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There it goes again. Something definitely moved this time. It was very brief, but out of the corner of your eye, you saw something. But wait. All the doors are locked, no pets, and your parents won’t get home until 10. So there’s no way something moved. It’s just your imagination getting the best of you. Sitting alone in your room, the only light emitting from the monitor of your computer, you stare into the darkness for several minutes. Just to be sure. Now you feel silly. What were you thinking? Of course there’s nothing there. What, are you 6? Go back to what you were doing.

15 minutes later, as you prepare to go to bed, you’re in the bathroom. The shower curtains shift. Wait… no. Stop spooking yourself. It’s just an overactive imagination, filling your head with what isn’t really there. You gaze into the mirror at yourself. You say it to yourself, slowly and clearly, “Imagination.” With a sigh, you turn the lights off and head towards your room.

Laying in bed, you stare at your ceiling, dark and foreboding, only the motion of a small fan disturbing the calmness of the night. A shadow from the light in the hall shifts. No. No, no, no. Stop it. It’s your imagination. Just that. Go to sleep, you fool.


But then, just when you’re about to drift off to sleep, at the phase no one remembers when they wake, you sense something in the darkness. It’s your imagination, leering down at you. With a jagged, macabre smile.

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61 thoughts on “Imagination”

  1. woah this pasta describes what is really happening to me right now XDXDXD lights out,in my room,only the light in the room is my laptop,things moving at the corner of my eye ;-; dis pasta made mah night 10/10

  2. Constipated Unicorn

    This sorta reminds me of that one SpongeBob episode where he says “Imagination” and makes a rainbow above his head with his hands.

  3. How the hell would I know that it’s my imagination smiling at me? It just makes me think it was a ghost… or my dog. no shit brix. But- it was well written.

  4. Could be that the person has school or work really early in the morning – so they want to go to sleep early. Or the person didn’t sleep the night before and is tired enough to want to sleep early.

  5. “And your parents won’t get home until 10.”

    Riddle me this – How many people on here are young enough to be in bed before their parents get home at 10?

  6. @saurier

    Okay then, just for you, all creepypastas will be written with 2nd-grade level words, just so you can follow.


    *opening hands in an arc* Imaaginaaaatiiooon!!

  7. saying that something was “macabre” is such a cop out. That should be used to describe the story when talking about it to another person, not the actual smile. “With a scary smile” is what you’re basically saying.

  8. kay,how do we know imagination is jsut making up fake images,and not revealing what is really their???? crepy way of looking at it hey?and also,in the words of sir lancelot,I SAY,THY BRICKETH HAVE ENTERED MY PANTALONS!

  9. Ah, very cool.
    I always see things through the corner of my eye… And through the corner of my eye I’m always terribley aware of the computer screen flickering.

  10. shortys roc my sox

    ok firts of all good story and second my house is huanted so i was atomaticly scared of this and to top it off i’m home alone. i was already ashamed of being scared of the dark as a teenager this so just made it wores i hated this one (which means this story was really good)

  11. …-waves at my imagination-
    hello, i was hoping you’d come…lol

    i really really liked this actually
    but i agree, the word macabre for some strange reasons makes me think my imagination either looks like Boo from mario or the cheshire cat from alice in wonderland…but other than that
    i really liked this.

    and LOL @ 10 [Razdaz]

  12. could have used a word other than “macabre.” that killed it for me. macabre should never be used to describe a smile. or just anything that your body can do.

  13. Why, hello there, Mr. Brick! How did you get in my pants? Oh! And you brought friends! What a jolly good time we shall all have together!

  14. @ comment 8 – Agreed.

    @ Bonerfruit – This is the reason that I SHOULD read creepypasta in the daylight.

    Nevertheless, it always ends up being at 3:00 AM, when everyone is asleep and I am sitting, crouched, alone, and reading creepypasta whilst clutching a jar of peanut butter to my chest.

    I really should change my habits, before something actually does happen.

  15. Seeing as i was already afraid of the dark, the first time I read this one i had to sleep with the lights and informercials on.

  16. Could have been worse, I suggest the ending say, “Don’t worry, it’s just your imagination leering down at you, right?
    Your imagination, with a jagged, macabre smile.”

    1. I never saw it before either but it basically describes me and my room which is fucking scary! This story basically describes my life and I’m f*****g scared for my life now.

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