-s-so much,” Vanna managed to whisper, before passing out. This broke him more than he had ever thought it would.

“Vanna? What are you doing here?”

Silence. The short, hooded girl just stepped into the familiar house. Her mother just looked down at her confusedly.

“Anarchy sent me over. He said dad wants to see me,” was what she responded with, her voice was slightly muffled by the black bandana that covered her mouth and nose. “Where is he?”

“Uh, he’s downstairs in the lab,” Angela, her mother, replied, still confused as to why her daughter was there.

Vanna nodded, before making her way through the hallway and to the staircase that led down into where this had all started.

She clenched onto the strap that her chainsaw hung from, before she began to slowly walk down the staircase, her breath hitching every time her foot landed on each step.


Memories gnawed at her mind once she reached the bottom, making her feel more anxious every passing second. Her hand brushed the knob of the door, making time freeze. This was it. This was the moment she will end it all.

Grasping it, she turned it and swung the door open, catching the attention of her father, who sat at his desk, reading through a small, leather notebook.

“Well, look what we have here.” Her father, Henry, grinned happily as he saw his daughter all decked out in her gear. “Your brother wasn’t lying when he said you looked awesome in your outfit. This is it. You are The Bambi your brother had longed to create.”

Vanna didn’t reply, she just watched her father as he talked about how great this all turned out.

“When Anarchy first came to me sixteen years ago, I thought he was crazy to think up of a plan so ludicrous, but here you are, just as he had planned,” He continued.

She didn’t reply. She just closed the door with her foot, before pulling the bandana off her face and grabbing the chainsaw from around her back.

“It is pretty great, huh?” she chuckled, stuffing the bandana in the pocket of her onesie. Both her hands clutched to the red chainsaw. “Hey, father…”

Vanna snapped her head up, her crazed orange eye staring at him evilly. Her mouth curved into a crazed smile as she began to start up her prized weapon.

Henry did not hesitate to grab a small knife off his desk for defense. He backed up slightly as his only daughter began to close in on him.

In a blink of an eye, Vanna slashed his chest open, laughing crazily as his blood splashed onto her face and clothes.

“Am I still useless?!” she cried, before slashing his flesh over and over. “Answer me, you old bastard! Am I still a useless test subject?!”

Her hand plunged into his bloody chest, before she managed to tear out his heart. Tears spilled down her stitched cheeks as she saw the life drain from his blue eyes.

“Useless! Useless!” she cried as she bit into the organ she held in her hand. “Useless! I’m so fucking useless! Why am I so useless to you father?! WHY?!”

The door burst open and she was grabbed by her shoulders. Vanna panicked, before looking up to see none other than Anarchy.

“Vanna, we need to get out of here!” he yelled at her.

Her brows furrowed in anger as she struggled out of his grip. She stood up and wiped her bloodied mouth on her sleeve.

“I’ve waited so long for this, brother,” she spat as she grabbed onto her chainsaw once again.

“Vanna! We don’t have time for this!” he hissed in a hurried manner. He grabbed onto her hand and began to drag her.

“No! Get off me!” she screamed in hatred as she pulled off him.

“Mother called the police, they’re closing in on us!” he exclaimed, grabbing onto her waist and flinging her over his shoulder.

“That was the plan! Don’t you get it?!” she cried. “I wanted to get caught after I killed you three!”

“Not on my watch you ain’t,” he growled as he began to sprint up the stairs and out of the house. The noise of sirens filled the atmosphere as he stepped foot into the outside world. “Shit!”

In a panic, he clutched onto his sister tighter and made a beeline to the woods that was just a few blocks away from the house.

“Stop it, brother!” Vanna yelled, only to be ignored as Anarchy began to panic more and more as the police cars got closer and closer. This was never supposed to happen. She screwed everything up.

Once he had finally made it to the woods, he ran into it as fast as his tired legs could carry him. He dropped Vanna to her feet and bent down to her level, grabbing onto her shoulders.

“Sister, I know you’re upset and I know you’re pissed off, but you’ve got to listen. You are too dangerous for your own good and we need someone like you in our group. I was expecting you to do something like this, now look where you’ve landed us both. We’re in a lot of trouble now, so I just need you to cooperate with me so we can get out of here alive. Do you understand?” Anarchy explained, panting from running a long distance. His begging eyes were locked onto his sister’s cold ones.

“Fine,” she mumbled. Anarchy grinned widely, before standing up and reaching out his hand for her to take.

“Let’s get out of here, Bambi…”

Credit: Maeve Greig and David Dee

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