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Jack Hill – Mystery of the Game and Watch

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Hello, my name is Shaun.
I live in a high-rise studio apartment in Philadelphia.
Recently, I’ve seen many arcane events unfold, and I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Let me start at the beginning. Just a few days ago, after arriving home from my part-time job (I also go to Drexel University part-time), I decided to take a short nap on my couch. Around an hour later, I was abruptly awoken when I heard the sound of a disk being read near my television. I then rubbed my eyes and noticed that the Wii had been turned on. I didn’t think much of it; unusual things often occurred in my apartment – doors would open and close, lights would flicker on and off, etcetera.

Curious, I turned on the television, and was delighted to see the Super Smash Bros. Brawl logo flash on the screen. Months have passed since I last played that game, and I was eager to reclaim my self-proclaimed title as the “Brawl Master”. I quickly set up a match between myself, R.O.B, and a level-nine computer player with a random character at a random stage.

After the load screen vanished, Flat Zone 2, the stage representing an archaic Game and Watch console, was revealed along with my enemy – Lucas from Mother 3. Before I delivered my first attack, however, I noticed that the name over the character did not say “CPU” as it usually does. Instead was the name “Jack H.” “That’s odd,” I thought. While I was pondering how the name got there, Lucas jumped to the ledge of the skyscraper that was near the corner of the stage. Suddenly, all in-game music stopped. I reached for the remote, wondering if I accidentally muted the game. While I tried, in vain, to make the volume return, streaks of static rippled throughout the screen.

“What’s wrong with this stupid thing?” I shouted. Then, a second later, I saw Lucas fall from the ledge of the skyscraper. But just before his body reached the ground, the entire screen was inundated with static, accompanied by a loud screeching sound. I hastily fumbled for the remote and shut off the television. Sighing in relief, I headed toward the kitchen. I was dying for something to drink. I made it only half way to my destination before I was paralyzed by the baleful sight; on the counter lay a dusty Game and Watch. I slowly crept forward to find a note attached. It read, “You should play this game! It’s really, really fun!” At the bottom of the note was a sloppy signature, “Jack H.”

Confused and panicked, I darted out of my apartment and stood with my back against my door. I took several deep breaths to regain my composure. Somehow, I convinced myself to go back inside; it was getting late, after all. I swiftly opened my door, and saw another note on the floor. Trembling, I picked it up and read aloud: “Come play with me! Jump down, I’ll catch you!” Once again, the note had the uncanny signature of “Jack H.”

The lights abruptly shut off, and the door leading to the balcony slammed open. A powerful gust of wind pushed me forward. “What do you want from me?” I demanded. All I heard in return was the lurid sound of a boy’s laughter. The wind became so strong that I tripped; I was propelled to the threshold of the room leading to the balcony. With all the strength I could muster, I latched onto the door and screamed.

Suddenly, the front door burst open and a voice loudly asked: “Shaun? What’s going on in here?” Simultaneously, the lights flashed back on and the wind dissipated, leaving my house in sheer bedlam. “Chris…” I murmured, catching my breath. “I was just about to have a smoke, and I heard you yelling… This place is trashed! What happened?” “Chris,” I asked, “Do you have any idea who ‘Jack H’ could be?” His eyes widened, and he asked, “Wh- where did you hear that name?” “He’s been leaving extremely disturbing notes everywhere. Why, do you know him?” I asked. His face cringing in fear, he retorted, “This is really bad. Hurry and come with me, I’ll tell you about Jack Hill.”

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We rushed into his place, adjacent to mine, and began talking. “Jack Hill was the only child of Mary Hill, who lived where you do now,” Chris quickly said, while gathering many of his belongings. “As you know, I’ve lived here for a very long time. Jack and Mary lived here several decades ago. Being a single mom, Mary worked two jobs to support herself and her child. She did whatever she could for the boy, but was rarely home to see him. She longed for her son to be happy, and one day she bought him some videogame called ‘Fire’ for the-” “Game and Watch?” I interrupted.


“…Yes,” he continued. “Jack really liked that game. In fact, whenever his mother saw him, he was playing that game. He became so addicted to the game, that he skipped school one day to play it. After receiving notification from the school, his mother had no choice but to take the game away from him. Afraid that he would find the game, she explained the situation to me and asked me to keep it. Jack became hysterical; through the walls I heard him talking nonstop about the game, high scores, and how he ‘saved the day every time’. Though I found his rambling disconcerting, I saw it as harmless… That is, until that cold, windy night.”

