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The Abandoned Convenience Store

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Get on any passenger bus that travels a long distance; Greyhound is usually a good pick. Anything that’s on the road for longer than 24 hours. Get a window seat facing west, then stare at the sun, waiting until sunset. Just before the sun touches the horizon, close your eyes. Hard. Do not turn away, don’t look at anything else. Cover your ears if you have to. After a while, you’ll notice that the bus has stopped moving. That’s the signal that you can open your eyes. When you do, you’ll see a gas station, illuminated only by a few flickering fluorescent lights. There will be no sun, no moon, no stars in the sky. The convenience store will have its windows boarded up, but the sign will say ‘Open.’ If you feel you can’t go through with it, get back on the bus, return to your seat, and fall asleep. You’ll wake up at sunrise the next day, well on your way to wherever the bus was going. If you enter the store, the door will slam shut behind you. You will spend an unknown amount of time there, living out your worst nightmares made real. If you survive the ordeal without going mad, you will awake back on the bus, as it reaches its destination. Nothing will ever scare you again. Some say that after this ordeal, anything else simply pales in comparison. Others say that all that room contains, is all the fear you will ever feel in your entire life, and exposing yourself to it all at once keeps you from feeling any more. This, however, can only be done once. There are some exceptions to the ability, as well…

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79 thoughts on “The Abandoned Convenience Store”

  1. I would never try this. Fear is a defense mechanism that protects us from doing anything dangerous. If it ends, our prime shield from harm is broken.

  2. My worst fear is of some asshole commenting on this “BUT WHO WAS BUS?”
    I can’t live through that, so I won’t be doing this.

  3. excuse me, but what does “exceptions to the ability” mean? What ability? The ability to not feel fear? The ability to pull off this trick? The ability to fall asleep afterwards? The ability to find a bus? WHAT??

  4. I doubt what the fears you post on the comments can compare to the ones in the store I think it would search your mind or something until it finds your true fears or maybe it would continuously trail and error you by throwing random fears at you and making you forgot if you aren’t completely numb yet

  5. I Consist Entirely of Lego Bricks.

    Having to spend eternity in a store that is also the other dimension or whatever from By the Fire’s Light while everyone I love is horribly killed. Then dying again, and again, and again, and again, on and on and on, then being mauled by giant fucking spiders while covered in Irukangi (hope I got that right) jellyfish.

  6. I could just watch an unreasonable amount of slender and jeff the killer videos at midnight with the house pitch black and completely silent with the computer on low power mode. Be about the same.

  7. “living out your worst nightmares made real”
    “If you survive the ordeal without going mad,”

    One of my worst nightmares *is* going mad. Well, fuck.

  8. Store full of weeping angels, big spiders, slenderman, drowning feeling, the dark, huge thunderstorms, and a big cliff. I’ll pass….. going to try it sometime anyways.

  9. A store full of piranhas, chupacabras, frostbite spiders, plague doctors, vultures, large bodies of water (must be one big store!), box jellyfish, SCP 173s and FRICKIN DOLLS…

    …I think I’ll pass! XD

  10. What if you took advise and your only fear is fear itself? Seems like my trip will simply be confusing…

  11. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    Some Derp: “I ain’t scare of no damn mountain lion! I is walking in da woods in THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING NIGHT!”
    The next day in the news “Some dumbass on Creepypasta listened to a ritual pasta, and followed the precise instructions. A week later, he wad found torn apart by a mountain lion. Witnesses say that the dumbass in question claimed to be unafraid of anything. More at 5…”

  12. Ok so I tired this after reading it. WHAT THE HELL!!
    I kept thinking before i closed my eyes that this is hogwash. Then I closed them…

    Behold, the store.
    I opened the door… went in…

    I dont know how long I was in there but what i saw terrified me… Abosolutely NOTHING!!
    It was completely empty. But I think the emptiness is what got to me? I started wondering around looking for something, waiting for something to pounce on me. Being on high alert and freezing at every tiny sound. I was going mad in there. Then I walked out. Back on the bus.


  13. I want to try… but all my fears are things like The Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, the Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts, Zombies, and pretty much everything else c:
    oh dear lord .-.

  14. so giant bulletproof spiders and unable to move as they ate my loved ones ._. fuck that bullet proof spiders aint real so ill stick to shooting them

  15. so my worst nightmare is not being able to make poopytime.sour saying i wont be able to poop for an unreasonable amount oftime

  16. If I did this (which I hope I’ll have the chance to do at some point), I am expecting that store to be full to the brim with clowns. Terrifying, psycho clowns. GOODBYE, COULROPBOBIA!:]

  17. what if your worst nightmares were to never have fear. then you would have the fear shown to you in the gas station. and if your reward was to never have fear. you would have fear, because your worst fear has come true. paradox ftw.

  18. the bus dosent need to travel more than 24 hours… I did it at night… everyone dissapeard… i saw the store and thought mmm dinner… but then something weird happened i could not open the door… it would not budge… i got incredably scared and for some weird reason started to think of my wife and child… i hurried back on the bus and strangely fell asleep… and till know its weird when i get on a bus my iPod will play certain song even if its on shuffle… and its got more tha 2k of songs… its sofia by cruxshadows….. kind of weird…

  19. I did this a few days ago on a trip from california to new york. I tried to remember how the story went hoping I would get it right. I opened my eyes and saw the store. I was alone on the bus and staring at it. I got out and walked up to the door. I went to hold the handle but let go after just barely grasping it. I got on the bus again. I will forever live in regret

  20. Er.. do buses have designated West facing windows?
    Unless youre heading North/South without deviation, this would be impossible.

  21. That’s doesn’t seem very good. Fear is something early man used to avoid confrontation with predators and enemies. Without fear someone could go walking through the woods at night and be killed by a cougar.

    1. That may be so but we still have common sense which in a sense is an answer to the sum of all fears(also I’m sure there is a difference between fear and danger) sorry I don’t want to sound like an ass but that’s just how I feel

      1. Actually, you’re both right. While yes, without fear, you could conceivably do whatever your heart desires. But, fear is also what has kept the Human race alive. Fear is what takes over when you look down at the ground from a tall structure, telling you that it’s not a good idea to jump. With fear gone, you jump.

        (Hey maybe I should write a Creepypasta on this!)

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