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Scariest Castles In The World: Inside 4 Haunted Places

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Castles, the remains of history, have always amazed us. Yet, they are not only connected to royalty and princesses. The caliphate and its fortresses have been pretty secretive and ruthless for centuries. The murders, tortures, and tragic deaths often happened right beyond the walls of those fortresses. 

Are you planning a trip to one of the scariest castles in the world? It is no surprise that those magnificent buildings are considered one of the most frightening places today. Some are even famous for being hunted. So, let’s take a look at them.

Best Haunted Castles to Visit in the World

Moosham Castle

Moosham Castle was built in 1675 and 1690 when the Salzburgs ruled. It proudly stands among the scariest castles in the world. The fort is located in Austria and is one of the major attractions. People believe that the executions and torture of hundreds of people happened there, in the underground tunnel of the castle.


Visitors still claim that they hear conversations and footsteps in the secret tunnel. However, the rumor says that this tunnel has been transformed into an underground sports club and now Austrian Sports fans gather there from time to time to place sports bets and share their insights about modern sports communities and popular soccer teams like FC Red Bull Salzburg.

Surprisingly, the fortress is currently a private property. Yet, some parts of it are open to the public and that’s probably how sports enthusiasts found their ways to use the tunnel for secret gatherings.

Leap Castle

Leap Castle is indeed one of the most frightening places you can visit. The castle is located in Ireland and was built in the 1500s. It belonged to the O’Carroll family. History tells us that this fortress has seen uncountable deaths. The family members had a serious fight over power. Therefore, it led to cousins, brothers, and closest relatives murdered each other. 

The Castle has one room called “the bloody chapel.” It is believed that the spirit of the priest murdered there is still present. Interestingly, they even found the dungeon in the castle, which was full of skeletons. Not surprisingly, people still believe that ghosts are in every corner of the castle. That’s why we consider it one of the scariest castles in the world to visit!

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort, located in India, is undoubtedly on the list of the scariest castles in the world. It was built in the 17th century. An interesting fact is that the visitors can’t go in there at night. This is because the ghostly activities are actively happening during the day. The local people even believe that if anybody goes there after dark, they will not be able to come out in the morning. 


There is a popular legend connected to this fort. It is believed that black magic is connected to it. According to the legend, the magician was in love with the princess. He made a love potion for her, but she refused. She poured the mixture from the boulder, and this resulted in the death of the magician. Before their death, he cursed the place. Even today, the people who visit the castle say that they felt the darkness there.


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is located in Scotland and is considered to be not only among the scariest castles in the world but also very old. The fort was a prison, military garrison, and royal residence. It is believed that the fort is haunted. People who visit the castle state that they feel the presence of the ghost there.

The abnormal activities typically happen in the vaults where the shadows and figures are shown. In addition to that, the temperatures often drop suddenly, and some people even claim that their hair was pulled.


One of the stories about the castle is that it is believed to have a ghost bagpiper. Centuries ago, when the tunnels were discovered, they let the boy go down to them to explore. He had the bagpipe and played along the way so he would not be lost. Yet, they lost track of him, and nobody has ever seen him since then.

Bottom Line

We discussed some of the scariest castles in the world. During the wars, the castles were among the places that had to be protected the most. And even more, they were the major targets for enemies. 

Therefore, unimaginably cruel bloodshed often happened in those places. Most of them are pretty old and kind of creepy too. That is why some areas are known to be hunted today and are one of the most exciting and intriguing places to visit.

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