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The Art Of Jacob Emory

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Ghost stories? Nah, we don’t have anything like that around here. We DO have the story of Jacob, but that’s about as close as you’ll get.

…You really want to know?… Well, I’m not supposed to tell you, but all right, just no interrupting. I don’t have the patience for it.

How to describe Jacob Emory… well, I guess you could say he was the kind of guy you could never take notice of. This isn’t to say he was a bad kid, in any sense- many people in this town thought he was the most reliable person for an odd job in the state- but he never really excelled in anything. He was the living proof behind the statement, “jack of all trades, ace of none.” Most of this was due to his own lack of will. He dabbled in damn near everything this town could offer him, automobiles, radio operation, store management, what have you, but he never stuck with anything. His friends and workers went after him about it a number of times, but everybody got the same unsatisfying response: “It just wasn’t enough.” Needless to say, any friends he kept were either very patient or never spoke of the matter altogether.


It was probably inevitable, then, that Jacob would leave to go abroad. I don’t remember where he went, but I think Gertrude down the street knew before she passed on- you’ll have to scout someone else if you ever get curious. In any case, no one even tried to stop him. Everybody thought that a little travel would stamp the ambition out of him, or else feed it until it was no longer an issue. Hell, we even gave him a sending-off party, which I thought was pretty nice of everybody.

So anyway, he was gone for… six, seven years? Can’t remember. You’ll have to check with someone else about that, too. Anyways, he came back, eventually, and he had changed, obviously enough. He was amiable, energetic, all smiles all the time, and we all quickly learned why. He showed us a souvenir he’d brought back- a solid black stick, the length of a pencil but the texture of chalk. We all wondered why on earth such a simple thing would prompt such a spring in his step, until he gave his demonstration. He took a piece of paper, and with this stick- God, there’s got to be a better word for it- with this stick, he… he drew a crude circle.

It dropped, and rested on the border of the paper, like a stone. It didn’t leave the paper, but it acted out on it, sort of like an old movie projector on a screen.

Son, I know how crazy that sounds, and if you feel like playing skeptic, then you can leave an old man to his craziness, but I know what I saw, even if everyone’s been hushing it up, and that stone he drew dropped. Jake even passed around the paper, and as it was being passed, it rolled around as the paper got tilted. None of us had any words for it- Hell, what was there to say?- but he continued drawing demonstration after demonstration for us, stick figures in various pageants and plays doing everything from fighting each other to making perfect “human” pyramids, and we all thought it was incredible. That was all the go-ahead he needed- he announced that he planned to put on shows to pay for rent and food, where he would draw anything the crowd members wanted. THAT we talked to some length about, and he eventually convinced us that it would be safe, his drawings ethical, the practice lucrative and unique, and the attention would not go anywhere outside of the town’s borders.

Poor Jacob. If I’d not been so swept up in the moment, I might’ve read the signs right then and there, and saved the sorry son of a bitch by snapping the terrible thing in half. But I was younger, we all were, and we saw no problem with encouraging him with what we all saw as an incredible experience to be shared with everyone else. Now, he didn’t have any big radio or television connections, mind you, and the internet wouldn’t come around for another decade, so he did what all people on a shoestring budget do- he advertised his show with fliers. Fliers might not mean anything to you city-folk, but in a small town, they gain a fair glance-over from time to time, and what’s more, Jacob’s managed to stick out by having little figures jump up and down and whatnot to get people’s attention. His first show must’ve gotten nearly sixty or so people, probably a lot more than that.

And his shows were fantastic. Someone would shout out a scene from a play or a comedy sketch, and Jake’s hand would fly over a white wall like a bird. He’d been holding back when he made that stone, that’s for damn sure. His illustrations were all spot-on, and he could make an incredible human figure in minutes. Come to think of it, I don’t remember any of his scenes lasting more than ten minutes to make. They were all really well-done scenes, too- not only could you see a knight charge a castle, Jake would draw the castle’s interior as well, like a wedding cake split down the middle, so you could see the knight scale the walls, fight his way through levels to the dungeon, fight back out with the princess, and make a leaping jump off castle parapets onto his getaway horse all in complete silence. Not realistic, no, but that was part of the appeal- none of us went in there expecting something real. When a scene or a sketch was finished, either the characters would leave off a wall or he’d cover the wall with white paint. This was good, in a way- it gave these shows a time limit, so that when he’d finished with all of the four walls in the room, everyone knew the show was over until the paint dried.


