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A young girl suffered from insomnia, and throughout the night she’d often wake up for no reason. One night she awoke, and in the daze of half-sleep, she blinked in the darkness. Just for a second, she thought she saw a pair of reptilian eyes, gazing at her and glowing red. She sat up and stared at them, quickly realizing that it was only her clock. It was 11:11. She sighed and tried to go back to sleep.

The next night, she awoke and instantly looked at the clock. It was exactly 11:11. This began to repeat itself night after night. Sometimes even during the day, for no reason whatsoever, she would stop whatever she happened to be doing, and spin around to look at the nearest clock; always at 11 minutes past 11 o’clock.

As her insomnia got worse, she thought she’d try some white noise to help her sleep. She turned on her clock radio to play music softly. It worked well, so she kept doing it for the next few nights.

One night, she awoke with a terrible start, covered in cold sweat. Rather than being in a sleepy daze, she was completely awake now. The radio was still on, but instead of music she heard static, and a lot of erratic clicking noises. Breathing heavily, she stared at the glowing numbers. You know what time it was.

BANG. Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. A door had just slammed to her right, outside of the room. She heard a pair of inhumanly rapid footsteps running from the sound of the door slam, all the way around her, behind her head, and to her left. Another BANG as a door was slammed shut.

Her blood ran cold. Her bedroom was on the second story, and the wall behind her faced outside; there were no doors or floor there. Suddenly she felt an urge to run. She didn’t care where. She leaped from her bed and ran faster than she’d ever run in her life. In what felt like less than the blink of an eye, she’d run through the hall, down the stairs, out the door and to the end of the street.

She doubled over, panting. After a moment she looked back at her house, at her dark bedroom window. She stared at it for a long, long time.


When at last she began to feel calm again, she carefully walked back to the house. She’d left the front door ajar, and a lot of cold air had gotten in. She closed it behind her and turned on all the lights as she made her way back to her bedroom. She hesitated the most as she turned on her own light. The room looked perfectly normal, but as soon as she heard the static coming from the radio, she rushed over and switched it off.


After that night, she never listened to that radio again. The girl didn’t sleep a wink for many, many nights.

She told only a handful of people what had happened. Her parents, a few of her friends. The responses were all more or less the same.

“It was just a dream, it only -felt- real.”


“You were so tired, maybe you just imagined it?”

“I believe YOU believe it happened, [name removed]…”

What you need to know is that this story is very true. To this day, the girl (well, she’s a woman now) has never slept soundly. None of us know for sure what is so special about 11:11. But she did tell me this: whenever that moment strikes the clock, she feels the same strange sensation. She says it’s just like that feeling you get when you know you’re being watched.

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134 thoughts on “11/11”

  1. When I was 6 I had a fear of the time 11:11; it just freaked me out seeing it. (I was also scared of my clock). eventually it wore off. I’m 12 now and I saw that time again and it just freaked me out so bad. I dont know why. I saw the time four nights in a row. I was frozen with fear every time. If u thought this creepypasta was scary, I live in building 1111 apartment 22 and 11+11=22. Also, what r we going to do on Nov. 11.

  2. Gonatan Gordan Freem

    Okay, the writer gave a shot… and the topic which he has choosen is a good one… but still it needs more work… it sounds like a unfinished one, sorry for the low rate… but this is my honest opinion

    Rate: 2 out of 10

  3. I love creepy pastas, usually iLove them and I am not scared, but this one made me sleep with all 27 of the teddy bears, I was very scared because I read this at 11 past 11 o’clock…. man

  4. ImaginationIsDangerous

    A group of girls from my school always freak out when 11:11 shows up on our laptops, they think it’s a wishing hour or something. A strange twist to their theory… 10/10 for a yummy pasta!

  5. Mr creepsmcpasta jr

    This reminds me of the watcher such sits in a corner of your room and watches u at 3:00 on the morning

  6. So this was about 11:11, posted on 11/11, 11:11 and I read it just as the 11th track of Area 11’s album came on (which lasts for 11 minutes, 11 seconds)
    Seems legit.

