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Nina the Killer

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I heard recently that there is a new killer. I was surprised when I heard it for the first time. I first thought that it was just a crazy fan of Jeff the Killer because of her appearance, but after doing a thorough investigation of her … I discovered that it was worse than a monster. Things didn’t go went well after that…

I read it from a local newspaper:

Strange and unexplained murders have increased for several months. They had investigated that the suspect was a killer. The investigators found a witness who said that it’s not only 1 killer, but 2 killers! He said that both of them are attacking different cities. It is still unknown if they work together or separately, but luckily I was able to find another witness from the hospital. He told me what happened.

Here’s what the witness said:

“It happened one night,” the guy narrated. “I was walking from my work to home and I was alone in the streets. Then I had decided to take a shortcut because I want to get home quickly…. But it was a big mistake.

“When I was already halfway to my home. I began to feel that I was being watched and I heard footsteps, I turn quickly making sure that a thief is not following me, but I found nothing, so I just taught that it was just my imagination, I continued walking but the feeling of being watched became stronger, and I heard footsteps close. I noticed something approaching then, suddenly, I saw a black-haired girl with a magenta streak in her hair. She looks like she’s 16 or 17, though her face did not look like a human. Her skin was very pale, and her eyes looked at me with a thirst for blood. She had eyes that are very wide with a strange disturbing look, her smile was so dark… and I was … afraid.

“I stood still for a minute. I felt great fear running through my body.

“She didn’t say any word, She just stood there for what seemed an eternity, and finally, the girl just gave a speech as she moved her head to one side in a way that a psychopath could do. I immediately felt nervous.

“‘Go to sleep, my prince.’

“Then I quickly run to the opposite direction. I ran as fast as I can, but it was not enough as she was too fast. Then I suddenly feel her dark presence, followed by a sharp stab through my arm.

“I fell to the ground with a groan of pain. Then she released a hysterical laugh. She used her knife and she stabbed it into my shoulder. She managed to slice off my shirt, making my stomach bleeding, but luckily, I hear the voice of a policeman who had come. He was holding a gun. But the girl just smiled to it and the police fired several bullets in her direction, but the girl avoided it rapidly and she ran quicky while laughing. I saw her climbing one of the houses then she disappeared.

“I was never able to forget that face, let alone that laugh…”

After my interview with him, the young man was found dead in his house. His body was chopped into pieces, it was full of blood everywhere, and the room where the body was found on the wall was found written with blood that said, “You didn’t go to sleep, my prince.”

The Origin of Nina the Killer:

Nina Hopkins is an 11-year-old who transferred to a new school so that she could be closer to her home.

One Sunday morning, a day before her first day at her new school. She woke up and went to the bathroom and brush her teeth. She went back to her bed and took her laptop to connect to the wifi.

Nina was not the type of girl that is very cheerful. She was not the type of girl that would open the window and let the light in her room and do something productive. No, she just enjoyed sitting down to watch animes, or listen to music like rock, J-pop or K-pop, playing video games or just play guitar. So she liked to be herself and loved her family and friends.

But this time she did not want to do any of the things that is considered normal. This time she wanted to read “Jeff The Killer” creepypasta for the thousandth time. She adored him. It was her favorite. She felt a strange attraction to him. She had an admiration for him more than anything. Every time she read it she felt a strange desire but she didn’t know why she enjoyed this strange desire.

When she started to read it, the door suddenly opened. She quickly saw her little brother Chris and his beautiful green eyes. Nina thinks Chris is her prince. She loved calling her little brother prince because when she was just little. Her mother would always tell her fairy tales when it’s bedtime. She liked this type of stories and she thinks the princes in the fairy tales looks like her little brother Chris. Chris has dark black hair, fair skin, and light green eyes, like his late father. However, Nina has light brown hair, fair skin, and light blue eyes, like her mother.

“Sis, it’s time to eat,” said the child with an innocent smile.

“I’m going, my prince.” She pinched the cheeks of her little brother.

She left my laptop on the bed and went to eat.

* * * * * *

The next morning, Nina and Chris went to school, Nina got up and dressed in a shirt that is her favorite, and she took her bag. She felt something strange … like a strange desire. She did a strange little smile that formed on her mouth. Suddenly she heard her mother’s voice and she was in the reality again and she immediately took the bag and she completely ignored what happened, She quickly went downstairs.