“That night, when Jack’s mother arrived home, he begged her to ‘play with him’. ‘Sure. What would you like to play?’ she asked. Then, I heard a door barge open, followed by a strange request: ‘Jump down, I’ll catch you!’ The last thing I heard was a terrified shriek next door. I ran there as fast as I could, but when I opened the door, all I saw was the deranged face of Jack Hill, standing next to the ledge of the balcony. ‘What have you done?’ I asked. He flourished a big smile, one that felt like a thousand needles piercing my skin, and jumped off of the building.”

After Chris told the story, he had finished stuffing his belongings in a suitcase. “Listen to me, Shaun; both of the people who lived there before you also leapt to their death. I refuse to see another life disappear before me. The police may think these suicides are coincidences, but I know that Jack Hill had something to do with it. His rancor will never be put to rest, Shaun. You need to move immediately, before it’s too late. I’m leaving now; best of luck to you.”

“You’re leaving already?” I asked, watching him press the button to summon the elevator. He gave me a nervous smile, waved farewell, and descended to the first floor. As quickly as possible, I ran into my room, grabbed my wallet, and left that wretched apartment.


Two days after these events, I am now typing this in a hotel a few blocks away.
My student loans can’t pay for my stay here much longer, and I certainly can’t afford to break my lease… I’m terrified to return to my apartment, but I can’t think of anything else I can do.

Please, if someone here can think of something I can do, let me know as soon as you can.
I’m running out of time.


Credit To: Shaun J

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101 thoughts on “Jack Hill – Mystery of the Game and Watch”

  1. Okay,I’ve an idea! Get the weird game system for the game and leave it on in a different room in ur apartment. Hopfully he will play it instead of push yo butt off !

  2. Most ghosts or spirits are tied to objects. Find the game and destroy it completly and you will free the boy from himself.

  3. Anyone care to prove to me the existence of ghosts? I mean, as often as they make physical effects to those who claim to have seen them, there ought to be some sort of evidence.

  4. Nice story. It is a little freaky but awesome none the less. If this is true, get it blessed by someone who knows what they are doing. If you don’t and get some amateur, some people are bound to die.

  5. Lexi, your a phsycopatch do you not know what a demon or any other type related to a demon is capable of? You really want this man to die? Your really sick, look Shaun don’t listen to Lexi please. Please take the advice and have someone bless your apartment room if you’d want to approach that door to that suite again..

  6. Everyone stop being jerks to this guy. Shaun, why don’t you pick up that “game” he sent you at your house and do what HE wants. Don’t jump off a cliff, PLAY the game with him. Ask him. Right back what happens please. ☆

  7. First of all pray people who pray will not get this kind of things second go to church believe in god, God is number 1 if I know where you live ill let u in my house add me fb [email protected] (this was made a long time ago when i was 5)

  8. blah, you obviously do get yourself caught up in these stories, because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t care what people were commenting, nor would you post so many comments on one story. I think this story is actually pretty good and to the people who are giving advise: Yay for you, participating makes it more fun! :)

  9. i’ve saw some entities in my life. Shadow being, spirit/ghost of poeple and my cousin was possed by a demon (dunno how it end up…). I’m quite sure you’r story isn’t real but… only fool and close-minded won’t give a possibility of real in something that goes beyond there experiment.

    1st: human ghost are “weak” being. by weak i mean that you can fight and beat them. But if you fear them, you give them the power over you.


    2nd: God DOES exist (and he’s pretty easy to talk to…). but don’t try any religious stuff unless who belive in them as hard as steel. If you don’t then just talk to him/her/it/them, (don’t know anything about who does God/Gods look like) ask for help, for protection.

    3rd: Help yourself and the sky will help. You CAN protect yourself. everyone have energy in them. Calm your mind and focus on a phere around you. Don’t imagine a sphere, look the sphere with your “third eye” (or mind eyes), that sphere is you’r energy. focus it in your inside, your womb and make it as bright as possible and keep putting energy in it and keep it small then, release it, make it explode and keep putting energy in it ’till you’r whole appartement is in that light. it won’t make it go on the first shot but, in the end, the spirit will go off tired of fighting. In case of demon you better be ready or flee beford it’s too late. If it follow you, you’ have two option.: Fight (and possibily die) or freak out and die trying to flee.

    If you need help, i’m there. i will help you even if it mean to attract this to me, even if you will never see me.

  10. Pyromania several means a large quantity it does not necessarily mean 7 that is just your assumption the game and watch was a series of games that where made from 1980-1991 seeing how this is 20012 he had to get it sometime in the 80’s making it several decades ago.

  11. One thing that bothered me is the “jump down and I’ll catch you!” Like his mom would willingly jump off the balcony believing he would catch her.