Jake, meanwhile, was changing in a bad way. I’d mentioned that upon his return, he’d been extremely energetic. Well, that energy, that vitality or fervor or whatever you want to call it, it never left him. Not for an instant. Far from it, it seemed to grow in him, and he enjoyed it all too much. His eyes grew wider, he slept gradually less over time, his statements and opinions more radical and frenzied, and though he never was a pushover, he was starting to make people nervous in his company.

A month or two passed, and Jake’s audience grew like a wildfire. Nearly everyone in the town paid to see Jake’s art in action, and he had to rent out larger and larger places for them to sit. He now didn’t stop after one scene was done- he moved directly on to the next, put on the next blank space on the wall, sometimes to the intriguing effect of causing scenes to mingle, which the crowd loved. The subject matter got more wild and immoral, the monsters got more bizarre and creative, the fighters using more impossible weaponry, all for the sake of the crowd’s interests. Jake got steadily more indulgent, which we figured was from the money, and he became a drinker and a womanizer (neither of which got rid of that vitality, by the way.) Some of those women claimed that they’d woken up in the middle of the night to see him scribbling with that stick on a drawing pad, a gigantic grin on his face, and while most of them said that they’d assumed he was drawing them in the nude, there’s rumors that one or two of them got glances at that notepad. Those anonymous few supposedly said that those drawings absolutely weren’t nude pictures, but neither of them, whoever they are, will say what he was drawing. Don’t bother looking for the notepads or fliers, though, they’re all gone now. I’m getting off-track; point is, he was hitting the bottle, and that’s important, because it was that drinking that would eventually ruin everything.

On the night of one of his performances, as he walked in front of his cheering crowd, it was immediately apparent to everybody that he was completely drunk. I was in the front row, and I could smell the bourbon on him from ten feet away. The show started, he went through a bunch of sketches and scenarios the crowd recommended, when at the end someone asked that he draw himself. Everyone cheered the idea, I guessed they’d been wondering what his creations thought of him, and he eventually obliged.


No sooner had Jake finished connecting the final two lines on his coat, than every single character, across the vast, expansive wall, all stopped and looked directly at that illustration. Lovers stopped kissing, clowns stopped laughing, robots stopped fighting pirates, everything stopped and looked at the Jacob-illustration. The crowd died almost instantly- I remember Jake’s face at that moment, pale white, full of terrible comprehension at his mistake, and looking desperately for the cans of white paint he’d forgotten to put out before the show. Everyone else? They were looking at the fake Jacob.

That Jacob reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out a black stick of his own, and as we all watched, drew a door. He pushed on his side and the door swung open, allowing him to walk through onto the floor of the auditorium.

The rest was an absolute hellish pandemonium. People screamed and ran for the exits as Jacob’s characters, both those currently on the wall and those which had previously left before being covered up, ran out of their own exit, throwing pies, shooting lasers, blowing fire and poison and the impossible. I was near enough the exit to escape, and gave only one backwards glance. The scene will haunt me forever.

Jacob Emory was being dragged by his creations, kicking and screaming, through the door his copy had made.

The auditorium burned down, obviously enough, but I have no idea how many characters escaped, what happened to the fake Emory, or how many people died. The fire brought the fire department from the nearest cities up to over a hundred miles away- they in turn brought the police force, which brought the government, which hushed up everything. They took the fliers and any art Jake had made, and swore everyone to secrecy or else life detainment. The fire was blamed on a cigarette in the garbage during a basketball game, and we all eventually went on with our lives. Jacob was made to never have existed.

In retrospect, I realize everything. Jacob hadn’t been creating illustrations. Illustrations don’t move, much less act or attack-they’re just images people see, shadows made to look like real things. Jacob had been making life- actual thinking things in some alternate dimension, using a power that was never meant to fall to mortal hands. He got drunk on his power. His punishment was probably well-deserved.


