Friday, February 22, 2019


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  1. Pica ★ 8.64 Rating (39 votes)
  2. Bunk Bed ★ 9.33 Rating (24 votes)
  3. Zero ★ 9.25 Rating (16 votes)
  4. The Strange Case of Edmonson, Kentucky ★ 9.22 Rating (45 votes)
  5. The Musician ★ 9.19 Rating (21 votes)
  6. Breach ★ 9.17 Rating (18 votes)
  7. Ben: A True Story ★ 9.16 Rating (43 votes)
  8. The Sealed Building ★ 9.15 Rating (20 votes)
  9. The Man on Easter Island ★ 9.15 Rating (13 votes)
  10. Safe ★ 9.15 Rating (40 votes)
  11. The Note ★ 9.14 Rating (14 votes)

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    A couple was sitting in a movie theatre watching a scary movie, and the female of the group wasn’t having a good time. She’d obviously been bored out of her mind. It’d been a late showing, so there was practically no one there and the room was dead silent except for the screening. About an hour into the show, she feels a drop on her hand.

    Ignoring it, she quickly shakes off the feeling and continues to watch the movie, trying to enjoy it. Another drop lands on her hand and furious now, she hits her boyfriend, thinking that he’d purposely been messing with her, be it spitting or throwing water on her. He doesn’t move. She pushes him harder this time, throwing in some obscenities, and to her horror, a red line that she hadn’t noticed until now, starts to seep red and then his head falls off.

    Horrified, she lets out a silent scream and that’s when she feels the drip again. Looking at her hand, she can barely make out the color of the liquid, but it’s red. Nervously, she looks up and is shocked to find a body hanging directly above her, it’s neck tied within a noose and the stomach torn open.

    Submitted by April. I liked it because it was reminiscent of some pretty classic urban legends.

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  12. Pica ★ 8.64 Rating (39 votes)
  13. They Just Won’t Move ★ 7.9 Rating (241 votes)
  14. I Believe in the One ★ 8.36 Rating (230 votes)
  15. Monstruo ★ 8.25 Rating (161 votes)
  16. The Valentine House ★ 5.2 Rating (130 votes)
  17. Box Fort ★ 8.87 Rating (314 votes)
  18. Give It Everything ★ 8.05 Rating (140 votes)
  19. Trailer ★ 8.34 Rating (266 votes)
  20. Drippy ★ 6.65 Rating (209 votes)
  21. I Hunt Down the Government’s Mistakes ★ 8.99 Rating (285 votes)
  22. Patron of the Arts ★ 7.95 Rating (165 votes)