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In Between

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I’m in between.

One of them bit me. The bastard took a chunk out of my upper arm. The fool probably didn’t even know it was an arm. He probably saw me as a walking turkey leg or something. Oh, but he got his dues. I whacked his useless head off with a crowbar I stole when shit got serious.

It got serious about a month ago, and let me tell you, it happened just the way everyone thought it would happen. Some “contained” little outbreak, then BOOM, everyone I know is staggering around like kangaroos tripping on dextro. Not me, though. I knew I was going to fight it. I did well until about a week ago when Mr. Slobbermouth munched on my bicep.

It amazes even me that I’m so coherent. God, I wish I wasn’t. I’m not like them, but I’m just like them. I have the hunger they have, but I have all the guilt and love of humanity that is going to keep me from surviving.

I’m not even sure that I want to survive anymore. I see them do horrible things, things that are starting to drive me mad, and I either get sick to my stomach or find my mouth watering. I don’t want to live if living means I have to watch the destruction of my kind every day.

But then, this means no more hiding. It’s as if they can sense something in me, like they scan for a zombie membership card and find it on me. They leave me alone. I can walk freely among them.


You know how I said I’m just like them? Well, I’m better than them. I’m smarter and have the ability to gain the trust of humans. I found one yesterday, I know where all the good hiding spots are, you see, and Lord was it happy to see me. It grasped my arm and looked into my eyes, saying it was happy to have found someone to fight with. Making sure none of the no-brains were around, I took it with me and hid with it in a storm cellar. I let it fall asleep, then I broke its neck, busted open its head like a coconut, and tore into its meaty brain. The blood complimented it nicely.

For a few moments, I felt bad for what I had done. I saw his body in that stagnant pool of blood, looking as if he was still sleeping, and felt some remorse for the poor, trusting boy. I wondered about his life before the disaster. Was he happy? Did his family love him? Would he have survived anyway?


That acidic guilt rose in me, a constant reminder of my humanity. But there’s at least one thing zombies and humans have in common: the will to survive. And I’m about to do a much better job than either one of them will.

Credited to Clarissa

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85 thoughts on “In Between”

  1. Why do they run?

    Sentient zombies huh.Well the only thing worse than that would be if or when the virus went air born, or got into the water or food supply. Then the world would be truly doomed. Other wise the zombie apocalypse is the most survivable of all the apocalypses.

  2. I got the feeling that it was a little boy. Maybe about eleven, twelve? I don’t know why, maybe it was his naiveity or something…

  3. Anon
    June 25, 2009
    Not creepy, just…interesting, I guess. An appropriate image here would be the “Don’t know if want?” one

    I agree with this guy. :)

    This was a nice little unique zombie CreepyPasta. I like it. It didn’t creep me out either, but it was a very delicious Pasta. Nice descriptions, short story, grammar and originality.

    I rate this 6/10!

    Grim Gamer

    P.S. I recommend Brank’s Candy Factory to those of you who like candy……..and gore. XD

  4. the freak killer

    I will never get my self bit I will steal a bus board the windows
    Get swords stiking out and get a load of guns bombs and show those freaks who’s boss

  5. this was great the half zombie-half human idea was great a zombie that can talk, think and act like a human walking among the masses…or what is left of them at least. great premise for an actual book.

  6. Damn. That was cool. Wish it was longer, and this deserves to be the core of a video game.

    + Interesting base

    + Cool design

    – Very short

    Overall, very good pasta!


  7. Damn, I occasionally think of what it would be like to be a human zombie. I would assume that, to keep the brain from degrading, the person’s body is still able to repair itself and defend from bacteria

    In fact, that seems to be the case. He seems to be physically a human, but his brain has a partial zombie mindset and I would assume his nerve endings shut down when he is in the moment (If I recall, the human body is capable of shutting down its ability to feel pain). After all, the victim grabbed his arm. Either the person still is producing body heat or else the victim is as dumb as a brick

  8. Sounds like we have a candidate for the emo horror trifecta, along with vampires who don’t like biting people, and werewolves who don’t like to transform. Shit just got Twilight.

