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Everyone loves a good scare. That’s why you’re browsing posts here, correct? You thought it would be fun just before you go to bed to scare yourself just a tad bit. Harmless fun of reading that, while getting your heart to race; never puts you in real danger.

So, what’s tonight’s topic for your nightmares?

Jeff the Killer with his Go to Sleep?

Slenderman silently stalking you wherever you venture?

A Candle Cove experience that hits home so nostalgically for you that it seem true?

Or, maybe.

Just maybe.

Something new and unique that haunts you in an unexpected way?

Whatever the case, you keep reading. Perhaps it’s all just a big joke to you. Something you laugh off rather than take seriously. No one’s holding a gun to your head, after all; you’re doing exactly what you’re doing of your own free will.


You need to stop now.

Stop reading this for your own sake.


You’re still here.

It’s your own fault, you know.

You’ve programmed it so deep in the back of brain that just being told to stop is completely ignored.

Optimistic about what’s next, aren’t you?

That’ll be your undoing. Just taking things as they happen; without a care in the world. Thinking your room is safe just because you have the only key to it. You have no idea how unsafe you are.

I know so much about you yet you know nothing about me. The last time you ever acknowledge my mere presence was when you were still pissing the bed. You called me the monster in your room or the boogieman.

You’ve just been blocking me out since then, really. You told yourself it was nothing but loose clothing or a misshapen shadow cast by one of your toys. I’ve never stopped watching, however. My dark red eyes stare at you even now just out of your peripheral vision.

Chills down your spine, I see.

Are you remembering the noose around my neck?

The tattered dark rags I wear?


The burlap sack over my face; which I have for your sake, so you’ll never know my true unfathomable horror that it hides?

My decaying, long nailed hands?

There’s that look.

The same look you had all those years ago.

One last request I see painted on your face.

Who am I?

Call me the Sunrise Killer.

All coming back to you, now; isn’t it?
Those unexplained murders you glanced by in the paper over the years.

I’m not bragging but I won’t deny them.

Nothing but practice.


For you.

Every single one.

Of you.

The brave ones who’ve prepared so long for something to happen at the apex of night.

It is darkest before dawn.

So, for you.

Just you.

The most hopeful of them all.

Look on the bright side.

You still have an hour before sunrise.

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50 thoughts on “Sunrise”

  1. Let’s see. 60 minitutes *mumble mumble mumble* divide by driving speed *mumble mumble* carry the four *mumble mumble mumble mumble*.
    Ha ha, just wait till I get back from the weapons store in 45 minutes with 2 ak-47s and an aa-12

  2. I was bored, then scared, then i rolled my eyes. All in all, what im trying to say is the ending sucked

  3. My dark red eyes stare at you even now just out of your peripheral vision.
    Chills down your spine, I see.
    Absolutely accurate. You have talent, I hope you make more pasta. :)

  4. “Stop reading”
    “No, wait, I cannot kill you if you stop reading (I guess cause you won’t remember me then)”
    “So why did you tell me to stop?”

  5. Meh.
    The beginning was kinda interesting, but the execution was really disappointing.

    First of all, like someone else already pointed out, the “Stop reading this for your own safety” line has been really overused.
    Plus, the monster was too clichè and uncreative for me to take it seriously (red eyes and long nails are waaaay to boring and uninteresting for regular horror readers).

    I think that the author wanted to write a story everyone could relate to, and, since we’re all here to read scary stories and we were all afraid of the monster under the bed at some point in our childhood, at the beginning it works. But then… Well, let’s just say that, if you read it on a sunny Sunday morning when your whole family is at home, the pasta loses most of its shock potential.
    I suppose that reading it alone at home at 5:00 am would be scary, but I think that a horror story should be enjoyable no matter the time or the place you read it.

    Like I said, the beginning was nice and relatable, and the idea of a “Sunrise Killer” is nice, so I would recommend you re-edit it a bit, maybe changing the killers character design to make him look more original and not trying to guess what the reader is doing while reading your story (because, like I explained before, if you don’t guess right it gets ridiculous pretty quickly).

    Good luck! :D

    (Sorry for any grammar mistakes; English isn’t my first language).

  6. an hour til sunrise? K, I know the sun barely shines during the winter, but it’s 09:29. I think it’s bright enough. take that, Sunshine Killer.

  7. That moment where you think “Ah, none of this is true”…and then you look around just in case. I know you all did that! I was there!

  8. Let me put it this way: stop asking me to stop reading for my own good. Just stop. Don’t do that. Please don’t.

    It doesn’t add suspense, it just annoys and adds padding. It lessens the build-up and makes a mediocre payoff worse.

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