Quick Update 10/17/2012

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πŸ“… Published on October 17, 2012

"Quick Update 10/17/2012"

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If you’re reading this and you don’t have a good antivirus and malware scanner/defense program active, GO AWAY and just stick to RSS for now. Actually, that’s probably a good idea anyhow. RSS your hearts out, and I’ll post another update when I’m more confident that the coast is clear.

For those of you not aware, the site has had its butt thoroughly kicked over the past few days. Short version goes like this:

  • Malware being injected into the site’s files – but a sneaky kind that only rears its head every so often so as to prolong its lifespan before being detected. It’s why some of you noticed and some didn’t.
  • A massive traffic spike later that day caused this site to start using up so many resources that the web host actually disabled it. Certified Hosting later donated (!!!!!!) the RAM upgrade to help keep the site up even with the high load so that we could try and tackle the first issue.
  • Things MAY be clean. We found something that seems like it was the cause, but given the aforementioned sneaky nature of this issue, I’m still really cautious about declaring victory.
  • If things are not resolved within the next few days, there are two options. One, we give up and just shut it all down because we’ve been thoroughly trounced. Two, we take donations to hire the services of a company that specialize in fixing this sort of issue. It’s not hugely expensive, but it’s definitely more than I can afford on my own right now. However, if this is not even remotely plausible, please tell me and it won’t be considered.

Other Stuff:

  • There are currently a few more days of stories scheduled, but as you probably can guess, reading submissions has been low priority over the past few days. To combat this, I am planning on changing the queued dates for accepted submissions and spreading them out a bit longer. I’d wanted to have 4 posts per day all month since it’s Halloween time, but I’m going to drop it down to two per day so that at least you guys are getting new stuff every day. To both authors and readers alike, I’m sorry, I really am.
  • Submissions are still closed for what are probably very obvious reasons.

That’s all. Keep your fingers crossed, please, and thank you very much for your patience.

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