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project mkserver

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It doesn’t take a genius to know that the people who stay up late to read stories on a website called aren’t the type to routinely get their beauty rest. As someone who has legitimately struggled sleeping my entire life, I’ve always thought people had their own reasons for why they have trouble sleeping. Stress, insomnia, caffeine, etc. I’ve recently learned this is not correct.

I should probably start things off by saying I love conspiracy theories. When you think about it, there is no way everything we’ve been taught in the history books is correct. If it’s so easy to manipulate facts in 2022 I can only imagine how easy it was in 1922, 1822 and so on.

Now does that mean I believe in lizard people? No, of course not. But the magic bullet? Total bullshit. Sirhan Sirhan? Probably a scapegoat. Building 7? Physically impossible to have fallen that way.


Anyway, I had some time to kill and decided I’d do a deep dive into one of my favorite topics. The one-time conspiracy theory later confirmed to be true-Project MKUltra. For those that aren’t familiar, I’d recommend reading up on it.

When I research these things I tend to go all in. I’ll surf the web for hours upon hours. No website is too small. It’s common for me to get dozens if not hundreds of pages deep into a conspiracy online only to realize my alarm to wake up is about to go off.

A few days ago I stumbled upon a site I’d never come across before. It said MKUltra had even more secrets than you thought. You don’t need to tell me twice, I’m sold.

The more I scrolled through the site, the more legit it seemed. Government documents, voice recordings, photos, videos, the whole shebang. Unfortunately, most of this information only confirmed things I already knew. That was until I stumbled across a video titled MKServer.

What’s that? I’ve never heard of MKServer before. That’s unusual. Of course I had to check this out. So I hit play on the video. Here is the transcript.



1953-The United States Government created Project MKUltra.

This project had many goals. The most important of these was to discover how to manipulate and alter the minds of those the U.S. Government deemed an adversary, foreign or domestic. Experiments were conducted using torture, isolation, psychoactive drugs, sensory deprivation, abuse and more. These experiments were conducted on the populace, including U.S. Citizens without their knowledge.

The lone publicly confirmed subject to die by Project MKUltra is CIA Agent Frank Olson.

MKUltra has rumored or confirmed ties to the college experiments on the Unabomber, Charles Manson murders, the murder of John F. Kennedy, the murder of Robert F. Kennedy, and more.

1973-The program was allegedly shut down. There is no confirmation this ever occurred. All documents were requested to be destroyed by the head of the CIA.

1975-Some documents on Project MKUltra were found after they had been misfiled, thus surviving the destruction request. They were found and Project MKUltra was confirmed to exist. No government official was ever punished for the atrocities committed.


This covers most general public knowledge on the project.

There is at least one component of Project MKUltra that has never been made public. A subset of MKUltra, this was known as Project MKServer.

When Project MKUltra began in 1953, alongside LSD, the CIA began investing heavily in the development of the computer which was in its infancy.

Another proposed means of altering the minds of humans was sleep deprivation. Due to the CIA’s investment into computers and other forms of technology it was discovered that radio waves at certain imperceptible frequencies could disrupt sleep. Over the next twenty years Project MKServer worked to create two devices.

First, a large scale sleep disruption device that utilized those waves. These waves were coined SCG waves. The device was capable of emitting large scale SCG waves, eventually impacting all citizens within the United States, and years later, the entire World.

Second, a central server to monitor and store information on subjects sleep. If deemed a threat or person of interest by the CIA, the target’s sleep would be disrupted by SCG waves. This process was referred to as ‘Having a full server’. This could temporary or permanent depending on the target.

In 1973 the request to destroy all documents on Project MKUltra was legitimate but misleading. Physical files were destroyed but only after being transferred over to the central server. Project MKUltra continues on to this day mostly through its largest success, Project MKServer. Over time, this process has been advanced and perfected, most notably with the Patriot Act, and other more recent events.


You’re probably thinking that’s a neat story but I don’t have any proof of its accuracy. I would love to give you the link but the website is now missing. I know that sounds bad. I’m a conspiracy theorist who stays up late too often for my own good. I can’t even provide you a link to where I found this information. How trustworthy can I be right?

Well, I watched that video a few days ago. Coincidentally, I haven’t slept since. I don’t even know how many days it’s been since they all blend together now. I downloaded the video in case something happened to the site and recently posted a copy of it onto YouTube. Maybe you’ll be able to see it, the link is below.


Anytime I try to click play on it, search for MKUltra or MKServer only one thing pops up on my laptop, phone or any other device I use.

Your server is full.

Credit: Sam Gallenberger


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