  7. I used to do this, except at AM time. One time I’m really freaked out about is 4:28AM. Everytime I wake up at that time, I hear a high pitched noise, and I feel extremely odd. I hate that time. It’s ok if I pass the time when I stay up late, but not when I wake up. It’s why I stopped using my projector clock, no matter how awesome it was. Bad thing or good thing? I developed an ability to know what time it is, sometimes to the minute. At max, I’m 5 mins off. So I either know it’s close to it or has passed already, but I have 10 mins of hell if I do sense its close to the time. :c

  8. i think there is a condition where your body keeps time and once it gets on that schedule it will wake up whenever this time is or whenever this time is it will make you feel weird. i have it a lot usually at 12:13 am. but i don’t know nothin bout a creepy reptilian thingy watching you at those times. =p maybe she was just paranoid


  10. It’s [Almost] eleven fifty-seven,
    And I’m running out of time,
    ‘Running out of time!’
    So pick me up and turn me on,
    ‘Pick me up and turn me on,’
    Out of luck I’m out of my mind,
    ‘Running out of time.’
    Elemeno P Ft freaking w


    It was creepy, until the ending ruined it. Pasta needs more pepper indeed. Oh and I always look at the clock at two times: 7:02 am, and 11:23 pm. I never fail, haha!

  12. Y’know, I just checked a Bible, for curiousity reasons, and apparantley there’s an 11:11 in Revelation, saying something about God breathing life into some people about 3 and a half days after they died, and people who saw them felt great fear.

    But what does it mean? Some form of necromancy?

  13. Man…I was just about to finish the story, and I saw the clock on my computer…11:11. So fucking creepy man.

  14. I got scared. I have waken up at 11:11 a few times and I always wake up at 3:44 whenever I have bad dreams. Also when I was reading some comments…I read the one that said that it was 10:15 there I looked at my clock and it was 10:15 as well.


    Btw, every time I’m riding in a car or bus, I always seem to look at the clock when it’s 3:20 pm. Is that bad? :(

  16. Holy shit, it was 11:11 when I read this, and bri/x/ were shat. Not that scary, but the fact it was the same time when I read the ending and looked at the clock freaked me out.

  17. Loved this story.
    I actually had something similar to me happen two night in a row at 11:11. We’ll see if I sleep tonight…

  18. i kinda have the same thing, but my time is 10:52.
    No matter what im doig, i always manage to catch the clock at 10:52.
    Nothing weird has ever happened, or made me paranoid… but its just getting to be a very big coincidence.. and the more it happens, the weirder it is.

  19. go to bed at half 11 then? or maybe just sort of…make the clock face the other way? that’d stop the paranoia right?

  20. Ugh, this girl I used to talk to would always freak out at 11:11 and refuse to answer my texts til I made a wish. XD
    But yeah, @ 14/Vince
    The kid’s right, 3 am is the Demonic Witching Hour. In fact, I’m at that time now. It’s supposed to be the time when spirits are most active. Maybe energy is causing you to wake? Maybe I sound crazy right now? Dunno. Oh well.

  21. Its so creepy….I can relate to this story…My friend gave me the link to this story, and when I read the title I felt a chill.

    Great story lol

  22. may i just say… that this story relates to me so well…. i always always when i am asleep ( which i usually go to bed at 10 and fall asleep at 10:30) i always ALWAYS! wake up at 11:11 not on min off not one min ahead. this story relates to me sooo much that the whole time i was reading it i go a cold chill. everytime i wake up at 11:11 i look all though out my room for something or someone but i’m no sure what it is. I laugh also when i am at school i’ll turn to a good friend of mine and say what time is it? she’ll say 11:11 without even knowing anything about the whole reasoning. i told her after about maybe the 5th time it happened. sooo creey… when i see that title i was like NEEEEDDDD to read! er..great story lol

  23. I actually rather dislike how people tie the time 11:11 to scary and or evil things.

    The time 11:11 is the time of self realization and evalutaion. 11 is also the number of a waypoint or the half way mark, like if you’re on the right path and are almost there.

    Yes, looking over at the clock and having it be 11:11 may be creepy in some cases, I suppose, but I doubt random creatures come and torment little girls at this hour of the night…

  24. if she has insomnia how is she sleeping? i tthought if you had insomnia you COULDN’T sleep? hm guess i had that wrong. well it was ok i guess

  25. Maybe it means she wished for some kind of companion during the wishing time. And after that, she wished she could forget what was following her.

    Just my interpretation.

  26. About 4 or 5 years ago, I kept looking at the clock whenever it was 9:11 or 3:16. Didn’t hear any footsteps or feel like I was being watched, though.

  27. Unless it’s a pair of those freaky “closing horizontal” eyes. But that still doesn’t explain the :

    …Glowing vertical nostrils?

