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Did you ever see one of those videos where you are asked to look for, or follow a specific thing through out the video? Then, at the end, they reveal that as were watching, something large and intrusive moved around in plain sight and you never even noticed it. Its frightening how often that happens, like how I just moved from the doorway into your room as you read this.

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207 thoughts on “Focus”

  1. Ehhhhhhhhhhh I have never seen those videos but now I think there is something in my room……
    *looks under the bed in the closet ECT.*
    nope nothi-

  2. That was delicious! I immediately looked at my door, so I suppose you could call this pasta “mission accomplished!”

  3. This one gave me chills because I’m home alone with my babies, and my back is to the door of the room we’re all in… Eek….

  4. You’re gonna be quite lonely for a while, I’m not at home right now, but you can watch T.V. ’til I get there. Then I will make you a glass of sweet tea.

  5. oh my god, I read this in bed and I literally froze with fear because I was so horrified ohmyGOD

    now I’m paranoid and I probably won’t be able to sleep I guess I brought this upon myself

    9/10 would reccommend

  6. Holy shit that scared the fuck out of me. I was sitting on my bed as I was reading this, and when I read the last sentence my heart stopped and I got that sudden feeling of terror, and I looked up real fast and thank god no one was in my room.. Of course it’s just a pasta but as short as it is, dear god I was freaked lol. Bravo.

  7. DaniellefromHell

    Sad thing is….I’m afraid to turn around right now, because my back is to the door and it’s like I can feel somoene watching me. THANKS ALOT!

  8. As soon as I finished reading the last sentence, I heard a creak in my house. Hundreds of bricks were shat as I threw a book at my door.

    Also, did you see the moonwalking bear? Lol excellent pasta, I definitely got creeped out.

  9. Beautiful.
    Also, the door to my room is on the side, so i can just barely see it (it looks like an indistinct dark shape if i don’t concentrate on it) so this may have helped the whole story.
    Chilling to the bone. Good job.

  10. Nice… scariest bit is that it is plausible. Even if you were watching your door, you could miss it…

    I’m not sleeping tonight.

  11. This probably would’ve fucked me up had I not been sitting on my bed with my laptop with my door in plain sight. Lol

  12. Man fuck you, my washing machine decided to give a nice resounding CLANG! when I read the last line, causing me to basically shit brix.

    Short, sweet, and just creepy enough. Delicious pasta.

  13. While i was reading that my mom walked in my room and put something on my dresser. i didn’t notice until she closed the door. *dies*


    This is the creepiest pasta I have ever read. You, sir, are a genius.

    Now s’cuse me while I check around for any intruders.

  15. @mow


    For some reason when i read the part where you say i didn’t notice you come in i only picture a kind of angled camera view of the grudge standing there.

  16. Have to say, best one i’ve read, although i haven’t read many.
    I read this after i watched toy story, so being scared kinda hit me hard!

  17. My insides just turned. I literally got goosebumps, shivers and then with gigantic wide eyes looked at my door and behind me. Almost impossible to write this since I have to keep eyes on door.
    Short and fantastic.

  18. Oh. That’s what it was supposed to be? That explains what was up with the last scene in the suicidal mickey vid.

    I thought the vid maker made a mistake.

  19. Too bad i can see my door’s reflection from the computer screen.
    If I couldn’t…I wouldn’t be here posting it with my pants clean

  20. Nice try but that has only happened to me once, and the part about the room…impossible. Then again I do it all the time to people … 0_o


    I’m right next to my door, and tired, I leaned in to read it cuz my eyesight is bad as it is, let alone when I’m tired. I have an ENTIRE room behind me, door behind me, door to my left. *fucking shiver*

  22. Very nice. Short and got right to the point.

    As for all the comments that said, “Well, i’m not in my room” or “My door was closed”, it doesn’t make this pasta any less awesome than it is. You just have to appreciate the idea behind it.

  23. They work by making you focus on one thing then putting something similar, but different, in front of you. I’d’ve heard the door open and promptly beat the person to death with the nearest blunt object.

  24. As somebody laying in their bed in the bedroom facing the far wall with only minimal peripheral vision connecting me to the bedroom door, and it being 5 in the morning; I can say that I honestly got a wave a goosebumps that traveled up and down my body.


  25. My rabbit tends to do that. It then hides under my bed and begins stomping victoriously.

    The only place in my room I can’t see right now is where Candlejack is hid-

  26. 2 flaws for me when I read that:

    1) I had full view of my closed door the whole time I was reading it
    2) My back was against the wall so you wouldn’t have been able to get behind me

  27. THIS is what I’m talking about. One paragraph long, old-school pasta that’s plausible, well-written, and capable of causing me to shit bri/x/ and sleep with the lights on.

  28. Earlier I was saying, that I have had trouble finding any pasta creepy. WELL FUDGE THAT.

    “All the people that say they’re facing their doors… That’s the point, you didn’t even notice the door opening and some one coming in because your focused on something else.”

    It doesn’t make it any better, if, like me, you have your bedroom door behind you so that you can see the reflection of it on the screen, thanks to black outlook. It really doesn’t.

  29. Holy shit.
    The cat was in my room, and when I got to the end of the pasta, she started to move.
    I shat bricks.
    Fooken awesome!

  30. This one actually made me laugh. Depending on what the author was going for, not necessarily a good thing.

  31. some t.v.’s on in another room, i look around and see oprah.
    my worst fears are officially confirmed.

    but really, that freaked me out. D: i’m going into a well-lit room now.

