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The Antarctic Bar

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At the bottom of a 50-meter high glacier, exactly two kilometers from Antarctica, lies the frozen remains of a long-forgotten civilization. The exact location of the glacier is unknown, only that it is two kilometers from the shore of Antarctica. Upon finding said glacier, one is to approach it on the snowbank and touch the side of the ice with the palm of their hand. The important thing here is to touch it with your bare skin. If you hold your hand on the ice for 5 minutes then speak the words, “I see and believe.” you will seemingly disappear from existence, your whole life erased from memory and transcripts. What happens next, you are in a rather swanky 80s cocktail bar, but there are a few stipulations: You must live the next 50 years in this bar; you are granted 5 free drinks from the bartender, no more. If you attempt to break the quota of drinks, you are immediately executed on the spot by the rather brawny bouncers. If you manage to wait the whole 50 years, you will reappear in your original life, and granted one single wish, which you must take immediately on your return. Needless to say, very few have actually waited the 50 years.

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36 thoughts on “The Antarctic Bar”

  1. you know it says you get 5 free drinks? so essentially you could either pay for more or bet the bartender for more drinks?

  2. If I bring a fuckload of money can I continue to buy drinks after having had my 5 free ones? If so I’m all up for this.

  3. “I can haz 6ixth beerz?”
    *Shot in face by ‘slighlty brawny bouncer’*
    “kk never mind”

    But seriously. This pasta is _absolutely_ pointless


  4. So, I have 5 drinks to last me 50 years. I have to live in an 80s cocktail bar the whole time, and there’s a big scary killer bouncer in case I misbehave.
    Under the circumstances, if I lasted the 50 years my wish would be to never have done it in the first place, because 1 wish and the ultimate knowledge of what boredom truly is would just not seem quite worth it.
    On the other hand, daytime T.V. would be absolutely riveting once you’d been through that. Even Celebrity Big Brother.

  5. so this place has been around for twenty years? if its got 80s style WTF
    that means people are still dying of dehydration and on at their most 28th year waiting why bother!?

  6. 1337masterpwnsjoo

    “If you hold your hand on the ice for 5 minutes then speak the words, โ€œI see and believe.โ€ you will seemingly disappear from existence…”

    Nope, just your hand as it’s amputated due to frostbite…

  7. o wow!
    a trip to antarctica?! erased existence?! swanky 80’s bar?! 5 free drinx OR death via blow to the head from brawny bouncer?!

    NOT! ><

  8. I suppose I get beer nuts as sustenance for 50 years?

    Also your hand would be dead if you touch barehanded glaciers for 5 minutes.

  9. You know what, fuckt hat ill just fucking find a genie lamp, i can get 3 wishes and it wont take fucking 50 years to get them.
    My first wish would be “I wish that i COULD wish for more wishes”
    theres no rule against wishing away rules
    then i would wish for an infinite amount of wishes. then when i had my shit i would wish the genie was free or some shit.

  10. When a Creepypasta starts “Funkytown” up inside your head, that should be the international sign of fail. Unless it redeems itself very, very quickly. This obviously didn’t.

  11. I’m in agreement…creepypasta is meant to be grotesque, lurk in hidden places and deliver fates worse than death, not wear a lounge suit.

  12. This is very reminiscent of the ‘Dead mans hand ” legend that has been collected by dozens of urban story gatherers, a similar version my be found in the “Scary Stories” books by Alvin Schwartz

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