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Lucid Dreamer

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Dreams are just your mind dealing with the day’s events, right? Nothing paranormal about that; everyone does it. I mean, there are places you visit often in your dreams. A certain house, a shop, a school… But these places are just figments of your imagination, right?

Have you ever wondered about these places and the people within them?

I know you’re out there, “lucid dreamers”. You’re the ones who can control what happens when they dream. You are just beyond that film, that membrane that separates us.

Lucid Dreamer, have you ever wondered what that beautiful woman in your dream felt when you suddenly decided you wanted to fuck her? Oh, she seemed willing enough, didn’t she?

Have you ever considered that you raped that woman, Lucid Dreamer? That she had no choice but to do everything you willed her to do while her mind watched on in horror?


Remember, Lucid Dreamer, all those awful things you have done in your dreams… And consider what those who call dreams their home must think of you. What they wish to do to you in kind.


I’m waiting, Lucid Dreamer, for those nights when your exhaustion keeps you from your power.

Oh, the things I will do to you then. Sweet dreams.

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108 thoughts on “Lucid Dreamer”

  1. A very tasty pasta. I love the point of view, but one thing,…I’m a lucid dreamer. Muahahaha! But I often get sleep paralysis.

  2. I’m a 13 year old lucid dreamer, and this actually made me feel guilty, not creeped out. Like, I haven’t “done the do” with someone in my dream, but I still feel guilty.

  3. Concept was fine, just executed poorly. Ended too quickly, not nearly interesting enough. 5/10, and I’m being generous.

  4. I am a lucid dreamer.
    And I laugh at you.

    I only dream lucidly, so if you want to come at me…

    Be fucking prepared.

  5. Shitshitshit i can relate to the whole rape part, though it doesn’t seem like rape, it was perfectly described in the story that she ‘seemed willing enough’

  6. The funny thing is that when i was a little kid i had extremley reaistic dreams, if i dreamed something then it would come true if i remembered what i dreamed, like when i got 3 A’s on spelling tests i never studied for. But it could have been a premontiton. Either way good pasta, i’ve ‘eaten’ well lol

  7. Well. This disturbed me a little. While I’m NOT a lucid dreamer, I often run into things from my dreams. Even things in my nightmares. And when you run into people and places you see in your dreams a lot, and you read this, you feel just a little scared for your own dreams…

  8. I think I may have had a lucid dream once. I just have a feeling that at one point, I knew that I had controlled my dream, but now I don’t remember neither the dream or the memory. It kind of sounds weird to remember something you don’t remember, so what I just said probably doesn’t make sense.
    Anyway, I did predict the future in my dream once. As it so often happens, at first I didn’t actually remember the dream. The dream was just a little scene from my life, nothing important, just a couple of seconds of a conversation with my brother. I was about nine or ten years old, I think, and I remember that in my dream I said to my brother, “Hey, I dreamt this!”
    So, a couple of days later, we were checking our parents took us to show us the apartment that we were going to move into. We were deciding which would be the kids’ (my bother and me) room, and which will be the parents’ room. My brother and I were in the parents room, and I said something along the lines of “Let’s build a fort/tent!” (*out of pillows and blankets, like children often do). Immediately after saying that sentence, I said, “Hey, I dreamt this!”, and desperately tried to convince my brother that it was real. I think I may have had another situation like this, but like with the lucid dreaming, the memory is not real.
    My brother had a similar event once, though he didn’t predict a scene form his life. He dreamt about the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, and the next day a girl from his class told him about how she killed herself with a snake (or something like that, I’m not very good at history) without him previously mentioning the dream. My theory is that, since they were in the same class, my brother subconsciously picked it up from the same source as the girl, he just didn’t remember it.
    Anyway, love the pasta– short but sweet :)

  9. I am a lucid dreamer, but no sex or murder in my dreams…. well, there is the occasional dragon slaying. Am I safe?

    I think the only person I may have really offended with my dreams was good ‘ol Pyramid Head. I stole his giant knife and then spammed my “instant replay button” to watch as I stole it again and again.

    I enjoyed the story, it was short but tasty.

  10. BlacktShadowWolf

    i am a wolf when i dream i go int other peoples dreams an i share dreams with a group of 5 other people one of my friends is in that dream she is a white wolf and i know they are shared dreams cause on the phone when we talk about them they are the same dreams and we meet the same people i can enter other peoples dreams and i have tested to make sure i can do other things and if i get hurt in my dreams when i wake up i have that pain for the langth of time it would take to really heal so you dear writer have done a good job on this story but telling a group or people to bewere in there dreams with out knowing all there powers is not a smart idea

  11. If it ‘s a lucid dream, I don’t think it’s possible for the “rape victim” to dislike the “rape” unless the dreamer wants them to. I definitely have never raped someone in a dream. It was all consensual dream sex.