Incidentally, the government screwed up on two different accounts. They did a damn good job silencing everyone, but proof remains. The ruins are still there, you know. The auditorium’s ruins. I hear they’re going to start reconstruction soon, which will wipe out any remaining evidence someone can definitely see, but I went back there once, several years after the fire- just once. Amidst the rubble, covered in ash, I saw something squirming. I looked closer. It was Jacob Emory’s hand on the wall. Exactly like it had been three years ago, (sweaty but calloused, I remember,) but it was constantly flailing, as if the body it was supposed to be attached to was still writhing in flames.

That was mistake number one. Number two was those creations.

Like I said, I don’t know how many escaped, nor how many the government agents found and caught, but I will say only this- Those tall grass meadows on the outskirts of town? Don’t go into them. Ever. You were asking about those white figures you’ve seen at night, right?

This town doesn’t have ghost stories.

CREDIT: Douglas Greenwood a.k.a. Peter Divine

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321 thoughts on “The Art Of Jacob Emory”

  1. Is there a sequel to this? I could have sworn that one of the narrators mentioned The Art of Jacob Emory 2 on the narrators Unighted stream, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Holy… Now this is excellent. I was genuinely freaked out by the end, and I love the POV. It sounds like an actual person, which is the problem with lots of first person stories. 9.8/10, and since I’m apparently a harsh critic, that’s saying something!

  3. I LOVE this story, it is really, REALLY well done, and I want to see more from you, please never stop writing :)

  4. Bippity Boppity

    I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t think this story is amazing… not really creepy or realistic. Surprised it’s one of the highest rated pastas.


  6. you know what’s funny i’am an artist and I have always wanted most of my drawings to come to life but now not so muche Jacob emory done goofed hard and got butthurt

  7. Best pasta i’ve ever had. Well put together, but still leaves some things to the imagination. For instance, what was he drawing on his notepad that was so horrible that those girls wouldn’t mention? Overall, just great. WAITER! ‘Nother round o’ pasta. I’m Serious. MUST. HAVE SEQUEL. :)

  8. this reminds me of pokemon souly because of the last part. creatures shooting flames and poision. tall grass you cant go in. all seems quite supect.

  9. very nicewas just wondering what was really going on with the wriggling hand with the wall? it was poking out of the little door that stick figure Emory drew? doesn’t sound like it was a sketch of his hand wriggling and writhing in flames on the wall (Take On Me video by Aha style?? lol

    and what was he drawing on his notepad when the hookers were asleep?!?

  10. This was SO GOOD. Does remind me of Doodlebob and Harold and the Purple Crayon, but that’s because there aren’t many other stories like this one. Great concept, diction, grammar.. best pasta I’ve read yet!!!!! 10/10

  11. Lovely story! I just listened to Mr. Creepypasta read this, and I love the story. His voice added to the mystery and horror.

  12. It was realistic but the thing is i don’t come to this site to read realistic stories on government cover ups and what not but otherwise pretty good 8.5 creepy drawings out of ten

  13. You guys know whats a frightning idea?… if the illustrator Stephen Gammell of “Scary Storys to tell in the Dark” fame had used the black stick thing… oh, the horrors… the horrors…

  14. I must say I saw the end coming, but it was good, I must also say that you should have made sketches and put them in, I think it would have made it a lot better.

  15. Well-written! you even put in the eyeballs! That is a great substitute for meatballs, otherwise it wouldn’t be creepypasta, ewould it? heeheheee!!!

  16. You know, this seems awfully, awfully familiar. I want to say this is in a short story book I have somewhere, an older one from the 70s or so. I hope I am wrong.

  17. Finally understood the last part.

    “This town doesn’t have ghost stories.”

    Means that those things are real.

  18. I enjoyed this. Great concept.
    Not exactly creepy, at least not to me, but cool story anyway.
    I think it should have been longer, though. I was really enjoying it. XD

  19. Did this remind anyone else of that SpongeBob episode? You know the one, where basically the exact same thing happens… SpongeBob even drew another SpongeBob – only he kicked his ass as he was sensible enough to have an eraser with him.

