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Stillness of 7he 7ru7h

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As of late, I’m losing more and more sleep each night. I stay up at night, watching the windows, knife in hand. Not much good it’ll do if that thing is real…
I guess I should start from the beginning, shouldn’t I?
It started about a month or two ago with my friend (I’m using another name for safety reasons), Vic. I was just sitting at my computer, watching random youtube videos when Vic sent me a text.

It read: “Check out creepypasta slender man on youtube.”

At first I lied and said, “Sure, man.”
It took me about another two weeks to actually look it up because I was bored. I watched it and it kind of freaked me out to know that some tall guy in a suit with no face has been a myth for a few years. I shoved it to the side as nothing and continued on with my life.


I mentioned to my friend that I had watched it and he said he had been freaked out lately, feeling like something had been watching him. I told him to come over to my place and stay the night if it got any worse. He came over that night.

We mainly stayed up and played video games (he was beginning to act normally again)and we stayed up until about three in the morning and decided we should probably call it a night. Before I reached over and turned the light out, Vic asked if I could do a favor. He asked me if we could record a little something of us for memories sake. I said sure, thinking nothing of it. We made a brief recording, saying how it was just us at three in the morning, “chilling out and hanging.” After that, we went to bed and that was that.
I woke up the next morning and noticed Vic wasn’t where he had fallen asleep. I figured he had already gotten up and was downstairs getting something to eat.

I headed downstairs and couldn’t find him anywhere. I called for him and when he still hadn’t responded, I grabbed my phone and decided to call him. I heard his ringtone and ran quickly to where the sound came from. He was in the bathroom the whole time. I opened the door and he wasn’t using it, he just sat there on this little stool in there. He apologized, said it was just a stomach ache and decided to spend the night in the bathroom.

He went home shortly after that, leaving me to play video games and enjoy the rest of my day. It was quiet for about another two weeks when my friend mentioned something about Marble Hornets and Slenderman. I decided to look into it, and I watched a few episodes before asking my friend why he keeps watching these things that make him afraid. He didn’t respond. I watched them all the way through that week and decided to see how my friend was doing.

He didn’t respond to any of my texts so I decided to go see him. His landlord told me Vic had moved to another nearby city. I asked if there was a reason and the man said that Vic had been increasingly paranoid lately, staying indoors, keeping out an eye for anything that moved. I became worried about him so I asked the landlord for an address where I could find him. After receiving the info I asked the man if he wouldn’t mind me taking a look inside his place to see if he left anything behind that may indicate why he was acting that way. The man said sure but make it fast.

He gave me the key and I unlocked the door to take a look inside. Everything seemed to have been moved in a hurry, as there were papers everywhere and some trash still on the ground. I walked around the place, looking for answers. When nothing had yet popped up I decided to check the outside of the house, locking the door behind me and checking around. When I went behind the house I noticed a huge circle with an x in the center carved into the wall. I couldn’t make anything of it so I shrugged it off as some kids messing around. Maybe that’s why he was panicking. I returned the key and explained to the land lord the carving in the back of the house and told him to keep an eye out for kids in the neighborhood. They might have been the ones causing it. The landlord nodded, took the key and left.


It was getting late so I decided to go home and rest before looking for him again. I headed home yawning a little bit as I drove. When I got home I started to open the door to my house when I heard someone walking heavily behind me. I turned around and noticed a n owner and her dog walking near the house. I don’t know why that made me look, normally I’d just keep heading inside. I turned back to the door and noticed a black mass move inside. I opened the door and held my keys cautiously. I turned the light on and noticed my dog had hopped up on my couch. I told him to get down and passed it off the shadow as my dog running past the window and hopping up on the couch. Shortly after it began to storm heavily, heavy rain and periodic thunder. I sat back on my bed and decided I’d just try to get some sleep. I woke up to the sound of an extremely loud clap of thunder nearby and decided to get something to drink. I stumbled over to the light switch and flipped it, but nothing happened. Great, i thought to myself. I grabbed a flashlight from my table and turned it on, working my way downstairs to the kitchen. I heard a sound coming from the kitchen, it sounded like the suction from the refrigerator door opening. I realized I had left a rag hanging from the door so my dog must have opened it. I rushed a little faster and snapped out at my dog, before I rounded the corner. When I got into the kitchen, my dog wasn’t there, the door was closed and there was no rag on the handle. I yawned and realized I was probably just imagining things seeing as how I just woke up. I checked my phone briefly and noticed it was four in the morning. All the same I opened the refrigerator door and the light came on. I set the flashlight on the counter, forgetting to turn it off. I grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and opened it and took a swig from it before shutting the door. Suddenly I felt unnerved, like something was watching me. It was a subtle feeling, but it sent chills up my spine all the same. I thought I saw a tall figure to my right but nothing was there so I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I grabbed the flashlight and headed back upstairs and fell back asleep in no time. But right before I fell asleep, I wondered why my dog wasn’t barking at the thunder. No matter what I do or how many times I calm him, he always barks.