  12. I am a rare lucid dreamer only because it is rare for me to actually sleep. But i am a very good daydreamer. I have daydreams that are so real that when I imagine great black feathered wings sprouting from my back, beating lightly, I can feel the breeze…
    But i do have proof that you can be in other peoples dreams. Me, my sister, and our brother had decided to have a “sleepover” in one of our rooms. I had a strange dream. Giant transformer robots where battling everywhere, and the school was split in two, younger kids on one team, the older kids in the other. As I was in year six, I was a referee for one such battle. I couldn’t see who was inside, but I would be able to recognise the spoon weilding robot on the youngsters side, and the toaster bot on the other team. When we woke up that morning my sister looked at us, and told us of a weird dream. in her dream she was in a war between the youngsters and the oldies…
    You see where this is heading?
    It freaked us out completely, although we have yet to have another shared dream. We stopped actually trying after a while too.

  13. I think I only ever had one lucid dream. I was a little kid and, for some reason, decided to make Shaggy and Scooby Doo crossdress

    So they would be the only ones who would want revenge, and really, I just need to say boo to scare them into running

  14. Hey Chalkin, I do the same thing, but for me, being me isnt enough, I can never be me in my dreams, I hate my human shape, when I dream, I am never, or almost never, human, and when I am, I give myself things, such as fangs, claws, incredible and supernatural abilities….not once have I ever commited a sexual act in my dreams though, that doesnt attract me, the feeling and rush I get after sinking my teeth into the flesh of another…I loved that. after finally mastering flight in my dreams, I became a sort of feathered dragon being, and I was worshipped in my dreams, of course, worshipping is never enough, I burned everything and everyone, sometimes the smell of smoke was so incredibly real I would wake up and think the house was burning down. Then after the superpowered phase, I moved onto new things, I controlled the environment, made forests, suburbs, and entered an animal phase, making myself a wolf or a cougar, and stalked people in my dreams. Finallyy as of late though, my life has settled down ande I no longewr need that thrill, so now, I just create a nice hill, a warm breeze, and imagine myself cuddling the entire time with the one I love.

  15. I hate you, this pasta. Mostly because I am an avid lucid dreamer. I’m going to do it tonight and I hope I’m ready.

  16. reminds me of SHODAN from System shock the way it addresses the dreamer. “look at you, hacker…” and such.

  17. Great pasta, but just a bad ending.
    I’m a lucid dreamer, and I didn’t have the guts to lucid dream last night.

  18. Being a lucid dreamer, this story makes me think.
    Yes, I wonder if the people I meet are really others dreaming as well. But in any case, the beginning drew me in [as well as the title] but I quickly lost interest after “I know you’re out there, ‘lucid dreamers’. ”
    I guess it was a pretty good pasta, but it was rather stale.
    Coulda had a V8.

  19. I am a lucid dreamer, but I have yet to dream of raping anyone O.o my dreams usually involve zombies or me having super-human abilities.

  20. I lucid dream on occasion, I’ve never had sex in a dream because cum is a bitch to clean….. murder However is a pasttime I enjoy. PS this story was shit, there was absolutely no creepy factor, and it’s a regurgitated concept.

  21. Fuck you narrator, what now, your tied down and sudden have a magnificent rack! how’d that happen? my dream, now assume the position.

  22. Psh, maybe the Lucid Dreamer is just bad with the ladies. The women in my lucid dreams want and love my lovin’, which is good because I can’t do anything if I don’t ask them permission first, because I’m a pussy about hurting people in dreams.

  23. what? the women in my dreams dont seem very willing at all, but thats the way i like them lolol

    by definition a lucid dream is one in which you control EVERYTHING, so let the dream beings be pissed off, you can just zap them out of existence anytime you like (or do it the fun way, by disembowling them and then transforming all their blood into gasoline and letting them ignite xD)

  24. In my late teens, I loved to explore new aspects of me. Most of these aspects were immoral and twisted; I didn’t share it with my friends or family.

    However, I soon discovered my ability to form dreams of my own choice and imagination. Most times the settings were not of my choosing. Sometimes I encountered those people whom I knew of in my conscious state.

    I began to take advantage of my control. In my normal life I was masochistic and my boyfriend knew fully of this, but in my dreams it was I who tormented him. I soon grew tired of him and turned to other men and women that I knew of; for a period of time, I’ve delved into incest and cannibalism. Each time I tried something new, each night I anticipated to dream lucidly, I loved control.

    I had one rule, however. I loved meeting new citizens of my dream. Most of the time I gave them personalities of my own imagining. Most of the time I simply let them randomly assemble into being. But I loved control too much. I would only become acquainted to someone in my dream temporarily; I would torment them to pleasure myself, only to disintegrate them from my subconsciousness afterwards.