  20. Fantastic story! 10/10 without a doubt! This tale brings a new theory to the table in where people were asking “See the white thing? It’s most definitely a ghost.” “WAIT! It could be one of Jacob’s drawings…”.

    10/10 Would read again!

  21. I’m not saying it was not good, but I have read most of these pastas in 4th grade and I see them on the apps that I download. . . :|

  22. Totally awesome. The last line gave me chills especially as I was picturing the narrator and his voice saying it. Anyone else picture the narrator as an old man with a big gray mustache, deep voice with a southern accent? Maybe it was just me. But anyways 10/10

  23. Eh, pretty good. But not the best. Enjoyed it, though. I felt that there could have been so much more potential to this story.

  24. Really good pasta!!
    I just think that the explanation for ghosts, being these drawings isn’t really good.
    Drawings in a town wouldn’t become Ghosts worldwide… And clown, robots, carrying laser and poison guns, whatever aren’t exactly ghosts.

  25. I loved this pasta, all i would’ve liked is a bit more information on when he was abroad/what he did/where he went/how he found the ‘stick’? Otherwise, it was pretty brilliant. :D

  26. I think this is the best story I have read on this site. A bang-on job of imitating an oral transcript, a clever and creative premise, and a moment or two that really gave me the creeps. I’m serious, this should be published. Delicious pasta, 10/10.

  27. It’s just bothering me that no one else said said this, so I’ll say it: How was the narrator in the front row, nearest to Jacob and the show, and also near enough to the exit. I guess it’s not improbable that there was a side exit and he was on the end of the front row, but I guess it just bothered me while I was reading.

    But none of that matters, great nonetheless.

  28. Beyond Birthday

    It’s entertaining to think of parallel universes…but does the stick have a magic eraser to go with it?

  29. wow this was great :) it was a bit long but it was one of the few long ones that i acually kind of reminded me of the episode of spongebob where spongebob found the magic pencil lol

  30. Josh, unfortunately we don’t really have access to the really old submission (they were sent to an email address that is now defunct or submitted via the forums, which also no longer exist), so I’d just do your best to track down the handle “Peterdivine” via google-fu or something. I wish we could be more help, sorry.

  31. I was wondering if there was a way to contact the original author. I would like permission to make a film adaptation and I am not sure on what the copyright for the story is.

  32. Wow, this story is amazing! I didn’t think of Spongebob or Chalk Zone until people mentioned it. Seriously, people, stop doing that.

  33. Not scary, but an absolutely delectable pasta!
    Really enjoyed reading this one :D and quite a unique plot aswell.
    I especially loved the narrative of an interview type scenario.

  34. Bravo!
    I liked reading it.
    Reminded me more of Chalk Zone, but extremely realistic.

    9/10 only because I wasn’t scared.

  35. This was a good story indeed, but did anyone else notice how the narration was almost an exact copy of most Lovecraft stories? Not that I mind, just credit the man if he’s inspired you.

  36. Amazing pasta!
    I saw Spongebob mentioned above somewhere and agree somewhat, but that makes me love it all the better because it was obviously more grown up.
    Writing was great with little error.


  37. 1) Have a great artist draw a great piece of furry artwork
    2) Draw a door to the real world
    3) ???
    4) Profit

    What? Furries do pay good money just for still drawings…

  38. Delicious pasta. Ignoring what the others said, this had a strong, original flavour. I didn’t think it was similar to Spongebob while eating (though it does have a spongey aftertaste). Lacked creepy, but it works well without it.
    10/10. Would definitely nom again.

  39. There was this episode of the Ghostbusters cartoon where there were vampires, so every story involving vampires is ripping that off. Sheesh, people. This story didn’t “rip off” Spongebob; it took a concept that has existed for awhile and used it to wonderful effect. Overall, the effect isn’t “creepy,” just ominous. But the last couple lines make me shiver. Bravo. I wish I had written it.

