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In Gjoberdik, a small fisherman’s village in the country of Bulgaria, on the dawn of January the first everyone closes their curtains and hold their breath for half a minute. Hours after the craze of midnight’s celebrations, children look questioning at their worried parents, but can not help to shiver in the embrace of their shaking parents.

One can hear the sound of bells being struck exactly 25 times last year, in this short timespan. The nearest church however, is over 32 miles away. You will find no one out on the streets in these faithful 30 seconds, and even the birds will stop whistling.

Some have gone out of their houses, roaring boldly in disbelief of this century old tradition. On the first sunset of this year, two people gambled their fate in the very first rays of sunlight.


The next dawn, the bells will be struck 27 times.

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40 thoughts on “Gjoberdik”

  1. My Name Isn't Necessary

    Not much here to feed the imagination. It raises more questions without answers. If it went a little deeper in description of the tradition like what started it and why etc.. then it would be on its way to becoming a tasty pasta. There just isn’t enough here for a side dish much less a full meal.

  2. if anything, the name of the town sounds Icelandic (is that even a word?) or Nordic.

    but wait, how did those people die?

  3. When that tradition happens, you have to hold a fart 30 seconds, or else the townspeople will hang you, and toll the bell for the number of times someone died.

  4. when is it ever implied that they ever died? They could still be alive and well. They only “gambled their fate”. It is uncertain what happened next. Why do people always jump the gun and think someone died?

  5. Nice pasta, although I’ m from Bulgaria and, sadly, there is no such place here. Also the name isn’t Bulgarian, should be Gioberdikovo or something :D

  6. Well, that’s different. Here we just settle for a dark haired man being the first to enter the house on New Year’s Day to avert bad luck. Whatever works for you, I guess.

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