The next day I got up and decided to track down Vic. I headed to his place but he wasn’t home at the time so I left a note telling him to contact me ASAP. I was worried about him. He is like my brother after all.


This was last week.

This week I’m suddenly more jumpy. Maybe Its because I found that same symbol I saw at Vic’s old place carved into the sidewalk right outside my house. I decided to pass it off as kids messing with me. I began keeping my window blinds slightly open so I could see where that symbol was to see if the kids return. That was Monday. Two days ago it started storming VERY bad. Rain just poured from the heavens and lightning echoed closely from the forest near my house. I decided to make myself lunch so I grabbed the toaster to toast some bread for a sandwich. As it was toasting I opened the blinds on the window in my kitchen to watch the rain (I love watching the rain fall. Its calming.) I turned around to answer the text on my phone and in the corner of my eye I noticed a black figure walk past my window. At the same time a clap of thunder must have hit a nearby tree, it got my dog going nuts, and the toaster popped. I jumped and looked outside but no one had passed by. Maybe it was in my head I thought. But I had a second thought as I looked at the text. It was from Vic. I reread the words three times before calling him.

The words read: You’re being followed.

He answered and said he couldn’t talk long but he was coming over. We talked and I asked how he knew this but he said he had been followed too since he got into that slender man stuff. I stared in disbelief but he asked if anything weird had been happening. I told him about the symbol and that night I woke up. He said he would stay the night and have to go tomorrow because of his job. The night he came over, I was far more jumpy . I started carrying a knife in my pocket as a sudden precaution. I was up until four in the morning, not tired at all. Vic had crashed in my reclining chair and I crashed on the couch. I didn’t feel safe in my bed suddenly. For me to act that way it was strange. I’m a logical person, I like facts and truth. And for me to suddenly act paranoid and be checking over my shoulder, it was freaking me out worse than this stupid stalker of mine. What the hell is this thing that’s following me and why is it following me? And before anyone says its slender man, know I don’t believe in him. He doesn’t exist. Its just my mind playing tricks on me. But…at the same time, in the back of my mind, if this thing is real…

I have to find answers. Maybe Vic can help me out.


And if you are the one that has been following me, cut it out. This isn’t funny anymore. If you stop now, I won’t be mad, we can go on our separate lives without ever dealing with this again. But if you continue, know I will find you and I will reveal you to everyone and have you arrested for stalking charges.

If anyone knows anything, please assist me. I’ve included the site you can contact me at the credit link.


Credit To: Prophet

Admin Note: Please do move on on to the credit link if this pasta has you at all intrigued, as this story continues there.

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107 thoughts on “Stillness of 7he 7ru7h”

  1. Nathaniel Doggett

    “As of late, I’m losing more and more sleep each night. I stay up at night, watching the windows, knife in hand. Not much good it’ll do if that thing is real…”
    —–Sorry, but this is a really big cliche in creepypastas. Telling us that something bad happened and then delving into the backstory leading up to the events surrounding the beginning is EVERYWHERE in creepypastas.

    “It started about a month or two ago with my friend (I’m using another name for safety reasons)”
    —–Again, claiming to use other names for safety reasons is rather unnecessary and doesn’t add to the spook factor. It also is a poor attempt to add some spook, and has become a cliche.

    —–You also make frequent references to just “passing things off” as natural explanations, etc. You don’t need to keep on saying that you passed anything off. That is also cliche. Just state the happenings by themselves.

