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Sleep, strangely, is seen as the best refuge of the sufferer. You’ve never understood why this is; it’s the place where your subconscious has reign – that alien, unknown part of you that hides out of sight and has total control over your body. If anything, sleep frightens you. Having a stranger living in your mind, watching everything, capable of stopping your heart or healing your illness… It’s scary. Terrifying, even. And the fact is that when you sleep this person – this monster – can show you anything it likes. What if you’ve made this creature angry? What if you’ve done something wrong?

You’re lying in bed, fingers gripping the covers with white-knuckled panic born of too many scary stories and horror films. Of course, you’re well aware that in reality nothing like that happens, but the darkness grips your imagination and twists, wringing out all kinds of half-formed pictures of monsters and semi-imagined noises. Your breathing grows ragged, your pulse quickens, and a bang from downstairs makes you jump. There’s that brief moment of utter terror when countless scenerios of strange creatures and madmen run at full-tilt through your horror-drunken mind, where every creak is a new threat and you see things moving in the darkness.

And then it’s over. You calm down, remember you left the washing machine running. You relax, perhaps even chuckle nervously at your own silliness. Still a little shaken up, you go to turn onto your side, wanting to be closer to the wall.


There’s movement on your arm; the skittering, gossamer-light movement of lots of legs. Almost without thinking, conscious thought locked into a cage constructed of fear, you slam a palm onto the creature. It explodes, and you race for the light, flooding your sensitive eyes and momentarily going blind. The lack of sight exacerbates your childish fright, and by the time the black blossoms have faded from your eyes, you’re a gibbering wreck. You stare at the mess on your arm; a few limbs, a smear of guts and blood. Just a spider. Just a dead spider.

You let yourself calm down, wiping away the horrible thing with a tissue from your desk and sitting heavily on your bed, feeling silly now that the room is light. You’re not frightened anymore; just tired. Tired.

You drift off, forgetting the dangers of sleep. It doesn’t matter; nothing happens. At least, nothing happens until you start to feel a faint movement on your eyelids. It’s practically nothing, just a light pitter-patter of legs. Legs. Lots of legs. Your body reaches a conclusion before your eyes do, shooting upright and opening your mouth in a scream. You slap at your face for whole minutes, cold sweat coating your back, before you realise that nothing is there. You burst into tears, driven to distraction by the ridiculousness of not being able to sleep.


And that’s when you start to feel something prickling the inside of your skin. Your first reaction is more weary then afraid – your mind wants to know what now? What’s next? You glance at your hand, look up, glance down, freeze. Under your skin you can see legs. Legs and a little round body, skittering up and down your musculature. The more you stare, the more you see; there are hundreds of them, appearing and vanishing inside you. Pain flames and dies in your nerves as you feel little gnawing mouths everywhere. You open your mouth to scream, but no sound comes out… Just little, hairy legs. Pouring out of your mouth. There’s a popping noise as they start to emerge from your eye sockets, but you barely hear it; you’re more concentrated on the fact that your eardrums have been long since sacrificed to the onslaught of spiders.

You grip helplessly at the air, but there’s nothing to help you. You barely feel it as your skin breaks open. As you thrash and bleed, your lips pull back in some hellish grin.


Your subconscious smiles.


Credited to bez00mny.

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87 thoughts on “Sibilance”

  1. This was too creepy. I’m in a well-lit room and the sun is still shining and this freaked me out!!!



  2. Totally rockin pasta. God, it REALLY creeped me the fuck out…..I mean, can you imagine this actually happening?? My worst fear comes to life!! Ahhhhh!

  3. That shit was scary, because I can associate with it to an extent. I had a spider crawl up my arm when I was trying to sleep one night and smacked it and it was all mushed all over my arm.. bleh. But the rest of the night I kept feeling crawling on me, on my face, my legs, and my arms. Terrifying to think about!!

  4. Eek, this made me itchy. Good pasta – and actually a bit terrifying when I substitute ‘cockroaches’ for ‘spiders’. Uguhhhgh.

  5. SILENCEIkeelYou

    ah fuck, u know that in a average humans life, we eat up to 5 spiders a year! and now i read this, well isent that just awesome

  6. I am new to creepy pasta. All of the ones I have read have been nothing in coparison to this.

    Lovely, Scared and Amazed. Well done.

  7. Killer Kenny x

    I liked the writing a lot, but I found the end to be retarded. I would have liked it more if I woke up from a dream. How the hell is this whole story possible. I understand that it’s a fiction story but it was more of a realistic horror until Mr. Sandman made spiders shoot out my butt.

  8. “You stare at the mess on your arm; a few limbs, a smear of guts and blood.”