  12. mmmyeah the whole decades thing really annoyed me. Also what is Chris’ relationship to Shaun, and additionally Chris would have to be pretty old in relation to him considering he was asked to hold the game DECADES ago and Shaun is in college? Despite being able to attend uni at different ages, I’m assuming he is fairly young. Also for Chris to gain trust with Jack’s mother I’m guessing he was about mid-thirties at the time..posing the questions after DECADES A.why isn’t he dead and B. WHAT IS HIS RELATIONSHIP TO SHAUN ._.

    1. SEVERAL decades can be any number above 2 or so.
      It could be 3 decades, and it wouldn’t be too much.

    2. Hmm considering that they live in an apartment complex, it is not unusual for neighbors to be friends. You are reading too much into the relationship. People DO still talk to their neighbors.

  13. What put me off is how the guys friend mentioned Jack H became addicted to the game several decades ago. A decade is 10 years. That’s like nearly 70 years ago and we’re expected to believe that handheld game consoles existed back then?

    1. Well apparently game and watch came out during the 80’s so decades sounds about right. However it could have been exaggeration just as well.

  14. Oh, this was sweet ._. Now I don’t want to go sleep to my other bedroom… there are stairs and a balcony in my way there…

  15. blah, it’s pretty obvious the point of the story is to make people give him advice. It forces feedback from “gullible” readers, and gets the readership participatin’. Genius, Shaun J!

  16. Either bolt your windows, put some pillows outside your window or simply fight it back with will power. Even the more powerful of monsters need an element of will to take over you.

    1. “Some pillows”? Really? This guy lives in an apartment above street-level and you think a few pillows would save him if he jumped / was thrown? And even if he were stupid enough to do that, they’d be lifted by vagrants and assorted idiots within 30 minutes. Do you think he’s living in the Loony Tunes universe or something?

  17. you guys need some serious help its made up I may not have creativity but I am not as gullible as you guys are I believe that there are ghosts and demons but this is not a real life story its like the movies paranormal activity those were not real I come to this site to read I don’t let myself get too caught up in what I am reading if this guys story was true do you really think he would be asking advice from the readers instead of going to a priest or something thats just sad you guys are really pathetic

  18. i do have a creative mind and yes i do understand this is pure fiction it may sound like a good story but it really isn’t any different from the pokemon story or the zelda ghost story your the one who has no imagination you are obviously new

  19. Well, I’m not judging whether this is fake or not, but here is some top advice:

    Ghosts are different from entities. That is what you are dealing with. You are not dealing with a ghost because ghosts do not have a level of conscious. They cannot think or realise that they were doing anything, Ghosts are just left behind energy because our bodies are filled with energy and when we die, some of it gets left behind but that energy is only strong enough to open weak doors or move really really light objects.

    Entities are anything from demons to poltergeists. This sounds like a poltergeist which is taking the name as ”Jack H” and has probably done this since he killed his mother or whatever. The energy from Jack H has joined with a poltergeist/entity which is why it takes the name as Jack H. This is a matter of life or death. Entities can kill, but I’ve heard worse than this, so I wouldn’t worry to much. If this is a poltergeist, they normally evolve around living people, which is why I find it strange that each resident that has lived in your apartment has died, because that would mean it is joined with this apartment. Poltergeists can follow you, but I think this wont, it hasn’t before.

    I just can’t get my head around that this is a poltergeist chosen to stay in once place. Ghosts can’t kill, so this can’t be it. It might be 50% ghost energy and 50% entity energy. Or more like 10% ghost energy and the rest entity energy. What really needs to happen is that placed blessed/exorcised.

    WARNING!! >>>
    In doing this it may result in death. Strong and painful death, if it is a demon. Demons are a whole new level or fear and pain compared to poltergeists. 40% you try to get rid of one, it takes your life in the most painfullest circumstance you can think of. Or maybe not. Maybe it takes your life silently. It depends what demon it is, if it is one.

    If this is a true story, I would strongly advised getting the house blessed, not exorcised.

    1. People like you irritate the shit out of me. I forgot you were ‘God’ and have an encyclopedia level of knowledge on every supernatural creature ever.

      Here’s my theory: You became so bored with life, you created and defined a very cliche fantasy world in yoru mind then convinced yourself it was real, to make up for your lack of status in the real world.

      Get the hell off my internet.

      1. Let me guess. Your some randouchebag who doesnt respect other peoples beliefs? It isntyour internet if youdont likeit push thelittle redX in thetopo your screen.

  20. Oh for god's sake

    Will someone please take the thesaurus away from these people and/or force them to learn the definition of the big words they use?

  21. well you should find an expert and they could help u. they could bless the house or room. watever…. well good luck!!!!

    at blah u hav no creative mind. thats why u never understand.

        1. Shut your face naw I’m just kidding but ghost must of the time you just do what they want like play video games

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