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Construction Site Entity

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To this day, I have no idea what I saw.

People I tell seem to not believe me, but I swear this is true.

A little background before I get into it.

I am a 29 year old construction worker. Been doing it since high school. Metal framing and sheetrock mostly. I’m in decent shape, no history of mental disorders in my family. Only problem I have developed over the years is a mild case of tinnitus from being stubborn and refusing to wear ear protection. It comes during times of silence, like when I’m trying to sleep. So I try to keep the TV or a fan on to cancel out the ringing.

Work was getting very slow where I lived, so I decided to move to Virginia. I was staying with a friend who got me a sweet gig with a local construction company on Norfolk Naval Base. Huge job. Five story building, complete buildout from the ground up, good pay, not exactly close to where we were staying, but the drive wasn’t bad as long as I made it in before morning traffic. Only thing wrong with the job was the foreman was a complete asshole; always talking down to us workers in that sort of passive-aggressive tone that made me want to punch him in his face. But as long as we stayed busy, he didn’t bother with us for long. It was a huge job, and he had a lot of people to bug.
About 4 months into the job, I injured my right hand. Sliced my middle finger on a piece of metal. It didn’t hurt at all. The doctor stitching me up said it was because I cut so deep, it severed the nerves.

The next day, I had to file an injury report and everything. My boss said he was going to put me on light duty, and that I didn’t have to do anything except sweep until my hand healed. I was all for it. Same pay for easy work. For the first week, things were alright. But then it started getting boring. I mean, really boring. The days dragged on, and I wondered why they didn’t just pay me to stay home. So, naturally, I started wandering the job to kill time. Checking out all the hallways, and there were plenty of hallways. Really long and gloomy looking when they were just grey brick all around. Some at the very top didn’t even have temporary lighting, and would have been pitch black if it weren’t for the huge window cutouts on each end letting in sunlight. I stayed away from those hallways. They creeped me out.

One day, I was feeling bored, so I decided to go walking around the fourth floor. Most of the work had been finished, and there weren’t any other trades doing work there at the time, so I had it all to myself. It was around that time I noticed my tinnitus was acting up worse than usual. I figured someone must have had a generator running or something, so I started moving towards the other end of the hallway. About three-quarters of the way, my ears start painfully ringing. I tried sticking my fingers in my ears and humming, which usually does the trick, but the ringing was so intense. I started feeling nauseous, and I fell over on my hands and knees. I was slapping my ears, trying to make the ringing stop. My eyes started watering at one point because I was slapping my head so hard. I got up on my knees, still covering my ears, trying to get to my feet so I could make it to the stairwell, but the ringing was so intense, every move I made sent my head spinning. Moving slow helped, but not much.

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As I turned around, I noticed someone standing at the other end of the hallway near one of the window cutouts. The sun behind him was so bright, all I could see was a silhouette. I started yelling “Help! Help!” as loud as I could, but the guy didn’t move. I thought maybe he had ear plugs in and couldn’t hear me, so I started moving towards him, slowly so my head wouldn’t spin. As I got closer, I started noticing things I hadn’t before. First, this guy was huge. Like, impossibly huge. His head was small in proportion to his body and near the top of the window. His shoulders were really wide and high, almost like he was shrugging.


His arms were long, hanging down past his waist, with really long fingers on each hand. I still couldn’t make out any facial features because of the bright sun behind him, but as I started realizing this person wasn’t normal, I slowly backed away. He just stood there, looking right at me.


I was almost to the stairs when this thing slowly cocks its head to the side, like a dog does when it’s confused, and the ringing in my ears just goes crazy. It was extremely painful. At the time, I thought my ears were bleeding. I was pressing my hands into my ears and yelling, but it was so loud, I couldn’t even hear myself yell. I dropped back on my hands and knees and threw up on the floor until I was puking air.

I looked up to see if this thing was coming after me, but I caught a last glimpse of it as it walked into a nearby room. The instant it disappeared around the corner, the ringing in my ears just stopped. Like someone hit the mute button. Needless to say, I ran the fuck out of there and didn’t look back.

