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I think I can remember how it started; faintly, but I can. When I was surfing the web looking for some creepy, interesting lore; when I found a really fascinating volume consisting of the being titled “Slenderman.” I loved the idea. I loved everything about it. I soon became obsessed. I am an avid – I guess you could say – artist. I draw- well used to draw a lot. Every one of my drawings contained Slenderman. Even the doodles on my schoolwork depicted the tendril-covered suit wearing man-thing. I began making my own interpretations of him. My own version. MY Slenderman. He was about eight feet tall- his arms stretched down to his knees. He had no face; just a shape-a mass. Almost as if someone covered their head with a tight cloth or spandex. Anyways, it was like he was my own creation. Another version of myself. It was so cool..

Or so I thought.

My best friend was also into Slenderman. Because of me, of course. I just couldn’t help but share my interests. I’m not at liberty to share his name, so we’ll just call him Matt. We were also into film making. Naturally, we thought Slenderman would be a superb topic. We spent the entire summer working on this film. We called it “Suit.” I played my beloved creation, as I owned a tuxedo, and I also had a tuxedo Morph Suit, perfect for the fac- mass.


We were ecstatic and relieved when we finally finished. A month of script developing and 2 months of filming paid off. It was great. Everyone we showed it to loved it.

Unfortunately, this made me even more obsessed with my suit-bearing counterpart.

Months later, I was reviewing our movie because I wanted to make a sequel, and I was finding the main highlights of the film, so I could continue them in the sequel. It was late, and I had to constantly rub the tired out of my eyes. I was looking at the part where I’m standing in a forest, looking up into the sky, about to jolt my head down to the camera. That’s about when I noticed him. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I peered at my monitor screen and wiped it off to make sure it wasn’t just a trick of the light or something like that.

But it wasn’t.

It was him. Slenderman. As the camera is pointed at me, you can faintly see him walk -very fast, mind you- about 20 yards behind me. Faintly…but he’s there.

I was freaked out. That’s about when I dropped the obsession and got rid of anything that reminded me of him. I forgot about him. I was living normally.


For the time being…which was a little over 2 weeks.

I started noticing things. Every picture I took; on my phone, camera, or any other person’s camera; I saw him. In a crowd, behind a building, in an ally way; anywhere. That wasn’t the scary part. In each picture, respective to time, he’d be closer to me. For example; the firs picture I noticed him in, he was about 50-60 feet away. A month later, he’d be about 20.

And then I’d see him in person.

He’d follow me…he’d show up where I was going-before I got there. As if he knew what I was thinking.

All the time.

I’d have dreams about him. In one, I was in the same patch of woods as in the movie I made. I was dressed as him, and I was walking through the woods to get home. But I could hear him behind me. Footsteps; and then the darkness cast over everything as he approached. Then he got me; and I’d wake up. I forgot about it until the next night, when I remembered it and hoped I didn’t have it again. I wrote it down in a Dream Journal so I would remember it. I was writing every detail; until sleep overcame me. And I had it again. But this time he, he talked to me. I couldn’t make out what he said though. And then; I woke up.


I was so happy it was a dream.

But it wasn’t. I turned over to write it in my Journal. To my horror, the dream I had previously written down was circled and crossed out with 2 lines, like an “X”. Underneath it, it said the following:

I am what you are
I am what you aren’t
I am what you hate
I am what you love

I’m always near
I’m always below
I’m always here
I’m always above

But don’t run away,
For I will pursue;
I’M the man in the suit…

Coming to get you.

After I read this, I was petrified. I just stayed in my room. I didn’t move, eat, sleep, or anything. And then he came. I told him I wasn’t afraid because I knew him. I created what he was, and I could defeat him.


Turns out, he was his own being now. He didn’t need me. He wouldn’t speak, he would only…well, its hard to explain. He would lash his arm at the wall, and words would appear. One word, actually. “Imposter.” Again and again and again and again…Imposter..Imposter…

The next thing I remember is him grabbing my head and opening his mouth. It was more like a black hole; a void in his white mass of a face. And then-

Quiet. I was on the floor; but I wasn’t me. I was him now. I finally realized what he meant. I wanted to be Slenderman, so he made sure that happened. I created him, and he took over.