    I have to admit that I miss some of my subjects. It would seem, however, that each subject would be replaced with a more intriguing one each new night that I dream. I’ll be waiting for you, author. Perhaps you’ll be one that’s interesting enough for me to keep.

  25. hah the jokes on you. i already organized my dream dimension and it inhabitants into a glorious empire where i reign as a god. most of them live in this colossal city i made. i put a lot of detail into it. gave me a migraine.

  26. I like it, but it would be great if it was lengthened. Or in the point of view of one of the dream world beings? Meh. It’s fine, but it makes me wish I was a lucid dreamer.

  27. I actually have not done very many sexing in my dreams. A lot of my lucid dreams are actually nursing wounded animals back to health, but I suppose there is the part about them getting wounded they’d have against me.

  28. Reminds me of the debate over ethics with artificial intelligence. When you kill video game characters, is that murder on some level? etc. yeah. That. It’s cool.

  29. Ahh i like. Good enough effect to it….although i was listening to the ‘Halloween Theme’ at the time funnily enough, decent but not the best.
    Keep em short too! Long winded are getting tiresome

  30. I like, I like! I have to remember to set my alarm clock for 3:30 AM tonight so I can lucid dream when I go back to sleep. I’ll dream about the narrator as Princess Leia when she was Jabba the Hut’s slave-girl and make her have a three-way with me and Drew Barrymore.

  31. This is dumb if you’re an actual lucid dreamer, because it doesn’t make sense.

    “People who inhabitat dreams” is just your imagination.
    inb4 OR IS IT

  32. I only have had one lucid dream and that was just when I was flying. It was really hard to do, and it didn’t really feel much like flying, more just like, swinging but with no rope sort of.

    Anyways what I was gonna say was that this pasta makes me glad that I’ve never had a lucid dream where I fucked a girl.

  33. I am a lucid dreamer.
    And from your story, you are not.
    To claim your revenge on me is useless.
    I’ll just take you again.
    Think I’m lying?
    Test me.

  34. I am a lucid dreamer.
    And I have done terrible things to wonderful people in my dreams.
    But I have also saved myself from the nightmares.
    It’s a blessing, it’s a gift.
    I am God in my dreams.
    And there is nothing you can do about it.

  35. Ooh… what a good pasta… sadly, I don’t ever recall having lucid dreams, but this kinda gives me the feeling of not wanting any now.

    Seconds please. ^__^

  36. But you didn’t bring up the fact that all of those places and people are the mind’s enterpretation of parts of yourself–so, really, you’d be raping yourself in your dream-sleep.

    Now how fucked up is THAT?

  37. The subject matter interests me but this didnt really go anywhere. are there any more creepypastas on lucid dreams?

  38. I was interested because it’s about lucid dreaming, but then the end made it fail for me, because all I ever do in my lucid dreams is make myself appear at home and then wander around a bit till I wake up. Not very spooky.

  39. I can control my dreams somewhat… Like, if I know something’s gonna happen I can do something about it or wake myself up… but that’s pretty much it. Yummy pasta. :P

  40. wow i just have dreams about talking animals….i cant control it so this story means absolutely nothing to me but it is well wrote. so i dont know where the fuck i was going with this. very good i guess

  41. A rather tasty turn-around from the bland, starchy pastas I’ve been suffering through recently. My compliments to the chef.

  42. I liiiiike!

    Coz i have very real dreams all the time,,, but normally about being older and travelling….

  43. Not frightening, but interesting.
    Considering when I lucid dream mostly I like to fly about like ‘8D WHEEEEEEE’ I think I’m pretty safe.

  44. Not particularily creepy, but I feel aroused (somehow I imagine Salma Hayek in a leather outfit narrating this…), so thumbs up.

  45. oh wow, interesting. I’ve been able to lucid dream sometimes, but not often at all. when I do get power its fleeting and my consciouscness of my dream state comes and goes just as quickly.

    this wasn’t that frightening.

  46. La Muerta Blanca

    Jeebs, nice way to creep you out of lucid control for a sec.
    If that were me, I’d feel lucky for those who don’t even know what it is.
    But then think, what if you were so exhausted you fell asleep – lucid dreaming just out of reach until a certain amount of time you’ve been asleep – then you faked it until the supposed torturer came along?

  47. If it’s old, I haven’t seen it before– excellent conceit, sort of reminiscent of those “the man in the mirror hates you” pastas but with a much more unique twist. Mes complements au chef.

  48. Old but good. I like the whole “dream world” concept of it. Plus it sounds like sexy black-widow kind of woman narrating this. definite turn on.

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