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A couple was sitting in a movie theatre watching a scary movie, and the female of the group wasn’t having a good time. She’d obviously been bored out of her mind. It’d been a late showing, so there was practically no one there and the room was dead silent except for the screening. About an hour into the show, she feels a drop on her hand.

Ignoring it, she quickly shakes off the feeling and continues to watch the movie, trying to enjoy it. Another drop lands on her hand and furious now, she hits her boyfriend, thinking that he’d purposely been messing with her, be it spitting or throwing water on her. He doesn’t move. She pushes him harder this time, throwing in some obscenities, and to her horror, a red line that she hadn’t noticed until now, starts to seep red and then his head falls off.

Horrified, she lets out a silent scream and that’s when she feels the drip again. Looking at her hand, she can barely make out the color of the liquid, but it’s red. Nervously, she looks up and is shocked to find a body hanging directly above her, it’s neck tied within a noose and the stomach torn open.


Submitted by April. I liked it because it was reminiscent of some pretty classic urban legends.

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70 thoughts on “Dripping”

  1. It could’ve been better. Maybe instead of a hanging body there was.. nothing. Her bf was just dead and she ends up in the psych ward. Maybe she zoned out and killed him.

  2. Not bad. My advice to you would be to rewrite this with his neck cut open, not his head off, and no hanging body. To end it, use something like “She screamed in terror- no longer at the body beside her, but the knife that was being pushed against her throat…”

  3. I understand no one on the internet really wants to read a novel, but why can’t the posters make their stories a little longer and more detailed. I could probably turn this into 20 page story.

  4. Honestly, I quite liked this one. Short, sweet, without a lot of fluff. No names to characterize the people. And, it could totally happen considering there’s a pathetically cheap theatre nearby me that is almost always vacant.
    I just may have to do this for one of my CreepyPasta readings on YT :)

  5. Sorry, found this one to be lame. Why didn’t the killer kill her, too? Was it because she wasn’t paying attention to the film? Maybe there was a ghost that kills everyone watching the movie because it was based on them and they were taking out their vengeance upon the watchers! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    WHO WAS SILENT SCREAM = Some bitch dat Russell punched in teh diafram (lol spelling fail)

    I think that the real question is,


  7. It’s almost like you wrote the decapitated boyfriend as a minor distraction when compared to *gasp* the nameless hanged man that was dripping AN HOUR INTO THE SHOW.

  8. I’ve certainly read worse on here, but this wasn’t very good. I mean…I don’t know. It just wasn’t exciting.

    I give it a D-.

  9. how could she not notice them being killed? i mean seriously its not pitch black, you can see people moving around….
    In true fact I found this hilarious because there are so many mistakes in it. BTW Russell Crowe does the best comments, no one can beat his.

  10. I was wondering what was getting in the way of the projection in the theatre that night! It all makes sense now.

  11. shortys roc my sox

    omg that was sick i was at a movie and these people were making out in front of me so i threw popcorn on them

  12. I’m posting here because everyone else has.
    Also, this pasta was aiight.
    I believe she could not have heard the crazy killing sounds because theaters are generally loud. However, given her boredom, her senses to that which surrounds her should have been working properly, since her full attention was not invested in the movie.
    The details caused the downfall for this pasta.

  13. Oh…it was sooo close to being a good variation of the traditional urban legend…but the last paragraph was overkill.

  14. Okay, so something dripping down on someone is blood. Now we’ve all heard this story before, maybe it was in a movie theater, maybe it was someone on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed. We’ve heard it. But on top of the sheer randomness of people being killed inside of a theater that has no background of these types of things, we are supposed to believe that someone was decapitated, and another person hung above her without her seeing? You could argue that the hanging person had been there, but then she’d have sat in a pool of blood and she’d of walked into a well lit theater with a dead person in plain sight. This was terrible.

  15. A killer sneaks into a movie theatre with a knife, slit’s a guys throat, and hangs another without even being seen or heard.
    It must have been Candlejack who di

  16. i know silent scream sounds better but i think like every one should say “she opened her mouth really wide”

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