A mans home is his castle

A Man’s Home is his Castle

The problem with authentic, unaltered vintage homes is always in the basement. Walking through the upstairs, Christine and I fell in love. Original shellac finish on the window frames, the glass just starting to show a hint of wave from a hundred years of slow settling. Built-in sideboards and bookshelves […]

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sacred bond

Sacred Bond

Licking the apple lip gloss off my lips isn’t enough to calm me down. I might as well down the whole bottle, puke out every last bit of brain matter I have, blackout from the exhaustion and probably wake up in a suitcase with one sock and both of my

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Never Use a Voice Recorder While You Sleep

I am a chronic sleep talker. Always have been. Everyone who’s ever slept in the same house as me will tell you that. My parents, siblings, friends, and especially my exes. They’re the ones who got an ear-full. It was something we’d laugh about in the morning, because most of

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