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Me and my brother hunt monsters. Yesterday we found God.

Me and my brother hunt monsters Yesterday we found God

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Me and my younger brother hunt monsters. Now I understand how that must sound to you. There’s no possible way anything supernatural could actually exist in our world, right? If that is your first thought, well, you’d be wrong. Very wrong. Me and my brother know this better than anyone else. My brother and I have always been very close. We had to have each other’s backs in a world that was out to get us since the moment we were born. Allow me to explain what I mean by this. Like I said in the beginning, there are things out there. Things much worse than any human could ever be, things much more powerful. We as a species like to think of ourselves on the top of the food chain. Now that may be true when it comes to the animal kingdom, but certainly not when it comes to the paranormal world. Humans cause massive amounts of damage to the planet and its inhabitants. We are a unique type of creature in that way. You don’t see bears polluting the earth and creating weapons of mass destruction. We are the exception. However, There are things out there far, far worse than us humans. Things most of us cannot even begin to comprehend.

Demons, ghosts, angels, the list goes on and on. These creatures really do exist, believe it or not. They walk the earth like you and me. Some are more dangerous and sinister than others, and some pose a big threat to our existence. That’s where me and Chris come in (my brother). We have seen things most people will never see in their entire lives. We’ve seen demons tear apart innocent children limb from limb, all while it laughs maniacally. We have dealt with ghosts, demons, werewolves, wendigo’s, you name it. So to say we have a little experience is a severe understatement. But none of it was enough to prepare us for what we encountered yesterday.

The day started out like any other. Me and Chris had just woken up. The clock read 6:34am. We had decided to get an early start on the day, in an effort to get more work done. I walked into our cramped kitchen, and poured myself a cup of coffee. Chris looked up from his computer and said, “mornin, come check this out”. I made my way to the dining room table and sat down. Chris explained that a farmer reported a disappearance of all his livestock. “Weird isn’t it?” Chris said, taking a sip from his cup. I had to admit, it was strange to say the least. Hundreds of animals suddenly vanishing with no trace is highly unusual. “Well it definitely sounds like our type of thing.” I said. Chris shut the laptop, and hopped out of his chair enthusiastically. “Looks like we’re going to Idaho!” Chris said, excitement in his voice. We packed up all of our gear, and hit the road.


Fast forward a few hours and we had finally reached our destination. We found the nearest motel, and got settled in. “This place is nasty as shit” Chris exclaimed. Looking around the room I noticed multiple stains in the carpet, plastic wrappers, and other filth. “Yeah, well it’s not a 5 star hotel, but it’ll do.” Chris turned on the old tv and layed down on his bed. I brushed my teeth and layed down as well, falling asleep almost instantly.

We woke up early the next morning and got to work immediately. Before we went to the locations where these events have been taking place, we needed to research more, as to know what to expect. We truly had little idea of what we are dealing with. “Perhaps it was a skin walker. They are known to leave little evidence of their victims.” I suggested. “How does one skin walker kill all those animals on its own?” Chris asked. He was right. There was no way a single skin walker could do all of this, and it’s extremely unlikely there was a large group of them. Besides, skin walkers prefer human flesh, and the owners of the farms were completely unharmed.

Chris and I kept researching but couldn’t find a real answer to all of this. I mean, is it possible this wasn’t paranormal at all? Yes. It’s possible. But why would someone make this up? We pondered and debated our ideas upon ourselves for nearly 3 hours, before we decided to go ahead and interview the farmers. The first farm we went to was a thirty minute drive from the hotel. Upon arrival we noticed, what we presumed to be, the owner of the farm on his knees in the middle of a field. Both me and Chris cautiously approached him, being careful not to alarm him. “Hello there sir, my name is Zack, this is my brother Chris. We are here concerning the disappearance of all your livestock.” The older gentleman looked up, he must have been in his mid 60’s. His face covered in wrinkles. “What is there to investigate? I already gave a statement to the police. You some kind of detectives?” He didn’t seem exactly thrilled we were there, but then again none of the people we talk to about these things really are.

“You could say that.” Chris said, glancing at me before continuing. “We just want to help you figure out who, or what, did this.” The guy got off his knees and patted the dirt off of his overalls, his demeanor becoming noticeably less confrontational. “You wouldn’t believe me. The cops sure as hell didn’t.” he explained. “Well we aren’t the police. Just walk us through everything you may have seen or heard the night this took place.” I stated, looking him in the eyes with a smile. “It’s a long story. It was about 2 weeks ago. I was getting ready for bed and had just finished doing my nightly check around the farm. I fell asleep without issue. Couldn’t have been asleep for more than an hour before..” he paused, noticeably uncomfortable. “I woke up to a bright light shining through my curtains. Sitting up slowly, I made my way to the front door. Peeking from behind the door, I saw it. This massive ball of glowing white light.” His voice now shaking, eyes darting around as if he was waiting for something to show up. Chris placed his hand on the old man’s shoulders as a way of comforting him. “So what exactly happened after you saw this white ball of light?” I said, extremely curious at this point.

