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Statistically speaking, you are a deist. Nine in ten people on the entire earth believe in some god or set of such. Christianity, Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Hellenists, you name it. You believe that your all powerful being of choice created the universe. And most of you are certain that you are right.
But you’re not.
The other ten percent of you who are not deists are either adherents of a non-deistic religion such as some sects of Buddhism, or are not religious, and so called atheists. The most popular scientific theory is that the universe came about because of a sudden influx of matter into an endless vacuum.
That is also wrong.
Aliens are depicted as little green or grey men, with large eyes and big heads. They have little toy ray guns and drive flying saucers. This too, could not be further from the truth.
The folly of man is his thinking that he is the greatest thing the universe has ever come up with.
Microbes cover every surface of our planet. They are miniscule, and seemingly infinite. We cannot see them in any ordinary circumstance, but we know they are there. What would they think of us, if they knew we existed? You might say that they wouldn’t because they do not think. That is not a true statement. Everything has to think in some form to function. They think on a fraction of a fraction of the scale that we humans think. They lack the cognizance to comprehend our existence, although we slaughter billions of them a day with germ killing compounds.
So what are we to something that is so large, so grand, so terrifically huge that we cannot even comprehend it?
The universe was created, but not by a God. The universe is a plaything, a toy.
An experiment.
An experiment for the titanic beings that are invisible to us because they do not exist within our puny visual spectrum of light, which is a construct of our ocular receptors. An experiment for the Herculean species that exist outside our little box of the universe we consider to be normal, and definable by theories of entropy and laws of physics. Our laws of the universe, they are not true in every case. Just as atoms at the quantum level are unpredictable, so are the colossal presences that play with our galaxies like so many marbles on a playground.
These are the true aliens: Creatures not bound to our concept of life, not tied down by gravity because they embody it. Even if we could see them, in our visible spectrum, on a scale of magnitude that approaches ours, we would not be able to truly qualify what we would see. We would try to humanize its form, to put it in terms that we can understand. What we would call its eyes do not see as we do, they define an object not by its color or size or shape, but by the energy it holds. What we would call its hands, its infinitely many hands, do not touch or mold or shape the universe, they engineer entire galaxy systems, starting from the quark, then the atom, then the molecule, and larger and larger.
And what we would call their consciousness is the fabric of space and time itself.

The universe was not created by a God, or a group of them. The universe was not created at all. The universe has always been, because the universe is nothingness. What we call ‘the’ universe is really our universe, the one bubble of naught we inhabit and are most familiar with.
Our universe was created simply because one of these great beings touched an empty space and made it so. It created something out of true nothingness. These sapients have birthed horrors and creatures beautiful beyond imagination. But they do not notice them until there is enough energy within the region in which these creations inhabit. Be warned.
We are about to be noticed.


Credit To – Tristan M.

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