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Eternal Dream

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Have you ever wondered about what happens when you die?

Well, something does. Your body dies, but your conscience lives on.
The night you die, you will be in an eternal dream. You will live that dream for all eternity, and it will be like reality. Whatever you dreamed that last night will be what you are going to be “living” in for eternity, and you will never wake up again, in the comfort of your house.


Let’s hope you don’t have a nightmare that last night.

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97 thoughts on “Eternal Dream”

  1. Why do they run?

    I hope It’s a flying dream, or a super hero dream! That would be awesome to live in forever!

  2. when you turn a light switch of….it turns off. when you turn you heart and your brain off….afterlife is dumb.

    it wasn’t a good concept to begin with. and your writing was poo

  3. That’s actually the afterlife I’m hoping for!
    Most nightmares are actually interesting, the only kind of dream that’d suck to be stuck in are those crappy “oh crap I’m late for something” or “trying to find a bathroom” scenarios everyone gets from time to time.

  4. good concept, poor writing, as depressing as it seems, an ongoing dream like state seems the most likely occurence of death, more likely than most theories in my opinion, though i dont think it depends on the dream you had the night before. however since this is more of a concept than a pasta, the pasta gets 0/10, but concept gets 9/10

  5. The weird thing about this is, I find the concept terrifying regardless of whether the dream is good or bad. I have no idea why this is .__.


    Piece of shit compared to Shakespeare’s wording for this.

  7. @Testler

    The last dream you had is what you will be living in for eternity. You guys are taking everything the wrong way.

    An okay pasta, but the writing style is iffy. If someone could elaborate on this concept enough to extend it into a sizeable story, it could be good.

  8. What if I died of not sleeping? If I didn’t sleep the last night then it would have been impossible for me to have dreamt anything…

  9. hoothoot pretty much won the pasta.
    My dreams are always awesome, and I haven’t had a nightmare since I was in 3rd grade.
    Last night I dreamed that I was at a waterpark, and then I sang karaoke with my favorite singer. FUCK YEAH, DEATH.

  10. That’s stupid, and you’re stupid for suggesting it. Not to mention, not creepy, not creepypasta material, not entertaining, not story material. Maybe you can amaze all your friends while you’re all high because your ideas are so deep, but you should really just keep those ideas between you and your drug buddies.

    Rating: N/A. Doesn’t deserve a 1

  11. this was sorta a stupid idea if i had to say, and im usually pretty generous with my reviews, its said that u have over a million dreams in one night just your mind interperets (no idea if that spelled correctly) which one had the most relevance in the last day or couple days, so just as a tip do some research before writing a pasta that just came to your head. good idea but could have been much better

  12. This is more like an idea then a pasta.I dont like critisize but this is actually fail considering nightmares are not dreams and use an entirely different part of the brain (memory) this would be something better placed in a forum somewhere then here.

  13. There was a super hot guy in my dream. I also had a job, and was in a really cool building, along with Spyro the Dragon and my best friend. Winning situation? I think yes.

  14. Generic, generic, generic.

    The most bland piece of round the campfire pith I’ve had the bad luck to chance over in recent months.

    Really, you should feel bad for having wrote this.

  15. Kinda cool, but I’ve never had a nightmare. Hear of lucid dreaming? I think death’ll be like that. Maybe depending on how strong your mind is.

  16. Well, while this IS vaguely like I used to picture the afterlife, it still fails. It’s just not compelling enough.

  17. Theoretically, now that we know this if we find ourselves trapped in a dream for a long time we can safely assume we’re dead and are indeed dreaming, so we could become lucid and dream about whatever the fuck we want.


  18. @Anon,
    everyone dreams.
    Maybe you don’t remember your dreams,
    but everyone dreams. Always.
    Whether you remember them apparently plays no part in this.

    It never said you had to be asleep.
    Did it not say what you dream “that last night” which refers to, the last night that you’re alive. What you dreamed the night before. Yeah? No?
    I dunno.
    Maybe I’M the one that’s misunderstanding.

      1. It is the most annoying, idiotic thing to response with “Let’s see you do better.”
        You don’t need to be an expert writer to know a good story from a bad one.

  19. HackerOnHacker

    Interesting idea, but it raises more questions than it answers. I understand a pasta’s general need to be mysterious and vague, but in this case it doesn’t help the concept much.

    Besides, nightmares are so because of the physical stress they impact on the dreamer’s body. If the body is dead and unable to feel stress, then what’s the point?

      1. We get it, it’s just stupid.

        It was basically a stoner commenting on death, and then trying to make it creepy by throwing in a “Don’t have a bad dream!”

        This was bad.

      1. Actually, there is a rare condition that some people have in which they cannot reach REM sleep, or dream sleep, and constantly wake up as they draw close. Therefore, some people do not dream.

        1. The majority of the time poor dream recall is to blame, not some rare disorder. Also, it is possible to dream outside of REM, though these dreams tend to be much less vivid, and more difficult to recall.

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