  40. I don’t know what to say.

    as far as scary or creepy goes this is about a 3/10 to me. But as far as just a good stories go it’s a 10/10. The writing is about a 9/10, it was good but just a few tiny flaws that didn’t take anything away from reading. I wasn’t scared at all but I still loved the story and it’s originality (though I too thought of spongebob…but really, who cares? I’m sure spongebob’s creators weren’t the first people to come up with living art stories).

    Anyway. Loved this story, and despite what others have said I liked the ending, the ghosts aren’t ghosts thing and the way it comes full circle was well done.

  41. The ending made no sense whatsoever.

    “That was mistake number one. Number two was those creations.

    Like I said, I don’t know how many escaped, nor how many the government agents found and caught, but I will say only this- Those tall grass meadows on the outskirts of town? Don’t go into them. Ever. You were asking about those white figures you’ve seen at night, right?

    This town doesn’t have ghost stories.”

    What was mistake 1? His hand writing in pain? Sorry what?
    Also where the hell did meadows come from? I would assume that’s where the creatures were hiding, but still. Brought out of nowhere, and the government would have killed them.

    And lastly, “This town doesn’t have ghost stories.” doesn’t make sense in context either. I know what you mean, and I realize it’s trying to tie it back to the start where you said there aren’t ghost stories, but it just doesn’t fit. At all.

    There were a couple mild flaws in the middle, but overall I did really like it. One of the better ones for sure, I just wish the ending was done a little differently. 7/10

  42. Final line gets me every time. Sounds like something you’d hear in a movie (and a well made one at that)

  43. omg this story is amazing!!!! if I had that kinda power, I woulde never use it, exceptonce. I would draw a device to give me 1 ability, any ability that I want, then draw a guy who’s only purpose is to transfer that device to me in real life. then I would want bacon vision, and have an endless supply of bacon.



  45. Very good. Exceptionally well done.

    This is an excellent example of a story that stands well on its own without relying on cheap gimmicks, contrived twists or any other lazy shortcuts far too many pastas seem to use to prop themselves up.

    The premise was solid, the execution was very nice and, though it’s not likely to keep the reader up at night, it was sufficiently frightening.

  46. Absolutely amazing. Really. Not one of the creepiest pasta’s I’ve ever read, but certainly one of the most entertaining and good to read.

  47. wow, loved it!!!
    But yeah, as a few people had commented before, It did remind me of Chalkzone and that episode of spongebob XD but gotta admit, this kicked ass!!

  48. Lol, it’s like a backfired Chalkzone (Chalkzone was a cartoon where a kid had magic chalk that could make anything in a chalk dimmension).

  49. THis is fantastic, I would love to see this story used as a plot or backstory to survival fps video game; the game would have you play as one of the federal agents tasked with hunting down these creations. Starting with the archtypical dragons, robots, pirates, and drifting further from reality until the player is facing monsters that defy logic & form not just weird monsters, creatures that you look at, and mistake for something else entirely, perhaps one of the significant tools the player acquires could be a piece of this black chalk.

  50. I loved this. This is the kind of pasta you share with others. It’s not “heavy” like really creppy ones, but light and makes you feel good. It’s easy to picture an old man narrating this story because the voice is dead on. You did a wonderful job.

  51. I really liked this, people need to shut up about Spongebob.This was obviously better and much more interesting. I love the ending. This was really well written, I imagined an old man kind of like Jed (or something like that) from Pet Sematary reading this.
    And Non-Moose, I agree! I never would’ve have made the L’Engle connection on my own but it makes alot more sense than spongebob. Although I think what you’re referring to was in A Wrinkle In Time, not A Wind in the Door.

  52. Very well done indeed, I greatly enjoyed this pasta. The concept was uncommon, but well done, the narrator was the perfect persona, and the ending sent chills up my spine.
    almost perfect pasta

  53. Frickin’ awesome, but I wish there was some more explanation, about the black stick and whatnot.


  54. Faceless, nameless creatures that haunt the fields at night, drawn by your average Joe -sorry, Jacob- would be, logically, 2D, right? I see the spongebob, but I was actually thinking “A Wind in the Door” by Madeleine L’Engle… has anyone ever read that? Where they visit different dimensions with Mrs. Who, What, and When? and they go to the second dimension and they can’t breathe because there’s no room… Do I sound delusional? lol, I liked this pasta. Delicious.

