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Now, What Was I Just Doing?

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You don’t know it, but someone has been removed from your life. They haven’t died, they haven’t moved, they have simply ceased to be from present future and history. However you still know they were there, you faintly recall broken memories of someone else there, someone who should have been there but you think you’re crazy. You go to do something, but you can’t remember what …

It was them, they wanted to talk to you.

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43 thoughts on “Now, What Was I Just Doing?”

  1. I must be really popular, ’cause this happens to me all the time! Not really creepy, though the thought of these people constantly bothering me when I’m getting a snack is kind of annoying.

  2. There was another just like this, only it was with dejá vú… And sorry to say but that one was far better written.

  3. This made me remember of Steins; Gate, where it explored the possibilities of different time lines in which some events happened and met some people, and other time lines in which nothing of these happens but still could remember smooth fragments of memory or in dreams.

  4. Considering how forgetful I am, a lot of folks aren’t around anymore. As long as they were people I hated, good riddance to those bastards.

    Good story. Now I’ll try to be even more absent-minded.

  5. I dreamed a friend once. He was awesome, and the dream felt as though it took a year, during which I completed my first year at high school. The scary bit is that I got the exact same percentage in my real life test as in my dream. Worst part was when I woke up and realised two things:

    1. Oh, man. Andy doesn’t exist… );

    2. I have to go through this shit again!!??

  6. Man, sounds like my last relationship. “Want to still be friends?” “Yeah!”
    I haven’t heard from her since then. That was four years ago.

  7. i like this one, actually, and i think people are missing the point

    the idea of the story is that every time you find yourself wondering what you were just about to do, the truth is you were going to talk to someone – someone who has now disappeared without a trace along with any memory of them

  8. A spoon tastes good

    I like this one because it is less creepy and more sweet. It’s nice that the person still wants to talk. :D

  9. This one gets me because I really do have fragmented “memories” of things that didn’t happen and people that didn’t exist. They’re just ultra-realistic dreams, but still creepy. But if that was a dream…


  10. U R PHONE!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow this one makes me a little sad because i always have those “what was i doing?” moments. No wonder I can’t seem to find my friends.

  11. Yeah, but if u change it to ¨they wanted to warn you¨ it changes the meaning of it. what would they wanna warn you about?o.O if anything it could lika ¨they wanted to tell you¨ or ¨they wanted you to know¨

    short and sweet :) like it. happens to me sometimes….except that later on in the day i rememebr what i was supposed to do XD lol.

  12. The person formerly known as 'Noneya'

    Wow, I mustve had a million people vanish on me. I forget what Im doing all the time.

    Hehe, maybe whats what happened to atlantis.

  13. Get well now, WWP.

    I like this one… I think its kind of creepy beacause its one of those real life occurences.

  14. This has happened to me kinda. Kids from elementary school I used to chill with and one day I never see them again. Weird shit.

  15. To tell the truth, I don’t really like this one. Not creepy at all, ‘coz NOTHING HAPPENS. Ah, well.

    Also: Sorry to hear that, WWP. Get well soon.

  16. I like it as a general piece of writing, but don’t see the creepy value.

    So should consider having a category for things that aren’t creepy but just interesting.

  17. Sounds like part of John Dies At The End, which is like a million creepypasta rolled into one hueg novel.

      1. First — late comment is late.
        Second — I love cracked, I love David Wong. Everything he writes is linguistic gold. I believe he was the one who wrote a whole article on that ridiculous picture of a young Eminem holding a birthday cake… while wearing an Alf shirt that read, Hey, nice underwear! I still have that picture on my iPad. Sorry to ramble, but I agree with the comment on John Dies At the End. It’s just good to see other people appreciate David Wong, and (I assume) cracked. This is really part of why I love this site. The intelligent fanbase.
        Back to the pasta — it was good. Would order seconds.

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