“Are you both ready for school?” asked the mother.

“Yes!” they both responded.

“Well, good luck in school” and her mother went back to the kitchen.

“Bye, mom!” they both responded.

They walk to the school because Nina thinks taking a bus is annoying.

They both went to their separate ways. Nina went to high school while her little brother went to elementary school. Nina didn’t really like attending classes because she thinks it’s boring.

When the siblings finished taking classes, they both decided to find a quiet place to eat without having to worry that students are playing around them, so she found a garden behind the school where there no people, no teachers or even students. They sat and eat, thinking they would have a peaceful breakfast, But they heard footsteps. Nina looked up and met a girl much older than her. She had black hair.

“Well, well, what we have here? New students,” announced the girl. “My name is Claudia, and I rule at this school, and if you do not obey what I say … you will suffer,” she said as she pulled a knife from her jeans. Then suddenly two guys came out from a nearby tree. They were known as Malcolm and Yoni.

Nina sat up quickly and stood in front of Chris to protect him.

“Hey, we don’t want any trouble, we just want a peaceful breakfast,” Nina clarified.

“Ah, I see, but you shouldn’t be here, this area is ours,” Claudia said as she approached them.

“That’s stupid! You have no right to make us go away from here! “Said Chris while confronting Claudia but Yoni punch him in the stomach. Chris collapsed but Nina quickly held him.

“CHRIS!” Said Nina while holding in her arms.

“Well, if you don’t want to be next. I recommend you to obey and get out of here,” claimed Claudia while pointing Nina’s face with a knife.

Nina did nothing but punch Claudia’s face. Claudia collapsed to the ground, Nina took Claudia’s knife and stab her shoulder.

Then Nina gave a strong kick on the crotch of Malcolm. He quickly fell down to the ground. But Nina didn’t stop. She quickly released several kicks in the boy’s face. The boy’s face was now full of wounds and blisters. He had a nosebleed.

Yoni became frightened immediately when he saw how Nina attacked Claudia and Malcolm. He started to run away from her, but Nina immediately notice it and she quickly ran to him. She used Claudia’s knife and she quickly lunged it at the boy targeting his stomach.

“NINA!” She heard the voice of her little brother. Nina immediately turned to him, and she got confused as to why his little brother had a very surprised look on his face.

Nina decided to let Yoni go and stepped back. She looked at her bloodstained hands, She felt like a monster … but she had to admit … that her killer side was extremely good, she turned back to her brother. Her brother was surprised at what he saw. He was shocked at what he saw, Nina ran to him and took his arm.

“Come on, we can’t be here for so long,” I said.

Then we left the garden.

After that, Nina went to wash her hands. She knew she must avoid telling somebody or even mentioning what happened. Her little brother Chris thought it was just self-defense… but she knew something else was going on there, She knew that was something stronger and horrible is starting to form inside her, that feeling of being powerful and strong … The need to hurt someone.

The day passed quickly and when the siblings returned they sat down to eat with their mother.

“Well! How is school?” Asked his mother with a sweet smile.

Chris stayed quiet and didn’t answer the question.

“Great,” Nina commented with a psychotic smile.

Nina went upstairs after eating and opened her closet revealing her collection of Jeff the Killer . She had several Jeff posters, Jeff clothing, some Jeff notebooks, Jeff dolls, and Jeff stuffed animals. She took a doll from her closet and put it in her bed. She looked at the doll. She couldn’t tell if the doll’s sinister smile intimidated her or amused her. Then she whispered.

“Jeff, you made do this.”

After the incident, Malcolm and Claudia were found unconscious. But they didn’t find the culprit. They also had no idea that Nina was the one who did it. An 11-year-old. So she had that advantage to avoid suspicion, and since it happened the first day of school, Many couldn’t tell if Nina was there because a lot of people didn’t know much when it comes to new students, and it didn’t gain much attention, Also a lot of students didn’t know whether it happened on the first day of school or not.

One day, Nina opened her locker. She found a note which said, “I know what you did … but don’t worry … I will not tell anyone, you are very skillful … but also very dangerous”. Nina didn’t find a signature or anything to identify who wrote the note, but she had the knows that… someone saw her but decided not to reveal his name.

