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5 Haunted Soccer Stadiums in England Where Supernatural Takes the Scene

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If you used to think that soccer and the stories related to it were accompanied only by thrilling emotions, after reading this article, your opinion will completely change. 

Imagine two of the most powerful emotions, the adrenaline of fear and the joy inspired by watching your favorite soccer players, coming together. Sounds incredibly exciting, right? 

Given that some of the most well-known stadiums in England have a spooky history, you can feel the excitement even more vividly. As a result, these stadiums have been the subject of multiple claims of paranormal activity by players, officials, and even fans. 

That’s why we believe these 5 haunted soccer stadiums in England are worth being aware of.

Top 5 Haunted Soccer Stadiums in England

1. Stamford Bridge

Maybe it sounds unusual at first glance, but not all haunted sports venues have a spooky ambiance. For instance, Stamford Bridge, a football stadium that belongs to Chelsea FC, has a spirit that is said to bring joy to witnesses.

As Chelsea supporters claim, Smiling Man always makes things better in the lives of those around him. How so? For example, a woman who saw the Smiling Man while at a Chelsea game with her partner won a brand-new automobile through a raffle at Stamford Bridge. So, after hearing this tale of the smiling man, you might even wish to meet a ghost for the first time. 

Surprisingly, since this fact spread across English football fans, they started to consider the impact of stadium spirits on their betting decisions, especially for significant tournaments. The results seen on Euros 2024 football outrights justify their hopes and we’ll secretly tell you that most of these bets end up winning. So, who knows, meeting a Smiling Man might change your life as well!

2. St. Mary’s Stadium 

Unlike at Stamford Bridge, when you visit Mary’s Stadium, you have to be more cautious. The is that rumors say tombs were discovered at St. Mary’s Stadium many years ago, and the soccer field is thought to be haunted by ghosts seeking retribution even now! 


When Southampton supporters visit their home stadium, St. Mary’s Stadium, they frequently experience nervous anxiety due to apparitions of ghosts moving various items throughout the arena. Considering this, supernatural activists were called in to help drive out the ghosts and provide them with peace. Nobody knows if this has worked or not, but maybe when you come here, the ghosts in this stadium will welcome you with kindness rather than hostility.

3. Old Trafford

Some in England believe that Manchester United was originally named Newton Heath LYR Soccer Club, but the club’s fortunes failed and it appeared that it would be dissolved. Consequently, a desperate owner decided to set fire to the stadium. However, as he lit the fire in the middle of the pitch, a demon showed up before him and offered him everything a successful club could need to thrive forever. 


Yes, you heard that right — apparently selling your soul to a demon was not a myth after all.

Still, there was one precondition – one day the demon would return to collect the souls of soccer players, at which point the debt would be paid off. So, that’s the reason behind the rumors that when the stadium is empty, you can hear the ghosts of the deceased soccer players playing a game.

4. Highbury Stadium

If, after seeing the living soccer legends, you want to catch a glimpse of an important soccer figure who has died, you should visit Highbury Stadium. It might be hard to believe, but Arsenal’s most successful manager, Herbert Chapman, is believed to wander this venue. 

It is said that Chapman and the shadow of a horse were seen on the grounds of Highbury. The horse is thought to have passed away while Highbury’s North Bank stand was being developed. But that’s not all! In addition to Chapman’s presence, the ashes of other Arsenal supporters are also presented at Highbury Stadium, which heightens the sense that something paranormal is happening there.


5. White Hart Lane

Perhaps not surprisingly, sometimes our imagination can be more dangerous than what we see with our own eyes. White Hart Lane, a stadium in Tottenham, justifies this opinion the most! 

There is a room at White Hart Lane with the number 28 on the door, but nobody has ever entered or left since the stadium was constructed. It is locked, there are no records of its use, and it isn’t shown on the plans or stadium map. 

Who knows what is hidden in this room? Perhaps this is a horror that you have never imagined before!

Bottom Line

After exploring these 5 haunted soccer stadiums, chances are that the level of adrenaline in your body has increased. But this is only the beginning of the story – when you visit these places in person and experience firsthand the intense aura characteristic of haunted stadiums, combined with the impressive game of your favorite team, your sensations and the level of adrenaline will probably go beyond the limits!

And let’s not forget that we’ve just discussed haunted stadiums located in England. Can you imagine the number of horrifying stories soccer stadiums in other countries might hold? 

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