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My Mom has been acting strange ever since I got back home from a party recently. I think I’m in danger.

My Mom has been acting strange ever since I got back home from a party recently I think I'm in danger

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Right now I don’t even know if this is the best course of action, but I feel that It’s important to document what exactly has been happening at my house these past 2 weeks. I’m quite honestly terrified, however I don’t think I can go to the police or my friends with this information.

My mom and I live in a simple two story house. Just the two of us. We always get along great and spend a decent amount of time together. But ever since I got back from my friend’s party, she hasn’t been the same.

I got home pretty late. Maybe 2 or 3 AM. I pulled my car into the driveway and entered the house as quietly as possible so as not to disturb my mom while she was sleeping. I quietly sneaked through the darkness of my house to the kitchen to get some water and snacks to take up to my room. When I entered the kitchen, I turned on the light and, to my surprise, my mother was already standing in the kitchen. She’s looking out of the window over the sink into the dark expanse of our backyard.

Startled as hell, I asked her

“Mom, why are you standing in the dark in the middle of the kitchen..? And what are you looking at? It’s a bit creepy”.

I tried to make some humor out of the situation, expecting another humorous remark to be made back to me. But she didn’t respond. From where I was standing, I was unable to see her face as she was looking out of the window.

It was hard to get a read of the situation and what exactly was going through her mind, so I speak up again and change the subject

“Well… the party was chill. I left kinda early since all the people I actually cared about left.”

I said as I grabbed what I needed from the fridge.

Still a bit curious and worried about her, I asked

“Hey, are you okay?”

She responds to me without taking her eyes off of the yard

“Yes, okay!”

But the way she said it felt off. She said it in what seemed like an excited, cheery voice. Like she was accepting an invitation or proposal from someone that really excited her. It felt completely inappropriate for the mood and setting we were in. It’s hard to explain well…

From all of the horror movies I’ve seen, I knew that approaching her was not really something I should do. And honestly, at the time, her answer was good enough to me. I took my snacks and went up to my room immediately to sleep, leaving the lights in the kitchen on for her to finish…whatever she was doing.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of breakfast. This was normal, as she usually cooks breakfast for me on weekends since she’s in no rush to get to work. I come downstairs and greet her with a “good morning” as I pour myself some juice from the fridge and take a seat.

She responds with a

“Good morning sweetie”

She seemed completely back to normal. I was relieved. I didn’t know what happened last night. I didn’t know if she was being emotional or if I was overanalyzing it, but I was ready to move past it. She turns around from the stove with an omelet and some potatoes and begins to plate my food. She asked me how the party was and if I slept well. I was going to mention that I already told her last night but decided to just leave it.

“It was good, I left kinda early since all the people I actually cared about left.”

I replied with the same explanation as yesterday.

“I see, well I’m glad you didn’t stay the whole night because then you wouldn’t have made it for breakfast today”.

It seemed like she didn’t notice that I gave her the same answer as the previous night.

After a bit more chatter, we sit down together and begin to start eating breakfast. As I cut into my omelet and raised the fork to my mouth for the first bite, I noticed something strange about the piece I had cut. I looked closer and noticed something shiny within the slightly runny insides of the omelet. I took it out with my hand to see that it was a small sewing needle. Small enough to where it would be almost completely undetectable until It was too late. My heart started to beat fast as I ask her

“Mom… what is this…?”

I hold the needle up and show her what I found in my food.

“This… this was inside of my food”

After seeing it, her face looked concerned. She immediately apologized and stressed to me over and over again about how she had no idea how it got inside of my omelet.

“I’m so sorry, you know I would never knowingly do something to hurt you.”

She says to me as she gives me a hug.

“Don’t eat that anymore, I’ll make you a whole new one”.

By that time, I had lost my appetite, but she was able to convince me that it truly was an accident. I honestly started to feel a little bad for even humoring the idea that she did it on purpose. It was just such a strange occurrence that I had to wonder if there was any malicious intent behind it.

The rest of our day continued normally. We laughed a lot, watched some of our favorite movies, gossiped, and then ended our long day with our usual “goodnight”.

I went to bed that night at around 10:30pm.

When I was a little kid, I was deathly afraid of the dark. So, my mom bought two nightlights and put one in my room and one in the hallway. While I don’t use one in my bedroom anymore, we for some reason have always continued to leave one in the hallway. I guess we were just used to it being there and never had a reason to NOT have it there.

Later on in the night, I woke up thirsty and drank from the glass of water on my dresser next to my bed. In the process of doing so, I noticed something odd. Under my door, I could see the familiar glow of the nightlight. However, the glow was being partially covered by a shadow. I could tell that someone was standing right outside of my door.

This was unnerving enough to make me do absolutely nothing but stare for 1-2 minutes. The shadow never shifted. Not even slightly.

After some time, I called out towards the door


Without hearing any response, I see the shadow begin to move slowly and quietly back towards the direction of my mother’s room.

The next morning, I came downstairs to breakfast again, slightly tired. After the shadow incident, I was unable to sleep well for the rest of that night. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was constantly being watched.

Immediately I asked about it

“Mom, were you outside of my room last night? At like 3am?”

Ignoring my question, she says to me

“Remember when you were younger and you would let me brush out the curls in your hair? We should try that again. Come on!”

She beckons me towards the kitchen sink that was already slightly filled with water.

I noticed some conditioner and a brush on the counter as well.