    —–Slenderman also is rather a cliche. A bit boring. Also, what is the motivation for this Slenderman to start following you? Just because you watched some videos? That is kind of a weak motive.

    All in all, It is about a 6/10. Not bad. Not super good though.

  2. If you’re reading this comment even though it’s all the way at the bottom for me, then if this thing is real (which I honestly seem to leave it be and not think about it) then well, buy a firearm. that’s basically you’re only resort to actual protection if u can actually kill this guy… Anyway you NEED to get sleep. Get some sleep whatever way you can, because you’re gonna need it. when you see him in any way, out of the corner of your eye, hide. Remember to have your firearm with you at all times. I can’t believe I’m typing this… Become a proxy. A proxy is someone that worships the slenderman, sort of like a religion. Praying to him might make him leave you be. If sings of him keep showing, up he’s chosen YOU. By then you have 3 options. 1. Move as far away as possible. 2. Stay where you are and shoot the bastard. 3. Commit suicide (I don’t recommend this). Whatever happens, I wish you the best of luck…

  3. Juniper Blackwood

    Check your continuity… a fridge light will not come on when the power is out…and people need to give more credit to writers on here who do not have someone editing to cover all grammar issues… yummy pasta!=}

  4. Okay, another messing with Slenderman…. More jokers…. You’re ALL fucked if you don’t shut up, or realise it all, or if he just gets pissed.

  5. little miss black cat

    Once masky and hoody followed me home from school so I turned around ran at them screaming bloody murder and kicked them in the nuts they fell and I ran h*** yea.

  6. I’m reading all of this, and you guys are fools. My face is gorgeous yes, but that doesn’t mean looking at it will distract me from killing you and ripping your body apart.

  7. I will let you know I am a teen I have been experiencing the same thing my friend same as you and told me to look it up I began to get very paranoid and still am I carry a sharp weapon with me at all times even if its just a pencil at school I go to school at 6:00 and always look back even with a friend I have seen that symbol soon I became obsessed with slenderman and the symbol and kept drawing it just watch out for yourself

  8. He’s been following me aswell watching me, the paranoia is getting to me, i cant go out at night. My stories going up soon

  9. Well, I do think its Slender. But I also think its hallucinations. I know more about slender then many people, The more you know about him, the sooner he will come for you. Asking for advice will be a death trap. Slender has no weakness entirely, though I heard you can befriend him. If he is chasing you, then if you jump off a 9 feet structure landing without getting hurt (or showing you were) and look at him with pure determination and such, he wont kill you. Many things are known about slender but no one is sure to know which thing is right and actually correct. Slender is an unknown being. A knife is useless, a mirror is fine, but don’t let him get to your mind. Lets just say he wants a hug? that’s what I think, now every time I think about him I want to squeal XD But that doesn’t mean anything. No one knows he’s real, while some people are lucky enough to tell others their experiences, no one truly knows if this is fully real, but if it is, everyone thinks its wrong. Your lucky some people will actually help you with the knowledge they have developed over time.
    Now the number 1 thing to do when encountering Slender…
    I hope this helps, I have been being fallowed by slender for about a year now. Though he never actually try’s to attack me, he is seemed to have a hatred for children but I am not an acceptation I suppose.
    He can speak telepathically to you, though his voice can dement your mind. He can as well look and shape shift into anyone he wants, I think that’s true, I read it online before but it may not actually be real. If you see him, don’t be frightened, that’s your weakness. being frightened can freeze you up, or make you paranoid. When your paranoid your highly cautious, and being too cautious can actually lead to you being very uncatious and that can lead to death.

    Good luck…

    (By the way, I’m only 11, and almost 12.)

    1. Just a question, why do so many younger readers feel the need to share their age with us? I see roughly 4-5 comments per day where the person leaving the comment writes something totally unrelated to their age and then ends it with “…and I’m only [insert age here]”. I’m really baffled by this trend. Why do you think we need this information?

      1. I think it’s because they think people will be impressed. Or maybe it’s to defend against criticism.

        1. That was one theory I had – that they’re hoping for praise about being precocious even though, at 11, being able to read/use the internet/leave comments isn’t particularly unusual. I was sort of hoping that I was just missing some sort of meme, though. I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt here.