  32. ….I don’t even know what the hell kind of video they’re talking about. Plus, my dad is dancing around singing Ugly Kid Joe while I read this, so any possible creepy man/girl/shit/thaaang probably ran for its life about ten seconds ago.

  33. Nice one!

    4 out of 5 twists of the Parmesan Cheese Grinder!

    Would have gotten 5 twists but it was a bit stilted in writing style and had typos and missing words that are inexcusable in such a small serving of pasta.

  34. Woah my door is slightly ajar…I had thought I’d shut it…I had thought I’d be able to notice anything that moves in and out due to it being just 2 yards away from me…

  35. Geez, this scared the crap out of me. I’m at my grandfather’s, sitting in the living room (which has not only two entrances, but also glass french doors leading to the back yard), and this house is huge, and I’m home alone. Ahh. My tummy hurts now. D:

  36. shortys roc my sox

    EEeeeeew you’re my sister!!!! Creepy. that’s what i call creepy pasta…jk
    its good but not that much of awesome creepy pasta material

  37. But, I’m right by my door.
    I’d feel you.
    Besides. It’s day.

    This would be scary at night, if I didn’t share my room with my sister, and if I wasn’t. Right by my door.

  38. Creepy, but too bad I’m at school reading this.

    I’d probably get chills If I read this at home in the middle of the night.

  39. motherfucker ‘m in a darkened room with the only way in happinging to be at the coner of my sight line, needless to say brix where shat

  40. gotta say, this one just didn’t do anything for me.
    it was far too vague.
    the narrator could be a giant pink fuzzy bear for all i know.
    i’d just adore that entering my room and surprising me.

  41. All the people that say they’re facing their doors… That’s the point, you didn’t even notice the door opening and some one coming in because your focused on something else.

  42. If it went into a little more detail about those shows before revealing that they were coming into my room, brix might’ve been shat.

  43. Decent.

    So you teleported from my living room doorway into my room? That /is/ frightening. But I jest, Author. You must be tired of smart-aleck remarks by now, eh?

  44. I actually liked this. You’re just reading too fast, thinking, “What the hell lame story is this bitch gonna try to pull?”, and since you aren’t really thinking about it, you get to the end before your brain fully gets it, and when it does a few miliseconds later, it’s like “OSHIT”

    I liek.

  45. Wasn’t all that creepy. :/ At least you got straight to the point and didn’t make some huge story about nothing, and lead all the way up to this. Most of the crap on this website would be ten times better if they did this.

  46. this one sent a shiver down my spine until i turned around and stephen colbert was on my tv

    oh, colbert, your visage never ceases to comfort me

  47. Thing In The Drain

    Goooood pasta. Short and sweet. Totally true, too. One of the scariest – true – theories I’ve ever heard, honestly. First heard it in Legend of Hell House – old, but pretty good horror -.

    Focus your attention on something, and someone could move right amonst you…and you would never know.

  48. i probably would have liked this pasta… the problem being is that the only time iv seen a video like that was on the jewtube and every time they have one of those its already designed to scare you (constant fail to anyone that watched the first grudge)

  49. you know what’s MAD SPOOKY? As I was reading this I’m sitting in my dark room and out of the corner of my eye in front of my door I sensed movement. It was nothing btw, but that was creepy, it’s like the story was talking about my visual hallucination! bricks were shat.

  50. Haha it was alright, made me laugh for some reason (:
    Woulda been better if I actually had been in my room though.

  51. That was pretty good. Especially since I’m always seeing weird things out of the corner of my eye and my back is to the door. 0.0

  52. This is great. You walked into my room, I`m in the bathroom. I shat bricks, I`m on the shitcan! Are you gonna hand me a Pepsi Throwback when I get thirsty too? (Please? I`m too poor to buy one.)

  53. ooo my door is closed and im facing it. i think i would have noticed. soooo not so creepy right now. but! great way of trying to get there, seriously. good good.

  54. hm, a shiver down my spine. Too bad I’m not in my room right now, and I can see all the doors in perfect view.

  55. I believe this would have been creepier had I not been in the computer lab with people talking around me as I read it. Nice story though.

  56. This is an amazing story, especially because I’ve seen videos like that (e.g. moonwalking bear) and as any slightly-paranoid creepypasta reader, I always seem to see things at the corners of my eyes after reading things like this (drives my friends crazy)

    Thank you

  57. This actually really creeped me out.
    Mainly because earlier today, I was at a lecture about attention and focus and we watched one of those videos. Then I get home and read this. Oh poo, they’re watching me.

  58. Even if I was in my room, this is so far from believable for me that it would never scare me. Maybe I’ve just been reading so many pastas that I am scare-proof now.

  59. Well if your in my room why don’t I get you something to drink, a host does have to be kind to their guest?

    Other then that great pasta :D

  60. This was awesome…even though I am in plain view of my door right now. Still, it could be a ghosty and things! Haha.

  61. Mother fucker. I was reading this, waiting for something lame to happen, but nope, you decided to make me shit brix. Cool story bro.

  62. Okay, I really liked this. REALLY liked it. Short, sweet, and creepy. You kind of get a feel of where it’s going halfway through, but you’re reading too fast to think your hypothesis through and you’ve read the ending and are freaked out before you can prepare yourself for it.


  63. Auurgh…
    Good thing I’m not in my room right now… But then again, now I’ll be to freaked out to open my door…

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