  55. OMG LOVED IT!!!! The best pasta EVER! I read 3 times, reading the other comments i realized, that IS like Spongebob! Write more stories cuz u really haev talent (Your way better than the people posting resently…) A++++++

  56. I’m sorry, but if the narrator is going to be a total dick at the beginning of the story I’m just not going to read it, “I don’t have the patience for it.”

  57. Awesome Pasta.

    Only complaint I have is this:

    “with this stick, he… he drew a crude circle.

    It dropped, and rested on the border of the paper, like a stone. It didn’t leave the paper, but it acted out on it, sort of like an old movie projector on a screen.

    Son, I know how crazy that sounds, and if you feel like playing skeptic, then you can leave an old man to his craziness, but I know what I saw, even if everyone’s been hushing it up, and that stone he drew dropped. Jake even passed around the paper, and as it was being passed, it rolled around as the paper got tilted.”

    Maybe I’m just slow or stupid, but I had to read this four times before what was actually supposed to be happening sunk in.

    But I loved it anyway.

  58. i really didnt think of spongebob that much, but there was something else that i saw or read that this reminded me of but i cant think of what it is right now.
    i like this one though (:

  59. Fantastic pasta!

    Luckily I haven’t seen that particular episode of spongebob, although I will most certainly will now, so the magic of this story wasn’t tainted with the same bright orange Nickelodeon brush as my fellow diners.

    It had a very classic feel to it and I very much enjoyed the format of not only being able to read such an engaging and well thought out pasta,(once again if we ignore the situation with Mr. Spongbob although if you indeed wrote this with ignorance of it and other such greatly similar works, it simply shows credit to you. The author.) but also have the privilage of being read it by a well wrote protagonist. One of my favourites, an oasis amonst a desrt of stale pasta.


  60. Does that mean all cartoonists potentially create life? Quite a good story, written well in narrative. Rather enjoyable. 9/10

  61. really cool story, i liked it a lot :) awesome idea. but not all that scary. although that last line did give me some serious goosebumps. well done

  62. Excellent pasta!

    This has potential for a follow-up imo, since pseudo-Jacob knows a way between the “dimensions”.

  63. Amazing pasta! And it shows that, while taking a similar plot as Spongebob did, the results can be completely different. It was very creepy.

  64. This was an awesome pasta. Loved it. Just to clarify, I didn’t think of Spongebob, Chalkzone, or Twilight while reading this story. I was trying to get entertained with a yummy pasta, and I did.

  65. jesus 1. this pasta was one of the best pastas ive seen in a long while at least you can end a story well
    and 2. sponge bob isnt theONLY thing to use alive drawings i think you guys should stop trollin and as my mother said to me many years ago if you havent got anything nice to say SHUT THE FUCK UP

    That is all

  66. So, everyone’s saying Spongebob… I say Twilight. I mean, Jacob Emory? Jacob from Twilight’s bestie is Emory. I couldn’t get that out of my head this whole story.

  67. Great pasta, awesome read.

    Also: Reminded me more of Chalkzone than Spongebob… But who gies a fuck? Awesome, awesome pasta. I want more of this work.


  68. >Those tall grass meadows on the outskirts of town? Don’t go into them.


    But really, pretty good story, fairly creepy, nice air to it.

  69. Everyone comparing this to Spongebob can go home and die. It was different enough that it shouldn’t be called a ripoff, it was beautifully written, and I’m pretty sure half of you didn’t make that connection until you read some other comment comparing it to Spongebob.
    Now that I’m done ranting, it was a delicious pasta. I have no complaints and I hope I can see more from you in the future.

  70. Amazing pasta was fucking amazing. Not too creepy, but provided me with plenty of entertainment. The line that stood out the most to me was the one about the tall grass outside of town. I could see Tommy Lee Jones narrating this in a movie. Kudos.

  71. Awesome, and ignore anybody who doesn’t like it because they’re too stupid to understand it. You don’t write for them.