He led us inside where he continued to recount this event. “At first the ball of light just levitated there, maybe 10 feet above the ground. When I first saw it, I felt a sense of calm, and overwhelming joy come over me. I became entranced in the light. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, this thing was other worldly. But then, out of nowhere, that joy and wonder had quickly turned into absolute terror.” His eyes began to fill with tears as he looked to the ground. “I can’t exactly explain why I felt horrified all of a sudden. But I’ll tell you this, it was the most scared I’ve been in my life. As soon as the fear began to hit its peak, the ball of light flashed so bright I couldn’t see a thing. This high pitched ringing began to sound out from every direction, causing me to fall to the ground in pain.” Chris looked at me with a concerned look on his face. Personally I was stunned. I have never, in all of my years, heard of something like this. “I woke up in the morning in the middle of my driveway. When I went to check on the animals, well, they were all gone. Like they had vanished into thin air.” He explained.

Chris and I both thanked him for his time, and left. We weren’t sure what to make of this, our minds scrambling to find an answer to all of this. As soon as we got back to the hotel we immediately started to research. We must have spent hours researching, only to come up with nothing. “This doesn’t make any sense.” Chris said, confusion in his tone. “I mean, we’ve literally never seen anything like this shit. Hell, we’ve never heard of anything like this. What are we supposed to make of it?.” I pondered some more, deciding the best course of action would be to do a stake out in the area. Later that night we headed out to the farm and parked across from it in a ditch. We had brought a variety of items/tools to assist us. The entire night went by uneventfully. The most happening being some coyotes roaming around the fields. This didn’t deter us however. We have been on hundreds of stake outs, and this is usually how it goes. Hell, we had spent a week staking out a house that was haunted by two ghosts, without seeing anything. This job takes extreme patience sometimes. Thankfully both myself, and Chris, are very patient people. Well.. most of the time.


The next day we decided to go with a different approach. We set up night vision cameras around the property, without alerting the farmer. This would allow us to get a better look from multiple angles. We were hopeful we’d catch something on the cameras. Looking back I wish this had all been a hoax. Around 3 hours into our second night, we noticed something. “Chris do you see that shit?” I said, trying to cover the concern in my voice. “Uh.. yeah. What the hell is that?.” We both looked in amazement, and horror at what was before us. It had to be a good thirty feet in the air. The glowing white orb slowly made it’s way to the ground as we watched in disbelief. The farmer had previously said he felt a sense of calm and joy. But that’s not what I was feeling at all. I felt peer terror. Looking at Chris, I could tell he felt the same. He had fear written all over his face. I can’t blame him, I probably looked mortified as well.


We continued watching this out of world event unfold before our eyes. It took around a minute for it to reach the ground. This thing just stayed there. It didn’t move for over a minute. I snapped out of my shock and shook Chris. He snapped his head towards me and gave me a nod. We both got out of the car and cautiously made our way towards the orb. My angel killing blade in my right hand, just in case. We stopped about 4 feet away from it. The light was excruciatingly bright. We just stood there, watching it, unsure what to do or say. After a minute or two of silence I decided to say something. “h-hello..?” I muttered, unsure of what else to say. Out of no where, the light morphed into a human shape. The light slowly started to lessen. Before we knew it, we were face to face with a normal looking guy. He looked to be in his early twenties. Short brown hair, brown eyes, and an all white suit.

He stared at us with a grin on his face, eyes glowing white. “Well, are you two just gonna stare?.” He said in a sarcastic tone. Me and Chris looked at each other. I gripped my angel knife harder, preparing to fight this thing if need be. “What exactly are you? And what do you want with this farmer?” I sputtered out, attempting but failing to keep my poker face. Chris nodded, backing up my line of questioning. “Listen Zack” he started before I cut him off. “How do you know my name?” This was a fair question considering I never mentioned it. “I know everyone’s name. Hell, I know everything about everyone on earth. I created you, but not just you. I created everyone and everything.” He explained in a cocky voice. What he said didn’t click in my brain at first. I mean surely he couldn’t be serious. Whatever this thing is had to be delusional. Chris spoke up, “You really expect us to believe that shit?”. The “thing” looked offended by the statement. “I knew you humans were stupid but this is a new low. Tell me, have you ever seen anything quite like me?” I’ll admit, he had a point. But that didn’t exactly convince me.

