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Kuchisake-Onna is the legend of a Japanese woman, mutilated by her jealous samurai husband who murdered her for infidelity scarring her horribly and leaving her repulsive.

Her jealous Ghost still haunts places in Japan, usually on foggy nights, wearing a surgical mask when she will approach people and ask shyly: “Watashi kirei?” (Am i beautiful?) The person usually responds, yes.

She then pulls down her mask to reveal an ear to ear grin, cut by her jealous husband to mar her for her life. “Even like this?” she will persist. If you answer no. She will take a pair of scissors, and cut the same gruesome smile into your own face. If you answer yes, she will disappear, and the second you go home will reappear at your door and finish the job.


The only way of confusing Kuchisake-Onna is to say: You are average, which will confuse this mysterious Onryo. Or to present her with hard amber candy, or say ‘Pomade’ six times will shall make her flee.


She has been seen from the 1970’s til the early 2000’s, often seen lurking near children whose innocent answer of yes when asked if she is ugly, will lead to their deaths.

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104 thoughts on “Kuchisake-Onna”

  1. *Kuchisake Onna*: “Watashi Kirei?”
    {Me}: “What??? Sorry I don’t know Japanese.”
    *Kuchisake Onna*: “WATASHI KIREI?!?!”
    {Me}: “WHAT R U SAYING WOMAN!!!?”
    *Kuchisake Onna*: “OMG!!! I’M SAYING AM I BEAUTIFUL?!?!?”
    {Me}: “Oh….. in that case-AHHHH!!! (take off running)

  2. Tabby DanDeleon (Blue Skylark)

    Ahh, the Slit-Mouthed Woman. I’ve read her story so many times she’s practically an old friend

  3. Why do they run?

    That’s pretty scary. I can actually picture her face. But I don’t live in Japan so I’m safe! Still good though. 7/10

  4. This story has circulated so many times and there are other versions out there. Both are interesting, though.

  5. What if I said that it is not her fault that she is ugly, but her soul is still the most beautiful of all?

  6. She won’t appear at your door if you say yes…She would cut your mouth making you look “Beautiful” too.If you say no she kill’s you with her shears .-.

  7. Since my first answer would be “Sorry, I can’t speak Japanese”, I guess I’d be safe enough.
    Anyway, Japanese “monsters” are always on the borderline between intriguing and dumb, this being no exception (but at least not falling entirely into the “dumb” side).


    Watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi watashi…

  9. You copied this. You didn’t make up the Kuchisake-Onna. It’s from a Japanese horror movie, Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman. It’s on instant on netflix. This is plagarism.

  10. 1) What if you answer “no” at the first question? Well, the version of this story I read said that you had to answer “You’re average” to the first question, else she WILL mutilate or kill you after the second one, so…
    2) What if you disarm her and try to kill her instead? Sure, if you think you can disarm and kill a PMSing Jason Verhees, go right ahead…
    3) What happened to her samurai husband? Presumably, he got off scot free. Then again, you never know…
    4) What if you try to get away? Unfortunally, she knows the old reliable teleport-straight-into-your-path-when-you-break-eyecontact trick…

    Now to resolve some issues: “Watashi, kirei” IS a grammatically correct, though informal, Japanese sentence. The reason why she kills you is a bit because of a pun: “Kirei” sound almost identical to “Kire” which means “cut”, thus her questions (“Watashi, kirei?” + “Kore demo?”) can be translated both as, “Am I beautiful?” + “Even like this?” and “Can I cut you?” + “Even like this?” Which is why she’ll cut up your mouth if you say “Yes” to both questions and cut up your gut if you say “No” to the latter one. Because that’s a perfectly reasonable reaction to being called “not pretty”, dontcha know.

  11. Beyond Birthday

    Hm…. I did that once,the slitting the face thing… got blood everywhere! Couldn’t tell the difference between it and my jam.

  12. the story like this one is called the slit mouth woman or something like that and samaris dont do that kinda shit

  13. There would technically be a \"wa\" and a \"desuka\" in there because \"watashi kirei\" means literally \"I beautiful\".
    So you would have to say \"Watashi wa kirei desu ka\" because otherwise the sentence does not make sense.

  14. the verson I know is she was bucherd by a doctor who wore Pomade in his hair thats why saying it 6 times works

  15. “Carved” it’s a great movie…for what it was trying to tell…I like the urban legend of her better than the story they gave her in the movie…”Carved 2″ is supposed to be soon…but I dunno…
    Go rent it if you can find it…and watch it in original japanese please…even though the subtitles aren’t the greatest of translations!

  16. This pasta suuuucks. It has no point, and the delivery is so messy. Why, if her husband was a samurai, does she wear a surgical mask? Aren’t those two very different time periods? And why does she speak in broken, casual Japanese when she should be trying to flatter the person in any way possible to get them to tell her she’s pretty? Wouldn’t that make her want to talk to the person as if they were her superior?

    God, this pasta sucks. Why the hell is it in the popular pastas column?

  17. I saw this story at least 10 years ago.
    But the story seem to date much further back, placing her in feudal era Japan.

