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13 thoughts on “Jvk1166z.esp”

  1. the cool person

    Ok, I know this is a creepypasta about a morrowind mod…


    Who thinks there should be a jvk1166z.esp skyrim mod based on this pasta? :o?

  2. So, I have that, no joke. I finally went back into it, after I don’t know how long, when I had just ignored it and used this little thing I bought to keep me moving. I noticed one thing: The Assassin is sitting there, looking at me, doing NOTHING. Not moving, nothing is, only me. I’m moving in suspended animation, and all of a sudden, I hear a shriek. I keep hearing them, but my health doesn’t move. Finally, I die, but when I see my body, no assassin, nothing, only the ground, scattered with my corpse. Like, a million of them, all different. I go back into the game, as usual, when I realize what happened. I’m surrounded by lots of assassins, who scream, all within five seconds after. It forms into a name on the last second, no idea what it says, but it sounds like ‘Jay.’ Then I die, do that all again, hear ‘Quill.’ Die, do it all again, and hear ‘Crow.’ I got some real sleep, and when I re-opened the game a month later, the whole time I heard a shriek. Nothing but that.

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