At this point we were starting to lose our patience. “Okay, do something only God could do.” Chris half mindedly said. The thing in the suit looked at him with a sinister smirk. “Alright, sure. If it speeds this conversation up then why not.” He snapped his fingers and next thing we knew we were all in a white room. Both me and Chris were taken aback. I was in utter shock. We’ve been hunting monsters for a long time and this, well, we had never seen anything like this before. “Holy shit.” Chris said in an eager voice. “I hate to be that guy but come on, language.” God said, giving him a glare. “Oh shit I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.” Chris replied. The way Chris was acting was bizarre to me. I’ve never seen him act so submissive towards someone before. “Okay.. now that we’ve got that out of the way. What do you want with the farmer? You’re god, why does God care about a single farmer?” I said, genuinely curious. “It’s complicated. But I’ll try my best to explain it in a way your human brains can understand. I took away his livestock to mess with him. I purposefully showed him my true form. See, I recently came to the conclusion that you humans are greedy. Now I’ve known this for a long, long time. But over the past one hundred years you’ve all become worse.” God explained, walking back and forward while doing so. “Do you know how long I’ve lived without being seen? Sure people think they know me, but they don’t. Not really. It’s a disappointing reality.”

We didn’t know what to say. Hearing god talk this way was morbid to say the least. It just didn’t feel real. “Do you understand where I’m going with this? This farmer isn’t the only human I’ve been messing with. I’m tired of people blaming their problems on me. Looking to me for help. As if I owe them. I don’t owe any of you anything. I created this universe, I gave your lives purpose, and yet, it’s not enough. One day I decided I needed to do something. Only to those who asked me for help in their lives. I began to detest every single one of them. So I messed with them. Whatever they asked for, they’d get the opposite. I’d make their lives 10x worse than it already was.” At this point Chris had his jaw dropped in utter disbelief. My brain couldn’t process everything that was happening. So, I just let him continue. “So to answer your question, I’m doing this because I’m sick of humanity’s selfishness. Nothing more.”

God stared me straight in the eyes, waiting for a response. I honestly didn’t know what to say. Looking at Chris, I could tell he didn’t either. This was all a lot to take in. Mostly due to the fact we were actually talking to God. Don’t get me wrong, we knew god must have existed before this encounter. But this was undoubtedly proof. “So we done here?” God said, as if this was boring him. “I’m a very busy man and I don’t have time to talk to you two all night.” Me and Chris glanced at each other. “Are you serious right now? How could you say all of that about your own creation?” I said, my anger quickly building. Chris gave me a look as if to say “don’t.” But I couldn’t help myself. What kind of God would do this to people? People who believe in him, and worship him. It’s just wrong.


God looked at me. His smirk which had stayed there the entire time, now fading. “Listen Zack. I don’t expect you to understand. You’re human, you let your emotions get in the way of everything you do and say. But that doesn’t give you the right to question your own creator. Don’t test me.” He said. “What gives you the right to mess with your creations? Just because they’re asking for your help? You know what that makes you right? An asshole. You’re nothing but a vengeful, selfish, prick.” I said bluntly, my face starting to feel warm from anger. Chris looked at me horrified at what I had just said. It didn’t fully register in my head until it was too late. Not that I would have been able to do anything about what happened next. God frowned, his veins starting to glow white. At that point I knew I messed up big time. “You do not get to talk to me that way!” He yelled in the loudest, deepest voice I have ever heard. The room we were in started to shake, and a ringing sound slowly started to emanate. “This is what’s wrong with you people! You don’t know when to stop. You don’t respect anything you don’t understand! Well, understand this. He raised his arm towards Chris and lifted him in the air with his mind. I watched frozen in terror as God broke my brothers bones excruciatingly slowly. Chris screamed out in pain, until his ribs broke and punctured his lungs. By this point he was gurgling up blood, and seemed to be on the verge of passing out. “This is what happens when you don’t know your place Zack. You lose people you love.” God snapped Chris’s neck and he fell to the floor. Everything happened so fast. I didn’t have time to react. I was in complete shock. It was my fault. “Don’t worry Zack, you’ll be seeing him in hell once your time comes. But for now, you’ll have to live with your brother’s demise.” God snapped his finger, sending me back to the farmer’s driveway.

Eventually the sun had started to rise. Beams of light started to slowly crawl their way over the fields. I must have sat there for hours, trying to take in everything that had just happened. I didn’t know what to think. I had just watched my own brother die in front of me. Not in a quick fashion either. He suffered. God wanted Chris to suffer, in return, making me suffer. He wants me to live my life knowing I got my brother killed. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. The look on my brother’s face was the only thing on my mind. I can’t erase the memory no matter how hard I try. I eventually made my way to the car and drove to the hotel. Where I am now. You see, this isn’t just a recount of everything that happened. This is my suicide note. I can’t live with this guilt. Not only that, I don’t want god to get what he wants. Maybe he wanted me to off myself. But I don’t really care all that much. All I care about is being with my brother. So this is it. Be careful about what you pray to god for, or you might just be next.

Credit: DankSlurp


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