  9. I think the conclusion to this is that it wasn’t anything to do with being awake. it was his subconscious when he was asleep making him believe spiders were in him basically referring to a bad dream.

  10. I didn’t find that frightening in the least, or all that well written. Perhaps if it was executed better or something.

    But a very tasty pasta.
    Too bad it’s the middle of the day so it’s not as creepy but I bet when it does become time to sleep I will freak out. :)

  12. This story terrifies the arachnophobe in me. I am absolutely terrified of spiders and while I was reading this I spontaneously started to feel itchy all over.
    Needless to say, I freaked.

    I liked it.

  13. It’s kind of weird how you go from the traditionally more psychological threat of the subconsciosu to the real life, but if you take both accounts on the separate, they are very good.

  14. Sir Shoop Whoopington

    could have been better, bu not by much i think. this wasone of the better pastas on as of late and definatly deserves more then just three stars you ungrateful jerks

  15. Chinchillazilla

    The writing’s good, and it’s nicely creepy, but I don’t like when stories tell me things about myself that aren’t true. It’s hard for me to distinguish when they want to be about the real me and when “you” is just a character that I’m not really supposed to identify with.

  16. I always get creeped out when I’m falling asleep, and I’m deathly terrifies of spiders, but the combination just does not cause my brix to be shat. Subconscious and spiders though? Eh. I guess those arachnophobics won’t sleep tonight, but I will. Altogether, a well-written pasta, but it’s just not doing it for me.

  17. It wasn’t my favorite. Personally, I don’t see spiders crawling in my skin. It really wasn’t that kind of terrifying creepyness that some of the original pastas had. It was okay, nothing special.

    And you assume much! What if I don’t have a tissue box on the desk in my room!? Completely ruined it for me. And what if my washing machine is upstairs instead of down, or what if I go to the laundromat? And you assume I have a house! Really, really ruined it for me.

  18. Dude!!! Amazingly freaky. I love spiders, but if that ever happened to me I would freak! ^_^ All in good fun! Awesome story.

  19. Second person needs to tread a careful line of making assumptions, and being flat-out presumptuous – the difference is definitive. This one does it passably well, but it fails in two major ways: it’s so ungainly in its assumptions that it jars the reader out of the story, and the scare value is near zero.

    The writing itself is sound and in places elegant when stripped down, but because the royal ‘you’ is so clearly defined the reader needs to step into this character of ‘you,’ which is usually a bad sign.

    Moreover the suspense elements are poorly implemented, and the sole scare factor comes from… spiders? ‘My’ purportedly twisted subconscious can’t do better than spiders? It was a gruesome end that lacked (ahem) bite in my view.

    Still, the writing somewhat makes up for it, so it’s a decent effort.

  20. Thing In The Drain

    Wonderful story.
    One of the few creepypastas that make me do a little ritual at night to make sure nothing will get me. <_<
    I hate spiders.

  21. I love love LOVE it!
    It was very well written, and therefore I’m willing to ignore the few spelling and grammar mistakes. Well done.

  22. No!!!! I hate spiders as it is!! Now I’m going to be paranoid of them even more!!!

    It was quite good though. Amazing description and the sentences blended together and flowed effortlessly. Very well written. Nice job!

  23. It’s quite scary, but I don’t like the ‘you’. Sleep doesn’t scare me, and I do understand why it is “the refuge of the sufferer”. There’s nothing I want more right now than a Lovely Nap.

    I usually find that second person detracts from the effect. :C

  24. Up until the spiders pouring from my skin, this is me every night. Made it ultra creepy and now I am afraid to sleep.
    Effing DELICIOUS pasta.

  25. I am always feeling something that feels like bugs crawling in my abdomen….
    Then I remember, oh yeah, I’m pregnant!

    Lol. Goodnight, I’m going to sleep now.

  26. Unfortunately for me, i hate the feeling of things crawling on my skin. =_=’
    This pasta got under my skin. hehe…

  27. agreed with all of you. this gave me shiver!
    i’m terrified of spiders. x_x
    someones not sleeping tonight.

  28. This kind of pasta is my favorite; it’s the kind that doesn’t bother me a bit when I read it sensible of mind in the daylight hours, but when I’m a touch manic in the middle of the night will scare the stockings off my feet. Great job.

  29. Damn…as soon as I was finished with reading this, I felt movement on my stomach xD turns out it was just my shirt in a weird fold…

    I agree with MisterVercetti though C: Very frightening. Definitely my favorite, too

  30. For once, a pasta that doesn’t get too wrapped up in itself. A pasta that’s actually believable, and yet still frightening as hell.

    This one may be my favorite yet.

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