  72. Wow, what a great pasta!
    Seriously, that’s gotta be the most original one I’ve seen on this site in over a year! Very well thought out and I actually really liked this Jacob character. It’s not very often that I come across a likable character in a creepypasta. They’re too often skipped across quickly to get to the ‘creepy’ part, if they’re even there. (Too many pastas are written in 1st or 2nd person. People apparently think it creates instant scary). I love the idea of the ‘live pictures’ coming to drag Jacob back with them and over all I can’t find anything not likable about this.
    10/10! Wonderful breath of fresh air. I’m gonna go read it again~


    Really though, it was a pretty good story. Entertaining, at least. Not much in the ‘creepy’ department but then again, I’m reading it in broad daylight.

  74. This was excellent, the premise was great, the writing good and the pacing was nigh-on perfect. Peterdivine, I applaud you.

  75. I thought of Spongebob, too. I guess the problem with that isn’t lack of originality–I mean, no story is really that original anymore.

    The problem is that I kept bursting out laughing. YOU DOODLE. ME EMORY.

    Sorry. :(

  76. Seriously?

    Somebody watched that episode of Spongebob Squarepants with the ‘magic pencil’ and decided to make a pasta out of it.

  77. I loved it. Although I am pissed off by the “LOLOL SPUNGBAWB R DAH CREATOR O DIS SH!T !!! I R ST00PID!” and similar crap. Although also, this hasn’t had a single retarded comment like “gay.” or “crap.” or someone bitching about a microscopic grammar problem. This was an amazing pasta, and I want to see more of this writer’s work.

  78. I seriously liked this a lot.

    It’s avery charming story, the pacing is well done, the idea is really fit for a story of the genre, and the ending is a good call.

    Negative points, though: it’s too long. I do support the notion that creepypastas should be short(it’s still a very good short story, don’t take me wrongly, please). Also, the second-to-last thing there, about the hand wiggling, was off-putting. It doesn’t add much, and thanfully is easily forgiven by the actual ending paragraph. I read your comment, and maybe you should have worked better on that.

    It’s a very good pasta, worthy of a 9/10 from my humble judgement.

    For all people mentioning Spongebob and “The Purple Crayon”(whatever it is, I never heard), do you sincerely believe it needs to be 100% original and unlike everything else ever done before? Because then you shouldn’t be reading anything that was ever written after, say… 3000BC. Maybe even before.

    Shortly, ideas are adapted, repeated and reused. It’s just natural. The question is how well they are subjected to that process.


    Mole out.

  79. not gonna lie I thought of the spongebob thing too (not that that matters- it’s a fairly old idea)

    but it was brought across brilliantly in this particular story :)

  80. CarolynBoBarolyn

    Wasn’t so creepy, but it was quite good.


    Also, reminded me of Spongebob episode with Frankendoodle, when Spongebob draws him with the magic pencil.

  81. I didn’t think she’d be annoyed by your comments Nex. I am however annoyed at your too-serious criticisms of my parody pastas. The average commenter here DESERVED to have to read the dead skull and day of all the blood. Have you seen how fucking unappreciative and shitty 90% of commentators are? I’m sure you have with all these stupid children likening your excellent work to a spongebob ripoff. BECUZ SPONGEBOB INVENTED ALIVE DRAWINGS LOLLOLOLOLOL.

  82. I’ll be damned if I didn’t say this was good.
    I have a strange urge to draw this all now. Y’know, likfe a comic.

  83. Charlotte Mander

    A truely exellent pasta if I may say so.

    It sucked me in, chewed me up, and spit me out.

    We need more writers like you. Please write more for us in the future.

    I look forward to it.

    –Char Mander

  84. Dear Sarah,

    I am writing this letter to apologise for my constant commenting on every story which has been posted on this site. I did not know that it was irritating you, although in retrospect, it was somewhat obvious. I understand how much effort you put into maintaining this site, and to make it easier for you, I vow to cut down on my comments. From here on, I shall only offer my opinion to new stories that are added to this site. As for you likening my writing to that of Mr. Welldone, I respected him very much, and always enjoyed reading his comments. If I am mimicking him, which I do not do intentionally, it is out of respect. After all, what higher form of respect is there than mimicry? I am a naturally eloquent person, and generally dislike the shortened versions of speech that are so commonly used on the Internet.
    In conclusion, I sincerely apologise for causing you so much grief. You need not post this comment on the site, it was simply a way for me to get my message to you. Once again, I am very sorry. I know how hard you work to keep the website running.