I stayed away from the fourth floor for the next couple months. I told a few people what I saw, but they only pretended to be interested. It was about five months after it happened when I decided to go back up there.
I checked every room. If there were any signs of this thing, they were long gone. I went to the window where it was standing and took a measurement. The top of the window was ten foot nine inches.


I still have tinnitus. There have been a few times when I’m laying in bed at night, and the ringing gets painful, and I freak out and check every room in my apartment.

But it never gets as bad as it was that day. I really hope it never does.

Credit: OJ

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17 thoughts on “Construction Site Entity”

  1. Kirandeep Mudhar

    Considering this was in the ‘Based on a true story’ section, I think it’s pretty darn scary. Such an experience makes me think it was a ‘shadow person’. An entity that takes humanoid form, but is actually anything but human. The ringing, however, is a mystery. A nice, chilled read.

  2. Well, because this event is under ‘based on a true story’, I wonder if this was slightly manipulated to make a better story. Nothing against that, just wondering what was real.

    Overall, it was good. There was an element of mystery about the entity. Nobody knows what it is. The tinnitus, although a little cliche at this point, was well placed and well used. The story was very creepy. 8/10

  3. I have another idea for the ending: he gets dismissed as a psycho, spends weeks in a mental facility, then the night he goes back home he has the ringing again, just as bad, but he’s still convinced he’s insane. Good story.

  4. tell us more, please! Although I don’t believe you, it’s still interesting to hear about paranormal things.

    1. So i don’t expect you to believe me but my brother told me about seeing this thing twice while he was stationed on the base at Norfolk around 2012. So the stories are kinda long but I’ll try to shorten them. the first one was him and a girl were on the hood of her car in a field (off base) and the headlights were on. when they looked up they saw the figure as described about 30 feet in front of them. The headlights were shining on it and it was still just a black figure. it was just swallowing the light. they noped the fuck outta there really quick.
      the second time he had stepped outside of the hookah lounge he was at to make a phone call and got this feeling as if his shoes were sinking into cement and being held there. he could feel the thing before he could see it, and when he did, he saw it as he was turning his head. it walked around the corner of the building and he could move his feet.

  5. Did it have red eyes? What you’re describing sounds alot like the mothman. This is a paranormal figure that’s said to b extremely tall, slender built with long arms. Some report large, owl-like red eyes. Some say it’s dark grey, almost black in color. According to legend, it appears just before a disaster, like an earthquake or hurricane. Perhaps this may have been what u saw. Oh, and ppl who’ve seen it often report headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting during or after said sighting.

  6. Well if his ear was ringing why didn’t he answer it? 0/10, but at least we found out who was phone.

  7. This seemed like a good start to a story, the encounters could occur more frequently and the protagonist could question his sanity over time and it could lead to whatever….. I’m no writer lol, but you have potential to make great pastas!

  8. Fantastic real life account. I disagree with the other negative comments. You don’t need to have risk or tons of action in a real life account. It makes it more realistic in my opinion. I gave you a 10/10.

  9. But there is nothing at stake! The narrator thinks he saw something, and that’s all. It doesn’t matter if he really did or didn’t since there’s no threat to any of the characters.

    We get no explanation for the creature. It seems to have no motive and poses no threat, it may not even be real.

    I like the writing, but the story needs to have an actual plot.

    1. Huh? I mean in the context of the story the entity may not be real. It could be a hallucination brought on by the narrator’s condition. Which is not a strong premise for a story.

      Of course I realize that this isn’t purported to be a description of real events. I know very well what site I’m on.

      1. real or just hallucination but it sure is scary. It’s kinda not that good for a scary story but if it’s really true then with imagination you can feel how scary it must have been for him.

        …wait, true creepy story on internet? Is that even a thing?…

  10. This is soo creepy! Great sitting in the dark reading pastas, and reading this one- i turn my lights on. I love a scary story. Are you done working at that site? Did you ever see anything again? Or did anyone else? 10+ !!! :)

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