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House Of Mirrors

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In the heart of Washington, there’s a house that used to be owned by a family of five. Nobody really knows what happened to them. Their neighbors at the time say that there were no signs of weirdness or fear in the family. The common testimony is that one day there was nothing wrong. The night that followed, there were very loud noises coming from the house, and although people in the area came to investigate what was keeping them up, the windows were blocked by millions of post-it notes, and the windows would not break. The following day, the house was empty.

Nobody has lived in that house since. But people have gone inside. In every bedroom, there is a mirror facing the corner of the room. If you turn it around, it won’t show your reflection. The area you’ll be standing in will be empty. They say that on the rare occasion, you’ll see the person who used to sleep in that room, mutilated and bandaged from head to toe. If you turn around with your eyes open… All they know is that you don’t exist afterwards.

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30 thoughts on “House Of Mirrors”

  1. So, wait, title is combination of House of Wax with Mirrors.

    I lol’d.

    0/10, because this reminds me of the shittiest sort of haunted house story I tried to write once. I shall not speak of it but it was stupid and sad.

  2. i live in washington…
    there’s five people in my family…
    and about a thousand mirrors in my room… all facing different directions.

    ..maybe one day i’ll cover every window in my house with sticky notes. just for the hell of it.

  3. It was short? I’m not sure if i like this one or not.
    The post it note thing was totally random. Post it notes covering the windows? What the hell? Eventually the glue would get dry and they would fall of…

    It was alright.

  4. Qould it really take millions of post it notes to cover up a couple windows? Wouldnt it be more like, a couple hundred?

  5. I’m alright with mirrors, actually.
    My biggest fear is china dolls, which is why films like Chucky aren’t really my thing…
    I like this one though, it is actually pretty creepy.
    Agreeing with comment #10 though, the last sentence did slightly ruin it.

  6. Did anyone else think of that tacky lindsay lohan video? Besides that, only the last sentence ruined it.

  7. Pretty enjoyable. I like the constant, odd placement of the mirrors myself. And to ‘…’, critiquing is allowed. It would be pretty stupid to not allow a factor of insults by. As long as the insult is beneficial (albeit, unlike wut’s), then that’s okay. :\ PHONE has said this themself.

  8. Actually I can see how it would fit under ghosts and spirits since the worst happens when you see the spirit of the old residents in the mirror

  9. To wut, I’m not sure if you’ve read the rant or not, but WHO WAS PHONE? clearly stated that she doesn’t write these and takes time out of her own day to post on her site. Who are you to insult this story? Just shut up like she says to if you don’t like it.

  10. It surprises me that Phone put this in spirits and ghosts. This seems like one that would go under mysterious places.

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