    Yours sincerely,


  85. I read this, and spent a couple minutes trying to think what it reminded me of – and like a see a couple of people above me have commented: Spongebob. Fucking Spongebob Squarepants – that episode called ‘Frankendoodle’. Before I thought of the Spongebob connection – I was really impressed with the originality of the story – now, not so much… Other than that, the writing’s not bad; but the ending felt rushed.

  86. Spongebob…? Well, come to think of it, yeah, but the whole “living art” schtick has been done many times before. Spongebob was hardly a pioneer to this.

    I wanted to focus more on where that art came from. What happens to a man living in a world of paper when someone lights a match? I was trying to convey that with Emory’s hand at the end, but I couldn’t think of how to properly describe it. Sorry to all the readers who might get confused.

  87. Very good, had a somewhat Lovecraftian feel to it. Better than the last piece of shit that was on the front page.

  88. I didn’t find it creepy, but it was definitely good. I really liked it. I would definitely order it again ;)

  89. Awesome Pasta, I’ve always wondered about drawings. Are they really drawings, or are we making things in an alternate dimension? Creepy indeed.

  90. I didn’t really get it. It left a lot to be desiered.
    But it did remind me of that one episode in spongebob when he gets the magic pencil and makes a doodlebob.
    And pretty much, the same thing happens in that Spongebob episode as it does here

  91. That was really fucking cool. Could we please see more pastas like this in the upcoming weeks? I would love to see this as a movie or something. It would be amazing if they could somehow flesh it out into a 1.5-2 hour long movie.

  92. Phenominal. Absolutely brilliant. My second favourite story on this site, after Persuaded. 10/10

    Fear The Darkness


  93. NICE! Really clever, very engaging and original concept, and the climax took me by surprise. Wonderful voice on the narrator as well, I could hear a bit of that old Maine drawl in his voice as I read. Delicious pasta, would order again!

  94. That was amazingly good pasta…Reminded me of my own old relatives telling me a tall tale or two…Totally sucked me right in…….and the ending…loved how the beginning statement becomes the ending statement.

  95. Excellent pasta! Reminds me of the story of that creature outside the farmer’s house, making a border around it with the bales of hay. Related?

  96. Holder of Loyalty

    *claps* Very good. I’d love to see it be a short film or something of the sort. The ending was perfect.

  97. Good pasta is good!

    The only thing that took away from it was that I couldn’t stop thinking of the Spongebob episode where that happens.

    1. In this though, the drawings were 2 demensional and could only go side to side, unlike in spongebob where they were 3 demensinal

      1. But if the drawings were two dimensional and could only move side to side on the walls, how could they have escaped into our world?

  98. Delicious pasta. I’d eat again, but I don’t understand, was Jacob still caught in said drawn realm, with his hand still in our world?

        1. Holy shhhhhhhhh…… WTF OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH. i didnt see that coming. GRLOB!!! DOJSDLJWO:JDKS:JDOWKDPJWI

      1. Have you read The Pastel Man? Or The Sandman? Or practically any works by vincent v. cava or michael whitehouse? That’s why.

        1. This pasta confused me, probably because I’m reading it at midnight, but this is the usual time I read pastas… The way it was set up and the descriptions were awful… 6/10

  99. Dang, this was an amazing pasta! A few grammatical errors but, hey, what do I know? The layout is great. I adore the last line! Amazing. Absolutely amazing! =) A++++++

    1. If you do LSD, your power could be true, but please don’t. I don’t reccommend anyone using drugs. Unless prescribed by an official doctor.

      1. Are you actually listening to those guys? No trust me, I’m THE Doctor. Don’t do drugs because wibbly wobbly timey whimey reasons. Also you may want to count the shadows..

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