    Originally she was a very beautiful daughter of a rich merchant and was to be wedded to her love.
    On her wedding night, when she was alone, she got possessed by a kitsune(fox spirit) which disfigure her face.
    The husband came in and was scare shitless and together with the whole family chase her out the village.

    Over time her grief become a grudge, thus resorting murderous tricks.

  18. 53: Well said.

    As for the story…I really enjoyed it. THere could have been more ripping…but this pasta appeases Jack.

  19. I read this on Wikipedia…it wasn’t scary there, and it wasn’t scary here.

    The part about the amber thing wasn’t on Wikipedia either…O.o

  20. η§γ―ηΎŽγ—γ„γ‹γ€‚ η§γ―ηΎŽγ—γ„γ‹γ€‚ η§γ―ηΎŽγ—γ„γ‹γ€‚

  21. any way i can distract her long enough to dispose of the scissors and bang her? then again, probably not worth it if her other orifices are just as wide.

  22. Did I ever tell you how I got this scar…?

    My father was a drunkard…and a fiend…
    And one day while he was beating mommy…she got a knife….And he didn’t like that. Not. One. Bit-UH.

  23. also…[god sorry for all these posts]

    1.what if i say no in the first place?…damn cunt!

    2. what if i grab the scissors and cut the rest of her up

    3. wonder what happened to her samurai husband…

  24. i agree rekkusu

    sum lonely bitch wandering around…’am i pretty?…no?…okies, i kill you.’

    get over urself u ugly hag!

    just cuz ur husband went edward scissorhands/glasgow smile happy on ur ass doesn’t mean u hav to go whining and killing ppl

    go to hell!!! -banishes kuchisake-onna to the gap between dimensions-

    that is all

  25. @Wiseman

    So here’s a thought: avoid the “Rites & Rituals” category. There’s a reason I have them organized in such a way, so people can focus on their favorite types.

    Or, you know, just keep wasting your time and mine by leaving stupid comments whining about pastas you apparently have no reason to keep reading. What do you expect me to do, get rid of one of the more popular pastas just because you’re a special snowflake who didn’t like it?

  26. This is retarded. I hate copypastas that have a set of instructions like “you must do this and this, then this happens.”

  27. The REAL Candeljack

    Those folish humans have no respect for us paranormal being anymore,i miss the good old times,dont you Kuchisake-onna.

    1. DivinitySwordEoLs

      You will get killed immediately. You die if you say either yes or no. You can only give a neutral answer if you wanna keep your life. Though I suppose blind people are safe.

  28. ですですですですですですですですですですですですですです for great justice.

  29. The plastic surgeon background for kuchisake-onna is one of the more modern versions. Kuchisake-onna is a tale older than the 1970s, but it sort of resurfaced. In modern versions it’s usually said that it was due to bad plastic surgery or due to a car wreck or something like that, something that would make sense in modern times. A full explanation can be found here:

  30. The guy is right, saying “Watashi kirei” with “kirei” being on a higher intonation gives the meaning of “desu ka”. It’s like saying “hey Dan, you here?” instead of “Hey Dan are you in here?”

  31. I remember in 6th grade my friend told me a story like this. But instead of her husband cutting her mouth it was a plastic surgeon who did that by accident.

  32. ζœ½γ‘ι…’γ‚ͺγƒŠ


  33. くけさけε₯³


  34. @comment #7
    In informal speech, often subject particles are dropped, though you’re right in that they are usually dropped with the subject as a whole. On the other hand, if they are asking a question, as in this particular case, the wa particle can be dropped.

    @comment #1 – desu ka isn’t needed in this case – kirei will be in a rising intonation, implying that she’s asking a question.

  35. Dude, you have no such “certificate”. The Japanese don’t drop subject particles in informal speech, and they definitely don’t drop verbs. The subject itself may be dropped entirely, by other than that, that sentence wasn’t very accurate.

  36. Yeah, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in “creepypasta” form… I just want to know for my own curiosity, really. If you don’t feel like commenting it here, my email is admin AT creepypasta DOT com =)

  37. Bleh, I meant Japanese 20, not 30. *Killed*

    Sure, I’d love to tell you. xD I’m not a good writer, but I guess all I need to do is explain her, right?

  38. I have a certificate in Japanese. “Desu ka” is only used when speaking formally, which Kuchisake Onna doesn’t. Also, it’s common for particles such as “wa” to be dropped in Japanese when speaking informally.

    Kuchisake Onna is my favourite ghost. I did a poster on her in Japanese 30. <3 But this story isn’t very accurate. =/ I’m pretty sure I saw this on /x/ too.

  39. Shouldn’t it be “Watashi wa kirei desuka”? u__u or just “Kirei desuka” since most of the time pronouns aren’t really required in Japanese. “Watashi kirei” would basically be saying “I pretty”
    Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but that just sorta bothered me

    1. Judging from the anime I’ve watched, "[pronoun] [adjective]" is a fairly normal, if very feminine and informal, speech pattern in Japanese.

    2. little miss black cat

      It is ok u r only a nazi if u say it in a commanding/ demanding way which by reading it was not your intention so you’re not a nazi :)

    3. I’m minoring in the Japanese language. “watashi kirei?” is something extremely informal, but not entirely incorrect.

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