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It Came Back!

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Ok, I’m trying to calm down at the moment, but its locked in the next room bashing against the door. If it makes it through, I’m going to die. I’ll start at the beginning, and I’m hoping someone might be able to help me.

About a month ago, I submitted a creepypasta to this site, and didnt hear back from anyone, nor was it published. ‘oh well’ I thought, ‘either it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, or they just haven’t accepted it yet. It’s not like if it gets ignored for a month, it will come back as a reanimated zombie corpse of a story and try to eat my brains…’ yeah, I bet that’s what you would think too!

Less than an hour ago, my desktop exploded and the tangled mess of words that formed my story burst out, lunging for my throat. Now, being the paranoid, zombie survivalist I am, I’ve always got a loaded handgun, and a baseball bat close by, just in case it turns out I’m right, and an undead army really is going to kill us all. So I shot it! I shot the first paragraph, I shot the second paragraph, I bashed every last word, and crushed every bit of pronounciation! But it didn’t stop. It just kept coming!


I lured it into the next room with my tasty tasty flesh, and have managed to lock it in there and bar the door, and I’m now writing this on my dodgy old laptop. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold that bad, zombified story at bay, and if this one comes back to life as well, well, I fear for humanities sake!


Credit To: Uforia

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25 thoughts on “It Came Back!”

  1. It’s just pissed that you sent it straight to the crappypasta site. Of I were that story, I would be too. You better watch your back!

  2. has potential when you stay away from the comedic side, there have been plenty of meta stories about the story itself changing into something different that were actually scary. i really think you can make something awesome if you were to rewrite, remove the fast pacing and keep a serious tone, also some visual description of how the beast works(like does its limbs exist out of paragraphs or is or like a 3D model with the story as a warped texture around it) would help greatly with furthering the plot and enhancing the creep factor of the story.

  3. A Zerg Hydralisk

    the story isn’t after you, its the risen fury of the crappypasta regulars at seeing yet another shit story.

    don’t worry, this story is fine. sharing your experience before you die by god knows what! it definitely isn’t me… I’ve been dealing with jeff fans all day… ugh… I need an icepack…

      1. either explain your opinion in a clear, respectful way or just never come here, you wanna critique a story? fine. but show some f*cking respect to the person that was creative enough to write it and brave enough to post it.


    Moar buildup. Don’t make it odvious that the pastas the villain too soon. I know thats how most parodypastas work but I really think you shouldn’t have in this one. It WAS A GREAT premise, just ‘meh’ execution.

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