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Doors Are Made For Opening

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I cannot tell you when it all began. I have always been plagued by sleep paralysis. I have somewhat learned to deal with it, to recognise it for what it is and wait it out. It always begins with the need to yawn or speak, but my mouth is shut tight. I then try to sit bolt upright, but my arms and body are clamped down to the bed. Sometimes my eyes are open. Sometimes I see things.

Seeing things is always frightening. Tall, inhuman shadows that glare at me, grinning, slender clawed hands stretching until I fully wake up. Then there are the times when I awake underneath my bed sheets. I feel the weight of the things, as they kneel on my chest atop the sheets, pinning me down until I fully wake up and can move again.

This is normal sleep paralysis. I have read that people from around the world have similar experiences – the horrific sights, the pressure on the chest of the ‘victim’ – it’s all in the mind of the sleeper. All a more intense version of a nightmare. Although terrifying, I have learned to deal with them. The only thing is, I couldn’t find anything written about voices. The things talk to me.

Doors are made for opening.

When they whisper to me, it’s all they say.

I’d never thought too much about it. They were just my nightmares. In hindsight I wish I had paid more attention to the things. They did not always kneel on me. They did not always talk to me. But they did not always open my wardrobes and cupboards either.


The first few times that I awoke normally to find my wardrobes and cupboards open, I assumed I’d left them that way when I went to bed. The past four days however, I have hardly slept. Fighting insomnia the first night, I lay in the semi-darkness. That night the wardrobe doors swung violently in front of me, and I remained frozen in fear until the sun came up. The second night, I had tried – and failed – to sleep downstairs. Lying there I heard the wardrobe doors fly open once more above me. I had flicked the lights on and stood in my living room, images of ghosts or draughts or poltergeists or minor earthquakes wrestling for my attention.

You must realise, over the years I have learned to separate my sleep paralysis episodes and understand them to be nightmares and nothing more. You mustn’t judge me. But as I stood there in my living room, awake, I understood more than I ever wished to.

“Doors are made for opening”. The harsh whisper, so close to me.


It was only when I reached my hotel room later that night after running from the house that I discovered it. I’ve no idea when it was drawn, just a few lines – unmistakably a door – marked in charcoal on my chest. I tried to wash it off, but the stain remained. And it’s still there. I have been in the hotel room for two days now. Always with the lights on and always awake, except for whenever it was I must have succumbed to exhaustion and fallen asleep. I’m awake now, but I this whole ordeal is going to be over soon. How do I know? Because I can’t scream. Because I can’t move my body. And because the grinning things with clawed hands are now looming over me, whispering to me.

Credit To – Carrot

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29 thoughts on “Doors Are Made For Opening”

  1. This was quite good, not very “scary” nor “creepy” but, interesting. Kinda wanted to hear more. Keep up the good work though!


  2. so apparently sleep paralysis happens when you lie on your back, hands by your sides, and whenever something itches you ignore it. You fall asleep in about 20-30 minutes.

    My advice if you do these things and have sleep paralysis : lie down in a different position when going to sleep.

  3. Sleeping on my back all ways got me. This one time i felt the thing choke me and snorting like a bull REALLY loud. The other time a group of figures chanting in a circle around my bed and that also really freaked me out
    A lot of feels for the srory yo!

  4. Great story, I’ve had sleep paralysis as well and it felt like it was choking me and it whispered really disgusting things in my ear and it looked like a shadow person… that happened when I was 15 and it hasn’t happened since.

  5. This got to me, because this year I’ve started experiencing sleep paralysis, but never in the ways that are usually described. I am frozen, I can’t move, I can’t control my breathing, but my hallucinations are varied and don’t fit the “shadow figure” classic.

    The first time I experienced it, I was on my side and could move my eyes a bit, and I could feel a presence in the room. Then, something warm and furry started investigating the back of my neck through my hair, before burrowing down into my blankets.

    Another episode was much more terrifying. Again, I was on my side, and when I finally got my eyes open, I saw another pair of eyes staring back at me in the dark. They blinked, and then disappeared. At that point, I heard someone shuffling towards me from the other side of the bed, where I couldn’t see, and then I felt the bed next to me depress as someone lay down against my back.I felt my hair being combed back from my ear, and then someone’s breath as they tried to speak to me. They had a horrible rasping whisper, punctuated by a wet gurgle that I recognized as a slit throat. I don’t remember what they said, but I think they were asking for help. When I woke up I turned all my lights on and didn’t sleep for two days.

  6. Sooo… what exactly were the “things”? The story never really gave any clarification. The “things” were just kind of… there. So was the motel haunted or something?

  7. brendaneff:
    I’ve endured sleep paralysis only once while I was sleeping over a friends house and she told me I said things to her and I don’t remember she told me I said “I hate you. I’m not going to tell you” then I laughed maniacally and said little more then that.. This is why this story really intrigued me I don’t do this often but when I do I speak.

    That must’ve been some sort of sleep walking/talking
    When you have sleep paralysis you can’t even manage making a single sound, all that comes out is a faint wheeze… I’ve been there plenty of times to know..

  8. I’ve endured sleep paralysis only once while I was sleeping over a friends house and she told me I said things to her and I don’t remember she told me I said “I hate you. I’m not going to tell you” then I laughed maniacally and said little more then that.. This is why this story really intrigued me I don’t do this often but when I do I speak.

    1. It’s more like an inner monologue type story I think. Just because the narrator is the one the action is happening to, doesn’t mean the narrator is physically typing or writing the story.

  9. Dude this hit home for me. I’ve always had sleep paralysis the same way in the story. After some time doing meditations I found that whenever it would happen I could fend them off. I have 3 points of view, me laying there staring at ceiling, closet, wall ,etc. not being able to move, me fighting “it” off on top of my body, and me watching myself from one side of the room fighting it. They always say some messed up stuff to me. I’ve only met one good one, I was on the verge of attacking it when he told me he meant no harm. He told me that they were dimensional beings. Different ones live in different dimensions and some of the ones living in this one can “see me”. The night after I fought 3 of them, females. They said they were sisters and they played the weirdest music while I was defending myself. It took a couple nights of struggling for them to leave me alone. Anyways sorry for the long post, just thought I’d share. Cheers.

    1. Pretty sure it’s means that the “grinning things with clawed hands” are about to open the door drawn on his chest, or in other words slice his chest open while he is paralyzed.

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