Meanwhile, Nina’s sanity didn’t improve, and she took a knife in the kitchen and hid it in her pocket while sleeping in the room with her brother and mother.

One day when Chris was playing with his new friends in the park, Nina’s mother, who’s name is Monica, noticed that it was getting dark. So she asked her daughter to tell her brother that they are going home now. Nina went to look for her brother but she didn’t saw her little brother. She became worried. So she went over to Chris friends and she asked them where his little brother was. They responded that a black haired girl took him. Nina became very worried and went home to take the knife in her room that she hid so that mother wouldn’t find about it.

Nina spent a lot of time finding him. She was getting desperate and she hopes that her little brother is in a safe place. Then she saw a car coming. When the door of the cars opened. She saw something that was thrown away in the ground. She was suprised when it was Chris who was in the ground. Then she heard laughter coming from the car before the car went away.

Nina quickly held Chris in her arms. Her little brother was brutally beaten and his clothes was ripped apart.

“Chris!, What Happened?!? “she exclaimed while holding the small body of her brother.

“E – them – Nina … at … me … to- play.” said Chris while trying to speak to Nina. Nina tried to control something that was screaming inside, over and over and over again. She felt that she needed to control her anger. Nina quickly took him in the hospital.

Nina called her mother and informed her what happened to Chris, Her mother quickly went to the hospital. The doctor told them that he has internal bleeding and swollen wounds was found in his body, the mother of Nina began to cry but Nina just kept quiet to the situation, she wanted to avoid hurting someone just for revenge.

The next day, Chris was released from the hospital, but the doctor told him to rest for three weeks. Nina didn’t go to school because she wanted to take care of her little brother. She would tell Chris some stories and she would help him by making sure he would take some medications.

Nina went to school again, she received a new note, which read, “I’m sorry about your brother … I hope he recovers. You must never think you’re alone … I’m here, I’ll be your friend … “Nina suddenly blush after reading it. She check the letter again but she didn’t found a signature.

Weeks has passed and the arrival of the school’s picture day arrived. Nina was ready for the picture day. She wear a short black skirt, black stockings with deep red stripes, a sleeveless t-shirt that has black and blue stripes and a bloody red ribbon in her long ponytail hair. But she felt that something was missing, so she look in her closet. She sees her favorite purple hoodie , which reminded her of Jeff The Killer’s hoodie, so she put it on. She went downstairs and sees her little brother waiting in the stairs. They both left the house and said goodbye to their mother.

The siblings went to school, but this time they went to the bus to avoid meeting the trio again in the road.

When they arrive in the school. They saw the trio.

Claudia, Mailcom and Yoni are walking in the hallway.They seem to be searching for someone. But Nina was aware that the trio are searching for her and her brother Chris. The siblings decided to stay away from the hallway and must avoid being seen by them.

The day passed quickly. But unfortunately the trio found them.

Nina felt that she is being followed, when she turned her face to her back.She receive a punch in the face and she fell to the ground. Then she saw her brother. He was caught in the arms of Mailcom, Nina tried to get up but she received an another punch in the belly, She fell back to the ground and she looked up. She saw Claudia.

“At last I have found you,bitch.” said Claudia while standing infront of Nina.

“This is my revenge for attacking me last time.” she said while pulling a gun.

“I don’t want to fight you…” Nina said while trying to stand up, Claudia immediately shoot Nina using her gun, but Nina quickly reacted to it and she avoided the bullet.

Nina stood up and ran as fast as she can to an abandoned house nearby. It was locked inside. So she climb up to the stairs. The trio tried to shoot her with a lot of bullets but they couldn’t successfully shoot her. Nina went inside in the bathroom and she was trapped there. She wanted something to defend her.


“Nina!, Are you gonna stay there? Did you forgot at what I did to your little brother!?,You idiot!” Claudia shouted from outside of the abandoned house.

Nina suddenly felt a combination of hatred and anger, and … that need to kill someone.

Nina look around the room . She saw an iron rod. A twisted smile formed on her face. She took the iron rod and left the room. She quickly dodge the bullets and hit Yoni through the head releasing a stream of blood,some of the blood went on Nina’s face. and there … something that change her,something broke … like a thin thread had broken … that thread that divides sanity from insanity.