That was when MY life ended-for ME, at least.

But I don’t mind this new life. I’ve gotten used to taking people. Its a sport, almost. You see me in your mirrors, pictures, and then in front of you-or behind you…

So, a word to the wise-

Don’t turn around.

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54 thoughts on “Suit”

  1. Immortal Dragoneye

    Not really original, but I enjoyed the story. Very creative. I also enjoy pastas told from first person point of view, and I also somewhat like when they add “Don’t look behind you” at the end, it just gives me the creepy feeling I’m searching for

  2. Is nobody going to comment on the fucking semi colons!? It just bugged me so much when I was reading it that I couldn’t enjoy it. This person needs to learn how to correctly use punctuation.

  3. Tht was the last note i read in this Slender man game “dont turn around” but ill turn around anyway bc of curiosity but if u were like here i would say this “i wont care what u do to me but dont hurt my family or my friends” and then i stand tall untill he does what he please. I like slender man bc he is like the forest and as a nature girl i dont care

  4. Tht was the last note i read in this Slender man game “dont turn around” but ill turn around anyway bc of curiosity but if u were like here i would say this “i wont care what u do to me but dont hurt my family or my friends” and then i stand tall untill he does what he please. I like slender man bc he is like the forest and as a nature girl i dont care X3

  5. I liked it. It may have had a few errors, but maybe the person who wrote this was excited about how people would review it? Yes, the end did seem rushed, but it took a very unique spin with Slender Man. The character felt like Slender Man, close to him. He wanted to be him. He felt he could defeat him, or at least communicate with him. He was betrayed. Betrayed and forced into being what he most feared. I like that idea. Very good! :D

  6. That’s pretty eerie, and had an interesting end for a Slenderpasta. I get the impression Slendy was upset here, hence the reason it kept calling the protagonist "Impostor". Slendy does not like being invoked and imitated, clearly…

    Not as scary as it could have been, though.

  7. I loved this one, especially because I read it when me and my friend were slenderfans. I htink this is one of the scariest slender pastas I have ever read. Kudos.


    1. Me neither. I’m over it. He’s interesting, but all these awful Slendy pastas have squeezed the scariness out of him.

  8. My back is to a wall and I still feared turning around. I’ve been scanning the site for a couple hours now and THIS is the first one I actually considered creepy. I loved it.

  9. I will have you know, I totally turned around and freaked when I forgot I had bought an eliptical and shoved it back there. Definitely sleeping with my back against a wall tonight. Kudos.

  10. I am aware that it needs more fillers and creepiness, this is the first story I have submitted, and pretty much the first short story I decided to write. I know it isn’t the best, I don’t write much. But thank you for the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, it does help. Sorry if I disappointed any of you, but being immature and rude doesn’t help at all.

    1. The story wasn’t bad, but you should brush up on punctuation. There were a few errors I saw with semi-colons specifically. Good story though, I also looked behind me. :)

  11. How is this one of the best-rated pastas on this site?

    Slenderman is cool, but this pasta is weak. Poorly-written, FULL of errors, and the ending… ugh.

    1. I agree. Crappypasta. I am so sick of everyone who’s trying to milk the Slenderman hype. COME UP WITH YOU OWN IDEAS.

  12. a good story.
    got me waiting but needed moe scariness
    and yes slendy doesn speak
    i liked the part with the photos and the dream book

  13. Cliché or not, well-written or not, Selnderman just doesn’t scare me. Lol. Nothing personal, just not my cup of tea.
    I’m more of a bitch for The Rake, for example, or The Serpent Man of White Hollow Road.

  14. Dont try to change the myth, one of the creepy things about slenderman was that he did not communicate, he just did.

  15. Do you even lift?

    Rushed ending, rather cliche. Try expanding and focusing on detail. Don’t cut out plot elements to save time or work – it pays off in the end.

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