          I feel like a grumpy old man. Get off my lawn, whippersnappers.

        2. It could be a meme. I don’t know. I doubt I’m any more in touch with kids these days than you are.

  10. slenderlover0.0


  11. This is fucking stupid. You watched all of marble hornets then didn’t recognize the symbol? If you are going to write a slenderstory then don’t rip off marble hornets.

  12. btw im doing all this i need one more soul to become the ultimate weapon-bleach-tee hee btw wheres my 20 dolars already

  13. He who must not me named

    If you ever get freaked out of Slenderman, think of this: He’s a very slender man who kidnaps people that have no fashion sense.

  14. Under the assumption any of this is real, keep a camera nearby, maybe even on your person. Try to move around as much as possible, and make sure not to have excess contact with loved ones about this, lest they be dragged into it.

    If it’s false, like I believe it likely is, that was a good opening. I think. Well, I liked it, at least, though it was a bit rushed in some ways.


  16. 1. Slenderman is cliche and overused. Real original (hint of sarcasm)
    2. Short descriptive sentences are gripping once in a whole story, not 50 times…
    3. What separated this story from any other? Nothing, I could have generalized the whole thing before reading it.

    Blind Reader

  17. Ever since me and my friends read on about at nigh and because we could use 1 we saw because we could use 1 we saw something we thought we thought I might have been home al we thought we thought I might have been home alone like a homeless person but I’ve never seen a person tall and I’ve never seen a homeless person suits it was starting to frighten me we decided to go home. On our walk home we thought we heard footsteps it was frightening. 1 night me and my friends went, .. My friends house to ride quads I was writing on the back with 1 of my friends fifth gea she began to frea she began to freak out trying trying to hit the clutch it’s something wasn’t workin brok broke down on in the in the forest where w where we were riding it rolled down the heill my friend be freaking out grabbing me by the shirt and asking me if I thought I asked her what sh I asked her what she saw all she knew that it was all she knew that it was tall wh and then she hit the gas and that’s when the clutch begi and then she hit the gas and that’s when the clutch begin to breakdown I got out my phone and tried calling he and tried calling her mother who was back who was back at the house she got in the car and came to pick us up will you load it to cross into the back of the CRX that nigh I wan went to go get something I went to go get something to drink and as I walked to the fridge I slept on something wet and sticky this coming from m this coming from my foot so I went upstair how to get how to get a bandaid but the pow but the power is out that was fun I begin to freak I called my friend upstairs waking I called my friend upstairs waking her up first shield at me and then she understood and together we w and and together we look to the mirror and saw a circle with an axe through it

  18. mad you Americans, wierdos boys and girls, its a story you idiots, you fuckers would get paranoid over hocus pocus, would’nt you? WOULD’NT YOU? Wierd freaks.

      1. slendermans money handler

        hell no bro lol read this sht all the time gong two days and readng this sht cvan get you paranod last week in my case but jst hapened to come across the best storytellers lol this crap isnt real lol but i love it anyway

  19. You can’t escape it. You’ll never escape it. It watches you everywhere you go. You’ll go insane without knowing it. It will take your Soul. And you’ll be doomed, Forever. You will never be seen again, by your loved ones or anyone again.






  20. Really good story… I’ve been really paranoid lately too since I got into this slenderman stuff… I’m just gonna put it off as over active imagination bc I have a tendancy to do that… But I see him sometimes… I think…

  21. Don’t go in the woods he will take u in a tree and kill u I would start carrying a camcorder with u also if u have a tumblr follow operatorshunt she is going through the same thing if I don’t have a tumblr I would get one then make sure u have a camcorder watching u when u sleep hope I helped ;)

  22. if it is real, then you may have some thing the Operator wants. submiss. He will make it quicker if you do. if you dont have anything of value, such as information, you may want to stay on his good side. offer your services…

  23. Good pasta, but one thing got me confused. If you flicked the light switch and nothing happened (indicating a powercut), why then did the light in the fridge turn on when you opened it?
    Apart from that, very tasty. Would eat again!