Mailcom and Claudia and took a few steps back, Nina turned to their direction showing a psychotic smile, making even Chris shiver with fear. Claudia tried to run along with Mailcom but Nina hit Claudia in the head. She fell down and Mailcom decided to release Chris from his hands. But Nina didn’t stop the violence. She attack Mailcom in the head a lot of times and making his head full of crimson blood. Claudia tried to get her gun in the ground but Nina prevented her. Nina pointed her iron rod to Claudia.

“Ni- Nina … Do you feel good?” Chris said as he felt afraid from his big sister. Nina turned her face to him with a little more relaxed look, but she didn’t stop smiling.

“Do I feel good …? I feel great!, My Prince, Let’s go home ~ …” Nina said to her little brother.

Nina and Chris returned home, Her mother saw Nina with full of blood. So she quickly went to her room.

Nina grabbed her laptop and wrote a note. … a note that perhaps no one will ever read

It was midnight. The mother of Nina and her brother were sleeping, however Nina could not sleep ,so she got up. She looked in the mirror and smiled in a twisted way. She went downstairs and she was ready to do the craziest thing in her life.

Nina walk into the kitchen. She drink a bottle of vodka and put it on the table. Then she started to search for a bottle of bleach in the cabinets. But she found didn’t found any bleach.

“Where is the bleach?…” Nina groaned as she looks for it.

“Did you look for these?…” Nina heard a voice behind her, she turned around and she was suprise to found a guy at the entrance of the kitchen. He was holding a bottle of bleach. The boy had an extremely pale skin, his hair was black and he had a disturbing smile.

“Ah ~ … Your… Jeff The Killer” Nina said.

“I have been observing you for a while … I think you have become a killer like me …hahaha!” Jeff said.

“You’re right! So I need that bottle of bleach …” Nina said.

“Aw ~…Let me help you!” Jeff said as he opened the bottle and pour the bottle of bleach in Nina’s head.

Then Nina felt another liquid running through her head. She looked up and she saw Jeff had a matchbox in his hands. Nina smiled at him.

“What are you waiting for … … Do it.” Nina said with a passion, Jeff grin and he throw the burning match in her face.

“Go to sleep …” Jeff said as Nina’s face began to catch on fire.

The flames started to spread around Nina’s face. She scream loudly. It was very painful for her. She look around but Jeff disappeared. Nina collapsed on the floor. She saw her mother and brother quickly going downstairs. Both of them immediately use a bucket of water to put out the fire. When the fire on her face was gone. Her mother called the ambulance but a lot of neighbors came to their house since they heared Nina’s scream. Nina fell unconscious when they put her on a stretcher and she taken to the ambulance.

Among the neighbors, There was a boy that has a black hair, a pale skin and has green eyes. His height is slightly higher than Nina. The boy looked at her with some concern but he doesn’t how he can help her.

The boy watched as they put Nina to the ambulance.

Nina woke up after being unconscious in the ambulance. She tried to move on her own but the bandages prevented her from moving. Suddenly, a nurse came with her mother and her little brother.

“It will be better if you stay still, you shouldn’t move around,” said the nurse. Her mother and little brother came to her and encouraged her that it’s going to be okay.

After one month of recovery in the hospital. The doctor decided that its time to take off the bandages on her head. Her mother and her little brother were anxious to see her face. But luckily, her face was kept intact and was not entirely damage.

“Well Miss Nina , the burns were not severe. You still had most of your face structures including your nose, but if the fire on your face kept burning. Your face will suffer a great damage. ” the doctor said while removing the last bondage on her face. When the last bondage was finally removed. Nina’s mother was terrified at what she saw while her little brother was hiding behind her mother.

“What … ? What is it?” Nina said while she is getting up from the hospital bed. She run towards to the bathroom and she look herself in the mirror, her face… it was very different from before.

Her skin had turned completely white. Her hair used to reach on her knees but now it’s on her back. Her skin was very soft like a marshmallow. But her family was very suprise at her new face.

“Sister …” Chris said while hugging Nina.

“You still look as beautiful as before.” Chris said but the child knew that he lied to his big sister because he actually felt afraid from her sister’s disturbing face.