At this point, I was reluctant. After weighing the evidence of what has happened to me since the night of the party, I think anyone would be reluctant. But somewhere in me, it felt ridiculous to imagine that my mom was suddenly an enemy. I figured that I was overreacting and decided to let her take care of my hair.

I sat down, leaned back and put my head over the sink, looking up at her and the ceiling as she began to condition and detangle all of the knots I had in my curly hair. I had forgotten how good it felt to have my hair maintained by someone.

After about 25 minutes of conditioning and talking about random stuff to pass the time she tells me it’s time to finish up. I felt my hair and was surprised with how smooth and hydrated it felt.
She began to rinse my hair with the spray nozzle of the sink. After rinsing most of it she tells me to stand up and put my head face-first into the sink so that she can finish the last bit of rinsing on the back of my head.


We continued our conversation as she rinsed my hair. But while I was in the middle of talking, I felt a sudden, hard grip dig deep into my hair. Suddenly my head is thrusted into the water that filled the sink. I immediately began to panic. I was being drowned. You would be surprised how absolutely weak you feel in a situation like this. Your mind is in a state of panic while someone has their entire weight over you, holding you down by the back of your head. My arms alternated between flailing around and trying to push myself up using the edges of the kitchen counter. After what felt like ages, the grip released and I instantly raised my head out from the water, coughing and trying to catch my breath. I turned around viciously and stared at my mother.

“What the FUCK are you doing?!” I yell while trying to regain my balance.

She begins to laugh and point at me with one hand while the other slaps her knee over and over.

“I got you! You should have seen your face!”

I stared in disbelief. My unhappy reaction was obvious enough for her to stop laughing and look at me with a concerned look.

“Oh sweetie, don’t be such a bad sport. It was just a joke.”

She walked towards me with a hugging motion.

I maneuver myself away from her, backing up cautiously with the same, cautious look on my face.

I was scared of her.

THAT was not my mother’s kind of humor. My mom would never take a joke so far. Not far enough to risk hurting me.

This was the point I knew that something was wrong with her.

This was the point where I wasn’t even sure if that was my mom anymore.

From this point on, I was distant. I would only talk to her when necessary. I started skipping breakfast and dinner while staying in my room more.

The nights where she would stand outside of my door continued. It happened every night at around the same time. Every night, the shadow under my door would disappear after some time.

I was on edge a lot more. I started leaving the house more often and staying at friends’ houses when I could. As long as it meant that I could stop spending so much time in the same house as her.

She stopped going to work. Instead, I would always see her out in the backyard during the day doing random things like digging holes, stabbing the grass with a trowel, or standing on the grass talking to herself. Though I was never able to hear what she was saying.

But, what happened to me last night was something I’ll never forget. Before going to sleep, I remember praying that I would be able to sleep through the night peacefully without waking up, as seeing her shadow from underneath the door always makes me deeply uncomfortable and scared.

To my misfortune, when my eyes opened up to the darkness of my room, I realized that I had woken up in the middle of the night again. I slowly bring my eyes to the bottom of my door and see that she is there again. Standing on the other side of my door silently. I lay my head back down and try extremely hard to sleep. But given the conditions, there was no chance that I was even close to sleeping again.

But this time,

I heard a knock on my door.


Three soft, spaced out knocks.

After that, it was dead silence. I layed there, deeply terrified. Why was she knocking this time? Why now after all this time?

My mind was racing.


Then, a realization entered my mind that frightened me to the point where I was barely able to move.

My door doesn’t have a lock.

Since I was a kid, it never had a lock. The only barrier left that prevented access to me didn’t even have a lock.

I heard the knocks again


I immediately hid my head under my covers, returning to the child instincts that kept me safe from the monsters all those years ago. However, this time, I knew this wouldn’t keep me safe.

I heard the door slowly creep open, my eyes closed tightly shut as I hid under my blankets. I listened for footsteps entering my room, preparing myself for the worst.

But there were no footsteps.

“Did she give up?”

“Did she open the door and just leave?”

“Is she still standing there now?”

All of these thoughts crossed my mind. Not knowing the answer was only scaring me even more.

I layed under my blankets and listened. I listened for what felt like 5 minutes. The silence was immense. I had no idea what was happening or what my fate was.

I continued to listen


Then, I heard a flurry of pitter-patter. It was going inhumanely fast and I could hear the sound of contact being made with the floor… and then the walls… and then the ceiling…
It was all around my room.

My heart sank. My eyes were closed so tightly shut that it physically hurt.

“Is she on all fours?”
“Is she just running that fast on her feet?”
“How is she going around my room like that?”
“Is this where I die?”

These were the last thoughts I had before I lost consciousness. I don’t know if it was induced by a panic attack or stress or what. But I do know that I’m mostly glad that it took me out of that moment. I woke up the next morning to everything in my room knocked over and in disarray.

It was nowhere in sight.
Did it leave?
Is it in the house still?

I still do not know. After finally getting the courage to leave my bed, I was able to get a chair and prop it up against my door as I type this. I don’t know who I should talk to or where I should go. But I do know that I will not be staying another night here. I haven’t heard any noise from within my house since waking up. I’m posting this here because I have a feeling that this is the only place where people will believe what is happening to me.

I’m going to take the chair off of the door and make a run for it. I still haven’t heard anything outside of the door, so the coast seems clear. I will make it out of here and I will never come back.

Credit: Kingston


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