  9. this sounds a lot like an alternate ending to Half life 1:

    After refusing the g-man’s offer, gordon freeman gets teleported right in front of a gonome and a crowbar. before he can get the crowbar, the gonome uses his flappy ribcage thing to clutch on to his arm, and rip a huge chunk off of it. while the gonome is chewing on the arm chunk, gordon takes the crowbar and gets the gonome from behind, then the chemicals in the gonome’s bloodstream get into gordon’s blood from the bite, and it modified his DNA, making him a half-human, half-zombie creature.

    and.. yeah.

  10. Main character drifted from human to “in between” pretty quickly. I was hoping some psychological journey that eventually leave him like the 3rd to last paragraph. Well, anyway, still interested in what the next part will go.

  11. It wasn’t creepy at all and the only reason the “plot twist” wasn’t completely predictable was that there wasn’t even a twist. I was expecting a “he thinks he’s different from the other zombies, but the other zombies all think so too, and are no different”

    But I didn’t even get that. Just a short story about a zombie with some humanity left, which is hardly an original idea (ever been to any /z/ ever? you probably will have seen a ‘if you became a zombie with your own mind still working, what would you do?’ thread)

  12. what the hell is this shitt
    like really were u in remedial reading or sumting u cant speak properly i can tell by readin dis piece of shitt couldnt even finish this crap its so horrible
    like really……….u suck are you related to uwe boll the other douche dat makes horrible movies?

  13. Should’ve read the zombie survival guide. You hide, then fight. And how could he smuggle away a live human? The zombies whould see and smell him, and go after him. And basements are the worst place to hide. You have to gethigh somewhere, then destroy the stairs or whatever, and then survive.

    Btw, How can someone look like they’re still sleeping with their neck bent weird and they’re head smacked open, with no brain. Eww. It seems like they’d be less asleep and more- er- dead.

    I”m a little skeptic on the pasta. but it was well written.

  14. GREAT IDEA :D i still love zombies *nods* and i like this story i wounder how cool it would be to be a “in between” zombie… you won’t be killed by other zombies… you can still be with humans ;D lol

    seconds please!

  15. This reminds me of “I am Legend.” A disease that turns people insane enough to be called a zombie. But it was kind of scary to think of what a smarter version of the IamLegend zombies could possibly do.

  16. Where’s the scary part?
    Like, you should have atleast put something lame like he’s behind the reader or sumshit.

  17. I really like the idea, although I wish it had been a little more seriously written. It shoots for a quirky Stephen King-like treatment but it just undercuts the material.

    Also, forgive me but I absolutely cringe at the first sentence. Just roll into the story; from the title, I already assume we’re going to encounter the concept of in-between.

  18. There are more to Zombies than just”eating brains” Those that are loyal to Max Brooks and the Master of Zombies George A.Romero, know that, despite the initial zombie liked “BRAINS” the common Zombie evolved into a flesh, blood thirsty monster that like the whole body. The things I liked about this story was the way the character described his transformation from a living breathing human to a living dead corpse, weird I know but, how else was I supposed to write it. I also liked the part where he or she describes “feasting” on the living human who found him and how he killed the individual, that was very interesting and attractive to the reader. The few things I would have liked to read and see more of would have been, what time frame this was in, where it was taken place, and a small time line (since this was a short story).
    Over all to the author, this was pretty good. do your research and Im pretty sure if your into zombies or horror you just might be the next Romero. Hes only making one more Zombie flick BTW. So we need a new one out there.
    p.s Sorry if this is too long. but I dig the zombie scene. ^_^

  19. Sama approves. I enjoyed the way it was casually written, though it did seem a bit silly. “That silly mc slobber face bitted me and it was all like “RRGGHH” and I was like “Owwwwwwwww” but now I’m like “Rahhhh!”” I dunno, kinda .. unfitting. Either way, I did enjoy it thoroughly.


  20. A “half-zombie”? That just sounds like a horrible way to go… Sure you can get the trust of either side, but mentally you’d go insane “eat or not eat” “zombie or human”; the fact you’re still coherent but driven instinctively with both mindsets (if you can call a zombie as having a mindset) should drive you INSANE.

