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The trio of city workers stood six stories below the surface. Amidst the ancient network of iron, cement, and stone, they monitored the array of sensors and scanners that bedecked their protective suits. Traipsing through the dread stillness, they entered a chamber strewn with bones, debris, and long-since rotted organic matter. As the beams of their headlamps played across the rusted bolts and water-stained fixtures, they came to rest on a panoply of strange creatures attached to the walls.

They seemed like large, shelled insects the size of box turtles. From the bottom of the spiky domes protruded long, thorned tails that tick-tocked back and forth in the eerie silence. Agreeing that this was the source of the anomalies detected by the metropolis above, they decided to report back after a quick look at the blood-and-rust colored bugs.

The radio man fell to his knees complaining of a sudden migraine. The navigator, dropping his equipment, screamed that his teeth and bones were burning. The analyst, his legs buckling, consulted his equipment with failing strength.


His last coherent thought was a disturbing realization. “They’re microwaving us!”


Credit: RavenFlesh


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111 thoughts on “Subterra”

  1. Am i the only one who is seeing all the puctures of creepypastas floating up my screen as i read if im not please tell me

  2. JustifiedJester

    the first three lines of this story really brought me in….after that the whole story went odd. To say the least it reminded me of an animal planet documentary about bees completely surrounding the attacker and vibrating until they cook their victim alive.

    This has great potential to be a STORY, but I don’t see it being a creepypasta in it’s current state. I’d love to see a prequel/sequel to this in the future (granted there isn’t one already).

    6/10 for how short it was and for missed potential, it still was entertaining and -if nothing else- funny

  3. As the last inspector exploded, gore splattering the inside of his protective suit, there was a loud PING, and one of the insects said “Wait for it to cool down, it’s very hot in the middle”.

  4. Matthew Reilly did a much better ‘Person-in microwave’ part in his book ‘Scarecrow’.

    Fear the Darkness


  5. Needed a little more explanation. I love short pastas, but there has to be like, this perfect balance of short and chillingly well-explained.

  6. XD!! ggg, you nailed my thoughts exactly.

    I don’t understand how they all would’ve felt something different, unless they were being cooked at different intensities. But even then, they should all still feel the same thing.

    LOL!! Idk who posted it, but I just read a comment that said “press triangle rly rly fast!!!!”

  7. Oh wow, at first I thought that their corespondants aboveground were just bombing everythings, workers included to kill the bugs. But then…it was the bugs that were microwaving them?

    Confusing pasta, not so scary.

  8. The end on this one was TOO blunt, almost hilarious.

    Vague wording that pointed towards microwave radiation would have made it creepier.

  9. At the risk of sounding stupid, there were way too many big words in this one. It was like one big “LOLWHAT”. Could’ve been good if it wasn’t trying so hard to sound smart.

  10. hmm i never been in a microwave *puts hand in microwave* its not as bad as those mine guys say

    This pasta was cooked in the microwave

  11. Think of all the uses!
    Hundreds of thousands of Hot Pockets ready in a heartbeat!
    The things you can microwave down there to!
    Popcorn, cocoa, a candle, Jack ni

  12. Anders Blankheart

    shittiest ending ever

    i was totally into it, i loooove stuff about unknown species with powers, but microwavan?

    thats just gay

  13. I loved this pasta. It isn’t in second person, isn’t a bunch of nonsensical instructions, and isn’t some dumb, unscary shot that tries to crib from established mythology. It’s just as long as it needs to be and not a word longer.

    Also, I think being microwaved by huge, creepy bugs I’d a pretty terrible way to go.

  14. Not bad, but could’ve put a bit more effort. This is one of those that shouldn’t be that short.

    At least they weren’t yelling “Yahtzee!”

  15. @Spunk: he had equipment to tell him what was going on, although i question the ability of such equipment to operate in a space being bombarded with enough energy to cook three grown men alive

  16. Pew Pew Laser Gun

    Mixed feelings on this one. It was pretty well-written, but was pretty incomplete, and of a theme that really couldn’t be completed in short story form. Also it’s not creepy (thus not good creepypasta), but still really interesting. It would make a good part of maybe a whole novel or something. I’d buy and probably recommend said novel.

  17. I lol’ed. I kept thinking of the old Super Mario Bros movie when they were describing the tunnel. “They’re microwaving us.” I just want to know how exactly he came to that conclusion. Has this guy been microwaved before?

  18. In my opinion, it used too many big words and descriptions to seem better. And sometimes you have to wonder whether “THEY’RE MICROWAVING US D:” is going to make the viewer scared.
    I want to see more though. WHO WAS BUGS?

  19. Warrior of Light

    The avenger… roaming through the land, ready for the clash, for the lasting gash, mothers kissing sons with a staff in hands, the bride is shining when the groom is gold

  20. His last coherent thought was a disturbing realization… “…They’re microwaving us!… and I left my Hungry-Man dinner back in at the office… dammit!…”

  21. Reminds me of the one Fringe episode, where the girl blew up a bunch of peoples’ brains.
    Both that episode and this pasta made me lol.

  22. It feels too incomplete. It was good, but it feels like it should be apart of something else. Like maybe a story that explains the anomalies or maybe even what the bugs were. Hell, you could even talk about the “dieing organic matter” as once being a race of subterranian molemen who put the bugs there. Too many questions that could be answered by making the story just a bit longer.

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