“Oh Chris ~ … your so nice …” Nina said while looking at him in that way so disturbing


Nina’s strange behavior confused her mother and her little brother. But it also made the doctor confused at the girl’s behavior.

“This face is…perfect!, Oh my dear Jeff!, YOU GAVE ME THIS BEAUTIFUL FACE! “the girl continued shouting.

“Do- doctor … Is my daughter okay?” Nina’s mother ask the doctor.


“Well, usually things go well after a lot of resting, but if her mental health doesn’t improve. I’ll give her a psychotherapy.” the doctor said.

“I understand…” Nina’s mother said.

Nina’s mother grab Chris’s arm.

“We have to go now.” Nina’s mother said.

“Hahahaha! Sure …!” Nina said while looking her face in the mirror.

The nurse handed her clothes which is her purple hoodie with a short black skirt and black stockings with deep red stripes.

Nina dressed up and left the hospital. She went home with her family. She doesn’t know… that she had become a monster that will kill anyone.

They came to the house and Nina keep smiling in a disturbing way. Then she notice a boy in one of the windows in the house. He had a black hair and has green eyes. The boy was watching her but he quickly disappeared.

That night, Nina’s mother woke up after hearing a sobbing of a girl. Her mother gets up from her bed and she wanted to find the source of the loud noise she heared. She walked quietly and she saw the door of her daughter’s room was open. She went inside the room and the room was very dark. She turn on the lights. Then Nina’s mother saw someting terrible at her daughter’s room.

Nina keeps stabbing a lifeless body of a girl. She keeps stabbing her with a kitchen knife while smiling. Her intestines and internal organs was removed and Nina put it on her bed. Her entire clothes was stained with blood. She stared at the ceiling.

“She used to bullied me at school …” Nina said as she kept staring her eyes to the ceiling.

“Mommy …I’m becoming more beautiful!” she exclaimed as she turn her head to her mother.

Her face … was really bad, her smile was shocking and her eyes was very wide open.

“I get tired of being worried, I get tired of being sad and suffer all the time… now I’ll smile always and people will see my beautiful face … this is the face that Jeff gave me… Am I beautiful ,mama?” Nina ask her mother.

Nina’s mother could not help but take a few steps back, shaking her head.

“No … Nina you … you’ve become a monster … you have killed someone … I …” Nina’s mother started running.

Nina quickly followed her mother.

“Killing peple when they run is funny!” Nina said as she followed her mother.

Nina’s mother tried to run at Chris’s room to wake him up. But when she just about to touch the knob of the door of his room. Nina quickly stab her mother’s skull with a knife and her mother immediately fell down to the ground.

“I’m very kinda sad that mom does not believe I’m beautiful … How sad.” Nina said while pulling the knife out of her mother’s head.

Chris woke up in his room. He felt he was in danger and he was scared. Nina slowly opens the door revealing her shadow. When Chris realize that it’s sister. He took his sheets off to see his sister. But when she saw his sister is holding a knife.

Chris became scared again and he snuggled into his pillow.

“Chris ~ …” Nina said in a whispery tone.

Then Nina ask her little brother a question.

“Am I beautiful?” Nina ask him.

Chris stayed quiet as he hold tightly of his pillow.

“Oh come on Chris … I didn’t do anything bad.~” Nina said.

She hides her hands in her back while crossing her fingers. It’s a sign that Nina was lying to her little brother.

“You know … I feel much more better now. Let’s start a new life … Will you come with me?” Nina said as she gets closer to Chris.

Her little brother Chris nodded at her.

“Oh ~ … Good boy … If you want to join me … Just go to sleep my prince.”

Nina kicked the front door of the house while carrying her little brother on her back. Chris was dead. His dead body was smiling that looks very innocent but his eyes was wide open that makes him look like’s still alive. But in reality, he’s already dead. He was covered in blood and has multiple stabs. Nina took a few steps at the entrance and she slowly looked at her little little brother.

“Chris … I’ll kill more people and make them all asleep.” Nina said as she put down her little brother in the ground. Then she walked away to the streets.

Credit: Anonymous

Publisher’s Note: This story has been translated and edited from the original Spanish version, which can be found here.

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