    This leaving you little better than a squirming mess on the floor, completely harmless and unhelpful to either side.

  21. This is awesome. Sounds like it could be expanded into a REALLY good story. It’s not creepy, but it’s better written than anything I’ve ever read on this site. A+, would order again.

  22. Dear theguywhoreadsthisstuff, we know we aren’t professional critics. I’m pretty sure none of us are getting paid for this; we read this stories for personal enjoyment. However, for the most part, intelligent writers like some constructive criticism and feedback, and so we’re doing what we can to oblige. If it bothers you, I would suggest not reading the comments– I don’t think everyone’s going to stop offering feedback because it pisses you off.

  23. Wow. Not creepy, but still. It messed with my brain. Just taking it from the point of view of the boy…something about that is just so off.

  24. theguywhoreadsthisstuff

    these comment were they go “over all tasty pasta” or “seconds” grow up i mean your not a profesonal critic you an comment but not like that man it pisses me off

  25. For some reason this reminded me of Terminator Salvation from that one dude’s pov but with zombies and not robots.

    Oh well, still a delicious pasta.

  26. Damn good read
    At first, I thought maybe it was a weird disease like in a couple other random stories but as I read more, it pulled me in
    It’s a good write, almost a shame that it had to end
    No real grammatical errors I can see
    All in all, 9/10

  27. I like the hybrid idea and the abrupt movements of the main character, but it wasn’t creepy.
    Still, it was pretty entertaining. :D

  28. Nice and original. I was a little dissapointed at first, thinking that this was an “AND YOU, THE READER, WILL BECOME A ZOMBIE TOO, HAHAHA!”-story. But it wasn’t. Which is good. Well-written and just grotesque enough to be creepy.
    Bravo, I say.

  29. This wasn’t particularly scary – zombies are old-school, and thus most creepypastas about them are boring as shit. Anyway, the man who had his brain ripped out was totally oblivious to the massive chunk missing in his arm? Not likely.

  30. I hate zombies. And not in the good way. In the they’ve-bastardized-modern-horror way. As one can see I’m a little biased on the subject…

  31. I was certainly disapointed when I saw the ‘zombies’ shit, but a coherently thinking zombie/human, nice. I didn’t really like this, but I did like the idea.

  32. Makes you wonder if there are more human-zombies out there. Or… GASP… if they WALK AMONG US NOW!!!

    Nah, seriously, that was goods.

  33. Chinchillazilla

    First, I was really excited to see new pasta. Then I was crestfallen because zombie pasta’s all the same. But I ended up really liking this one.

    Nice job, Clarissa (explains it all… about zombies).

  34. i liked this one. the writing was good and simple, and i liked how the human/zombie bastard child referred to regular humans as “it.” he would make a cool main character for a videogame.

    1. Cough cough Alex Mercer cough cough

      If you’ve never played prototype you wouldn’t know, but they’ve done that before.

  35. As soon as I read “one of them bit me”, I knew it was zombies. I just knew. I was reading the Zombie Survival Guide, and…

    Zombies are creepy. But zombies that can logically think out a problem?

    Indestructo-zombies. Scarry crap, man. Delicious.

    1. the freak killer

      I will not never get my self bit I will steal a bus board windows put nives stiking out and get a large load of wepons and swords and show those freaks who’s boss if it happens

  36. I liked it! I was so glad to see a new pasta posted, after about a week. The plot was good, and I didn’t see any big errors or anything.

  37. “Some “contained” little outbreak, then BOOM, everyone I know is staggering around like kangaroos tripping on dextro.”

    Best simile ever.

  38. Not creepy, just…interesting, I guess. An appropriate image here would be the “Don’t know if want?” one

  39. Ooooh, human-zombie hybrid! That’s a rather original idea… I like it!

    Descriptions were good and nauseating (meaty brain? Ugh) and this was quite creepy in the sense that s/he’s damn well going to survive despite the leftover “humanity”, going to snack on those leftover humans.

    Omnomnom. I liked it.

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