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The Grinning Man

February 20th, 1979 “August 15th, 1975. That was the first time. You ever heard of cryptozoology? “The study of hidden animals” as it is officially defined, but often mixed up with talk of UFOs and aliens and other such crap. I must admit I’ve always been fascinated by urban legends; …

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Young Love

She’s perfect. That’s all Matt could think as he sat on the bus throughout the entire, bumpy trip to the campground. He was thinking of Emily. Emily had dirty brown hair, kind eyes, a sharp wit and a dazzling smile- and Matt was going to spend the last weekend before …

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Overmorrow The old woman had said that nothing was beyond the reach of the Overmorrow. She had said that if you earned its favor, you would be handsomely rewarded. All you had to do was bring it gifts. But Kaylee didn’t have any money, and, besides, it was hard enough …

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The Fallen

The first thing Courtney noticed as he pulled his beat up old Ford into Rod’s driveway was the massive gash in the field just east of the farmhouse. It was early January and the ground sat frozen under a thick blanket of snow, yet despite this something had torn a …

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The Shortcut

It was coming up on Thanksgiving and I wanted to go to my parents house. They lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, whereas I had moved to Denver,Colorado for college. I had been meaning to visit them for some time, so it seemed the perfect opportunity. My suburban wasn’t the most …

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Before we get to the heart of the matter I should probably tell you a little bit about myself. I am the oldest son of a large family and I had spent my entire life in the same town in the North East United States. Forgive me for being evasive, …

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Roadrunner Energy Drink Study: Our Bizarre Outlier

I am a researcher for a small team, and now, I’m facing a moral dilemma. Over the past year, one of our main projects has been the development of a healthier, more energy efficient drink named Roadrunner. Upon completion of Roadrunner’s formula and design, we contacted a local university and …

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