  24. 4 things that might help you out
    1)pray and use ur cash for rocketlaunchers
    2)become the beast he is if ur more brutal than him u will win
    3)make a little ‘beacon’ put religous stuff inside and have the base sybolize ur housess place items all over the base it represents santuary like ur friend i watched everything bout him i stared to feel uneasy but the i used the sanctuary
    4)make a deal but in either pain or labor or sacrifice like in the gym work until u nearly pass out or to add to the sanctuary put a pain related body item such as aa recent toooth or flesh

  25. Please don’t be a Se7en fanfiction. Please don’t be a Se7en fanfiction. Oh good it’s not…

    On that note why the fuck isn’t there a Se7en fanfiction?

  26. Slenderman wants something. He is Merciless meaning he wants something and wants it now. you meme lovers. No he does not want a hug!!!!!

  27. I think that this is a great story hopefully it is not true. If it is, the creator of this story should give information so that i will not get too freaked. .So….yah it is probaly just kids trying to mess with you. Most likely teen agers trying to prank you.

    1. Yeah madison…Teens They are the only ones who arent mentioned in my studies. there is obviously something to be going on here.

      O with X in middle. The Symbol of The Operator known for his Brother The Rake and his powers.

  28. Dude, ever since I got into that slenderman stuff, I have had the same feeling……. I read all the creepypasta stuff on him and watched the marble hornets videos…. I found out there’s more people who have videos like everymanHYBRID. It’s very sttrange… I was always a very rational person who didn’t believe in paranormal crap, but now I hate to go out at night and I always am checking the woods for someone… I don’r know whats going to happen…. Is it just my imagination or is it the Slenderman…. At times I think I see him and I just brush it off as my imagination….. It’s almost all I think about at times… I’ll post if anything happens…… BEWARE THE SLENDER MAN

        1. I would not recommend trying. You are brave, which is a good sign, but if you wish to seek him, you are a fool.

      1. Prophet If your story is true then i am left to tell you be ware of The symbols Figure out the code and beware The Operator. you will be dead when you get nose bleeds Paranoia Hallucinations Night mares or more. Beware him. He will come. If you have noticed he is Mercifull. He wants Something. and that Stuff is true!

        1. Is it really true??? Cuz if so then im screwed cuz i keep seeing him like everywhere i look hes in my house hes at the store like he doesnt do anything but watch but im scared cuz if its true im dead

        2. Nose bleeds, lack of sleep, paranoia, you name it. Right now, I’m just trying my best to keep calm. Nobody believe me, and besides my split personality, I am left alone in this world.

    1. DO EXACTLY AS I SAY. IF YOU DON’T, YOU WILL DIE. Always carry a mirror, as the entity you are dealing with relys on eye contact. If you encounter the being, rush him and mask your fear, and make sure you look at the being’s feet, without thinking of it, thrust the mirror in its face so it looks at itself. HOW TO REPEL THIS THING: GO TO THE CIRCLE WITH THE X IN IT AND ENGRAVE 5 CRUCIFIXES [CROSSES]. ONE TO THE LEFT, RIGHT ABOVE AND BELOW THE SYMBOL, FINALY, CARVE A LARGE ONE ON THE THING, AND THEN BURN ALL OF IT.

      1. Go to the forest near you. Bring3 partners and sprit up into two groups of two. Bring each person a flashlight, a mirror, and a weapon- axe, sword, etc.- and here are the extructions; find 8 pages, don’t look at him, if you find an X circle, do what it says in the above reply. If you hear strange noises, he is near. Go to him, don’t loll at him, give him the mirror, and run. Flares for everyone too, and a gun. Use the flare and shoot the gun. If you see a light from none of your partners, it’s him. He may have deadly tentacles, and the last thing, get the app: slenderman chapter 1alone and do what the help options say. ONCE YOU GET ALL 3 PAGES, YOU ARE SAFE

      2. one time i was folloud by JEEF it was terable i just ran i said f*ck you JEEF you suck i stabed him in his chest with a butchers knife to slow him down i have escaped

        1. Jesus Rollerblading Christ, where to start…
          *I, *Followed, *Jeff, *Terrible, *Stabbed, not to mention the serious lack of punctuation.
          Person. Dude. Lady. Whatever. LEARN ENGLISH GOD DAMNIT.

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