  28. “1) The numbers look like reptilian eyes at one point.”

    Does that mean there’s two of them with a : in between?

    They have four eyes and a : shaped nose?

    11:11 Doesn’t seem to have any possibilities to be a kind of reptilian eye

  29. About the ending, sorry some of you found it anti-climatic, but here’s my personal interpretation of the events. SPOILER ALERT! 1) The numbers look like reptilian eyes at one point. 2) She feels she’s being watched. That’s because she is in fact being watched every night at that time, by some type of creature…and as proof that it has a physical form, she heard its footsteps.

  30. I see there’s some mixed reactions to this story…everyone, please keep one thing in mind. Every word of the story is true. I still don’t know if it was just an extremely vivid dream, but it felt COMPLETELY fucking real and that’s why I was so scared.

  31. Not to double post. Quick Google magic ~

    “Which is said to be a holy hour/associated with Jesus death, but also an evil hour.”

    In other words if you’re Satanist, this is the complete opposite. It’s the hour of Christ dying. So it’s no wonder it’s fucking scary. And after reading that Angel story, I think I won’t be sleeping tonight.

  32. My grandma was born at 11 AM on November 11th (I don’t know if it was 11:11). She was the eleventh child.


  33. yeah 11:11 is the wishing time
    [why didn’t she wish for the weirdness to stop i wonder]

    and when it said, ‘You know what time it is,’ 2 things came to mind.
    1. Hammer time
    2. Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit…is that weird?!

  34. I wish it was 11:12. Then we’d all know what that means…

    11 + 12 = 23!!!!!! OHMYGOD!!!! Everyone commit suicide now cause of a damn number!!!!

  35. Okay I dunno alot of people seem to like this pasta but….

    ahhhhhh! It was too boring for me to finish. Definatly not one that i’m going to show my friends D=

    But then, I AM just ONE person on this site, so it’s just my opinon.

  36. I feel like 11:11 is way too early of a time for anything creepy to happen. Why didn’t she just go to bed at 11:30 then? Avoid all the creepy.

  37. ftw….i waited to today to comment on thi,but when i r readed it last,it was eleven eleven,THATS a creepy feeling right there…..remind me to ditc hmy clock radio out my window…again…(first time was cuz alarm woke me up

  38. I didn’t really like this one. The original concept was actually pretty good, about the paranoia and the time, but the ending kinda ruins it.

  39. Well I have two possible suggestions
    1) A broken clock is still right twice a day.

    2) Change your clock to 24 hour time, so it would be 23:11.

  40. Retarded pasta. I didn’t think it was TERRIBLE, though, until I got down to the part that read, “[name removed].” That was incredibly stupid. I realize you’re trying to make it sound as though you’re posting a real story, but as it turns out, nothing paranormal happens in the real world. The ending also sucked. OH, SO CREEPY THAT SHE WAKES UP AT 11:11! INHUMAN WALKING! Seems to me like you basically took the creepypasta Madlibs and filled in all the blanks with shit dealing with 11:11. Not very interesting at all, and certainly not scary.

  41. This one kind of fucks with me because I often do have a time I notice. Once it was 11:11. For like a whole week, I swear, I kept looking at the clock at exactly 11:11.

    Other times it’ll be 4:44 for a while.

  42. The scary thing about this is that it happens to me too. I always wake up and look at the clock at exactly the same time every night… only it’s always 3am sharp. Can’t say that I’ve ever heard footsteps outside my window, though I have been alone in the house and have heard doors slam on floors below mine.

  43. I really like this one. A whole lot of creepy and then it just leaves you hanging. Did she really imagine it? Is it coming back for her? Or did it already take something…? I love it.

    Also, @ #11:


  44. Didn’t really like the ending to this one. The rest is good, but the ending disappoints. In my opinion, at least.

    Oh, and, uh:

    11/11 NEVAR FORGET!!!!

    There. I did it for you, Flea.

  45. Damn…this is exactly my kind of story, since I’m obsessed with 11:11 [especially today, since the date is 11/11]. Even has something to do with a reptile >_>
    Though it’s just a bit random because it switches to her being paranoid about the number, then some noises, and all that…I dunno. I still like it though.

  46. I was told that if you happen to look at the clock, and it’s 11:11, make a wish and it will come true.

    Imagine how many wishes she would be able to make. =D

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